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Chapter 147

Translated, edited ,and proofread by newbienoona

It’s a different level of sweetness!!! She knew laoda was taken in by a wealthy family, the Hans… Despite covering her mouth, she can’t help the words that escape. “Oh my God!”

“You’re one of Chuxia’s good friends. My name’s Han Qilu. I’m Chuxia’s fiancé. Please take care of me.” He bows to her like a gentleman, without a hint of coldness.

He definitely phrased his greeting intentionally! Chuxia clenches her teeth, trying her best not to rush over and shred him to a million pieces. He knows she doesn’t want their relationship made public, but letting Xiaonan know

all of a sudden… bastard!

Meng Xiaonan basks in his warmth. She’s actually conversed with laoda’s boss! From this moment on, this must be made secret.

“I have to take care of some business. Next time, I’ll come back to visit you. Bye bye!” An Chuxia programs her number in Meng Xiaonan’s cell phone before snatching the mineral water from Han Qilu, and pulling him away, running.

As Meng Xiaonan looks at their disappearing backs, she wakes up from her dream. “Laoda, I forgot to tell you something!!!” She wanted to tell them she’s attending Stein Royal College next week!

But Chuxia left so quickly, she didn’t

didn’t hear her. Forget it! She just has to wait for Monday for her surprise!~

“Oh, were you hoping the rich fiancé would take care of you, too?” Tang Kayi taunts. She takes a step and passes her, deliberately bumping her. Meng Xiaonan stands in front of Tang Kayi. The fox’s scolding is outrageous!

Meng Xiaonan tries to regain her composure before spitting back, “Tang Kayi, drop this crap. What has she done to you? I really don’t want to stir up trouble before transferring schools. Excuse me as I abandon you!”

In Meng Xiaonan’s eyes, An Chuxia is a god among mortals. She will take

will take the heat from the principal and would fight the streets to protect her people. Many would save a month’s worth of their breakfasts to buy her a birthday present. Even if the wealthy wouldn’t pay attention to her, she wouldn’t complain! She is truly magnanimous!

Xiaonan stomps her feet as she stares at Tang Kayi’s direction. Then, she turns to leave.

Chuxia empties her water bottle as she suppresses the urge to interrogate Qilu.

“If you’re upset, speak up. Don’t take your anger out on the water. That water is scarce.” She shoots him a look. He replies in ill-humor, “I just wanted to say wanted to say I am your fiancé. Are you mortified?”

Mortified? She does feel mortified! Lost in the Atlantic Ocean mortified!

“Why? Aren’t you mortified? Who are you? Didn’t you say we’ll lose face by revealing this information? Ahahahaha… .” She turns her back to her conscience as the words leave her mouth. She wishes she could bite her own tongue.

Han Qilu gazes at her from head to toe with his red phoenix eyes. “Let’s go eat.” It takes one to know that her statement holds no truth. He simply won’t lower himself to her level!

“Chuxia?” A familiar but unfamiliar sound resonates. She looks back… .

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