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Chapter 145

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The girls thought they were clear enough, but for someone who has never been here before, how would he know what a short distance is and which building is the printing room?

Slightly irked, he asks, “Do you have time [to take me there]?” He really isn’t talking to them, but he didn’t want to be left in an awkward situation. One of the senior girls passing steps up while the others shirk, even at his handsomeness.

“Hello, I’m Meng Xiaonan, Fuxing High School’s vice president… .”

“Uhm, I was going to ask if you can take me to the canteen.” Han

Qilu states his request without locking eyes with her. Suddenly, the girl suddenly feels like he’s unattainable. With a shrug, she leads him.

How unlucky can she get to hit on an iceberg? She shows her displeasure as she kicks the stones along the roadside as they walk to the canteen. She’s surprised not to see anyone at this time of the day. Usually, the students attending class make an infinite line the moment the bell rings.

Meng Xiaonan points to the canteen. “There it is.” She passes him by quickly, leaving a trail of perfume so strong, it irritates his nose.

He frowns. Is it inconceivable An Chuxia studied here? It

here? It seems like she never uses make-up, nor wear perfume, despite Jiang Yuan’s insistence on buying her quality fragrances.

“Schoolmate! Are you new to the school? Which class are you in? I am the president of Fuxing High School. If you have any issues to discuss, my name is Tang Kayi.” It seems the female students sprout around Qilu with him as the center. Meng Xiaonan smirks as she watches the president think that she is the school flower’s type.

Han Qilu glances at her lightly before passing her by to enter the canteen. Once he enters, he sees the chaos. The girl named Xiaonan starts chuckling.

“Why are you

are you here? Didn’t you say you had a stomach ache and must go to the clinic to see a doctor?” Tang Kayi states arrogantly at Meng Xiaonan. “I was being compassionate, allowing you to help this person, but now, you’re standing here by the canteen in a daze? You’re simply a disgrace to Fuxing High!”

Meng Xiaonan clenches her teeth and doesn’t answer back. This bitch is too stupid to reason against! If cute xiao Chuxia was here, this woman wouldn’t be so arrogant. Why does she pretend to be Chuxia?

“Are you dumb? Are you speaking to me with your dead fish eyes?” Tang Kayi walks over to Meng Xiaonan to Meng Xiaonan and tugs her right ear.

“Let her go!” A cold voice pierces the hot air. Tang Kayi is shocked the moment she turns and immediately recognizes the handsome guy from moments ago… This person knows Meng Xiaonan?

Carrying three bottles of spring water in his hand, he hands one over to Meng Xiaonan. He meant to thank her for leading him to the canteen. Despite acting cool, Meng Xiaonan knows the underlying meaning: let Tang Kayi, that fool, misunderstand. She smiles as she takes the bottle. “Thanks.”

“Uhm… .” Han Qilu shoots Tang Kayu a cold glare. “As a girl, how can you be so rude?”

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