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Chapter 120
You Want to do Anything

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

Dummy! She stares at the bathroom floor impetuously, scolding herself for leaving the now-wet clothes on the floor. She actually forgot to bring pajamas with her before taking a bath.

It’s akin to cooking a labor-intensive meal and forgetting to buy a serving dish for it to be displayed: equally awful!

“Han Qilu!” She hollers his name. Everything is silent. Should she venture out? She calls out his name a few more times. She still hears nothing.

Resigned, she opens the bathroom door.

His vision falls completely on her red, bare body. To him, she is like a

vision slowly transforming. His expression goes from astonished to fiery in moments.

“Ah!” she quickly shuts the door. But this time, she is leaves a small seam, enough for a pair of eyes to stare back at him. Although the encounter was accidental, she finds it endearing to see him blush. Is he being coy?

No,no. Even if he is coy, he’ll kill her! Death has no exception, making life more than valuable.

“How is it I called out for you and you didn’t answer, bastard!” Moreover, I caught you staring at me! It would be best for them to be perverse.

His expression immediately lightens after being depressed. “How

“How would I know you were calling for me? I didn’t come over to ask. How would I have known you’d open the door? I would’ve said… your chest isn’t small!”

Thunk! An Chuxia throws a toothbrush at him and hits him on the head. She angrily picks up a cup and is about to throw it at him when the door suddenly opens, giving her little time to wrap a soft bath towel around her. The tip of her nose comes close to his chest. She inhales his heavenly scent, and her body can’t help but stiffen.

“This is called a husband’s murder.” Qilu hugs her

hugs her from behind. He puts his head in her armpit and says evilly, “If they look up our relations, I’d say I was visited by your light.”

Somehow, she settles, but her face feels hot, and it makes her feel uncomfortable. Is she developing a fever?

“You’re awful!” This time, she spits at him intentionally. Sure enough, she sees his complexion suddenly change when she looks at reflection on the mosaic mirrored wall. It looks like he ate a lump of stool.

“Awful?” He clenches his teeth and spits out the words. It’s clear An Chuxia wants to die miserably.

“Awful!” She confesses truthfully. She suddenly loses control suddenly loses control and her stubbornness surfaces. “Ah-!!! Let go of me!!!”

Han Qilu hugs her unexpectedly and carries her out of the bathroom horizontally. The bathroom door closes on its own. She learns first-hand what it feels like to have her heart be enchanted.

He throws her on the bed before pressing up against her. Her face flushes as she feels his warm breath on her face.

“You, you you… What do you think you’re doing?” She’s never stuttered till now! No matter how she would like to nip his lips, her heart feels perturbed. He may be attractive, but his heart is absolutely black!

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