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Chapter 119

Han Qilu looks at her eagerly. “You’re not going to admit it? Because… I think, I mean I know… I think I… like you.”

Boom! She might as well have been struck by lightning! Did the Demon actually say he likes her? Is it the end of the world?

“Of course, I don’t like what this means. I just… you’re from a poor family whose mother just so happens to be my father’s organ donor. You’ve been chosen to be my fiancée, and I let you wish it once… Maybe we’d be able to… discuss this arrangement.”

She still clearly remembers what he said not too

long ago. It has only been four days since he told her to be more like herself. Which Qilu should she believe? It is absurd to believe they experienced love at first sight!

His face blushes unnaturally.

“Don’t play me!” Han Qilu grabs the front of her shirt. “Wasn’t it you who said you didn’t like being difficult? Well, I am difficult. You came to my home as my fiancée. I thought you wanted to be with me?”

His complexion turns crimson. “I want things to be harmonious between us. I’ve said words I don’t want to take back! I’m being sincere. When I say I

I like you, I like you. You don’t have to make this any more complicated. Maybe, if we make this easier on us, we won’t be as conflicted.”

Would she understand what he’s saying? He just wants her to understand his confession.

“Uh, I think I should go and and eat.” She attempts to get out of the bed but Han Qilu scoops her from the bed and takes her to the bathroom. Bathroom? What are they going to do there? In tears, she begs, “Let me go! I want to eat!!!”

“Wash up before eating.” He orders her as he attempts cool off. He doesn’t throw her in

her in the tub. Instead, he bends from the waist. “Wash off all those kisses from your body. I’ll bring dinner to you. I won’t pry into this matter… But in the future, if you’re going to be contrarian, I will certainly get to the bottom of this issue and have you explain it to me!”

Han Qilu suddenly turns and shuts the bathroom door. It closes firmly with a resounding thud.

She gets up and climbs out of the bathtub and locks the bathroom door. A sense of relief courses through her. What happens if that strange devil rushes in? She takes off her clothes and her clothes and begins taking a bath.

Qilu’s bathroom smells fragrant despite the hint of tobacco. This devil actually smokes in here. His aging mother has no control over him!

She pulls down the mirror from the wall and starts examining her neck for the marks to be rubbed off. She scrubs until her neck is entirely red but but the kiss marks remain. As the redness subsides, the kiss marks reappear, albeit lighter than before.

She rubs until her skin is raw.

“Hey, are you clean?” Han Qilu’s voice carries in the bathroom. “Wash up quickly. I won’t be able to take care of you when you’re starving.”

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