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Chapter 114
Husband Han Qilu ~

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Upon asking the question, Mo Xinwei’s eyes jump. She immediately replies, “I don’t know him!”

“Oh, at first, you didn’t know him,” An Chuxia says thoughtfully, smiling. Then, she suddenly raises her hand to smack the slim girl. In the first two seconds, Chuxia mutters to Xinwei, “If you dare fight back, I will tell Kang Wen to confess your contribution to this scheme.”

Then, she raises an eyebrow before cryptically saying. “Mo Xinwei student, facing the truth is fine!”

Surprised, Mo Xinwei doesn’t dare react. If Kang Wen testifies, she will die an ugly death. She smiles dryly. “An

Chuxia, you’re really funny.”

“Yeah, that’s what they all say.” Chuxia smiles like a lady. To show her up, she twists from the waist and pulls Qilu to her side. “My husband, ah, how long before steward Han picks us up? We’ll definitely die quickly from the heat.”

Mo Xinwei is aghast. How can An Chuxia be so cool? She almost loses her chastity and here she is, saving face! Finally, Xinwei says to Qilu, “I’m leaving first.” She escapes like she just ate some stool.

Her plan is falling in place. But now, she stands next to her husband. He tugs on her chin as he gently bows his

his head to stare at her. It takes a while before he says, “You’re in rare form today. You will be spoiled.”

Spoiled? Like spoiled shrimp? Oh… that’s what it could be. That’s not difficult!

“Miss! You just called the young master what?! Can you repeat it?”

An Chuxia isn’t able to answer Han Qilu in time since his phone rings in his hand. He answers the devices excitedly.

“Old man, what’s taking you so long? I just heard something wrong and I need you to come over and quickly confirm what I heard. Ha ha ha!” A smile spreads on her face and she couldn’t help but laugh. She immediately tries

immediately tries to take the device from Han Qilu’s hands and prss the hang up button.

Mother! The statement was supposed to light up Mo Xinwei. She doesn’t wish for steward Han to hear it! No, she has to wait for steward Han to die. She can’t afford to call Han Qilu her husband!

“Listen, you misheard me. Really, what you heard was wrong!” An Chuxia raises her head to see him smile at her. His smile… so chaste. This is terrible!

He shakes his head. She suddenly laughs and laughs. “You heard wrong… husband… .”

Han Qilu nods. “The young master has decided. On Monday, I’m telling steward Han to have the school announce the school announce you are my fiancée!”

The shrimp…!!!

“Oh, my husband, it would be wise to keep a low profile in school. After all, we’re still in high school. Our future is still long and spread out. It will affect your reputation, husband.” An Chuxia says in a sing-song voice. Internally, she wants to erase what she just said and slap herself. Nima, how to change?

His eyes jump and he listens to her. Later, he peers gently into her narrow eyes and stares at them. “You really like me?”

“Of course!” She doesn’t want to look at Han Qilu’s chest. “We are in the same boat. Aren’t we family as well?”

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