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Chapter 146
The Spring Water is Sweet

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

T/N: Laoda (老大)- boss/leader

He’s upset because Tang Kayi pulled Meng Xiaonan’s ear, particularly the right lobe! It is similar to Chuxia’s bleeding ear! The small connection makes him particularly angry. However, he doesn’t want to dally for too long. He can’t wait to leave the insufferable woman.

Tang Kayi’s stunned. This guy is actually helping the idiot, Meng Xiaonan, and is speaking to her! Why? Why! She is the school flower and Meng Xiaonan is but a vice president, a flag holder!

When Han Qilu turns to leave, Meng Xiaonan suddenly calls out, “An Chuxia! laoda?! Ma!!!” Her yelling makes Qilu’s ear buzz and hum.

No wonder Chuxia is so violent around him. Her

former environment is awful! He gazes at the direction Meng Xiaonan is facing and sees An Chuxia. She looked confused but then started running toward her joyfully.

Really, laoda? Did this woman call Chuxia laoda? Han Qilu looks puzzled as Meng Xiaonan runs past him and hugs Chuxia tightly. Their public display of affection makes him truly unhappy.

“Laoda, you look even more beautiful! Have you come back to study? Good! That way, we no longer would have an ugly butterfly saying the school is spent. Obviously, you are the most attractive person in our school!” Meng Xiaonan says in front of Tang Kayi. “Our laoda must come back and be president… or if she wants to take a break from it, I can give her

her my vice president role.”

Then, Meng Xiaonan laughs. For the longest time, she felt badly for Tang Kayi. But then, she didn’t want to blame her for not being as awesome as the Tae Kwon Do master, Chuxia, has been.

An Chuxia looks at Han Qilu and notes his eyes that kill. She suddenly remembers, “Even if you die, you’ll be a ghost of Stein!”

“Chuxia, do you want to come back?” Anyone who dares to listen comes out. Chuxia is Tang Kayi’s taboo; An Chuxia will go under any mountain and swim the sea of fire for a friend. If she comes back, he auspicious days will come to an end.

If the school knows An Chuxia is in the campus, the

campus, the administration would pursue her and ask her to stay. Once she’s back, then she… .

“No.” In front of Han Qilu, she doesn’t dare to be too presumptuous. Otherwise, her hopes to go bowling, to get a part-time job, to attain her freedom , are gone. But without her freedom, she won’t have hope! Finally, she adds, “Just came back to see everyone.”

Meng Xiaonan wakes up from her dream and points to Han Qilu. She stares and asks, “Laoda, you didn’t come here with this handsome fellow, did you?”

Looking at Han Qilu, she really wants to say no, but the consequences are quite serious. She braces herself and says, “Uhm, he is my… my… .”

She ponders for a while trying a while trying to figure out how to introduce Han Qilu.

“What about it?” Meng Xiaonan shouts. “This handsome guy… He looks so much like the heir to Han Group, ah?”

Tang Kayi rolls her eyes. She already recognized him so she didn’t dare to continue to say something to smooth things over. Legend states the Han Group heir is extremely cold-blooded. From what she experienced, he is “extremely cold”.

As she sees everyone’s reaction, Meng Xiaonan feels sunburnt. She has gotten close to the heir of Han Group! No, they’ve had a meeting! He gave her a bottle of spring water. Suddenly, the TV advertisement sounds melodic to her ear: the farmer mountain spring water is a little sweet.

Far more than a little sweet.

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