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Chapter 113

Mo Xinwei is surprised to hear Han Qilu’s concern. She wonders if their conversation is scripted.

“I just had to get my backpack. You shouldn’t have been worried.” Tired, she lowers her head. She wonders why someone like him would be worried about her.

Han Qilu speaks to Kang Wen. “Since the bag’s been retrieved, you don’t have to trouble yourself, Kang Mou, whatever your name is. You may leave.”

He dips his head slightly toward Han Qilu before getting in the car. For a second, he glances at Mo Xinwei. Despite her straight posture, she’s


An Chenchuan looks at An Chuxia and hands her the bag. “An Chuxia, it seems like you’re very exhausted. Go rest. I’ll head home first.”

“This is your book.” The manager gives the review guide to An Chenchuan.

“Thank you. I had you run everywhere to help me get my bag back,” she says apologetically.

“It’s okay now that you’re happy.” An Chenchuan raises his hand and rubs An Chuxia’s head. “My good meimei.”

An Chuxia smiles. An Chenchuan turns to Han Qilu and says, “After today’s incident, I’ve decided to give up. Please cherish her. Goodbye.”

“Given up

up what?” An Chuxia wants to ask An Chenchuan, but he turns away. These two boys are really strange. But right now, she just wants to go home and sleep.

“Ah-!” She suddenly feels his head over hers. Han Qilu suddenly takes a look at her, having been scared silly. “Why don’t you just shoot me, ah?!”

He stares at her and faintly says, “Since he touched you, I order you to wash up as soon as we get back home.” Confident with his orders, he takes out his mobile and calls steward Han.

She was going to

going to fight him on this but something else came to mind. Her gaze pans to Mo Xinwei. Maybe she can no longer let this go. She could’ve been killed and no one would’ve known!

“Lovely weather today, isn’t it?” It takes her a while to come up with the greeting but she realizes it doesn’t matter since they’re not friends. She wants to confront Mo Xinwei, but her heart cautions her to be wiser.

Recalling what just happened made her heart burst with emotion. It was flush but sorrowful. Nima!

Mo Xinwei’s expression changes as she hears An Chuxia. hears An Chuxia. The emotions range from fear, to astonishment, then tranquility. An Chuxia seems really calm. How can she recover so quickly?

“Yes?” Mo Xinwei desperately attempts to mask her fear. She knows An Chuxia won’t dare say a word. Anything she’ll say is an empty threat… She’s innocent in whatever transpired.

As a schemer, Mo Xinwei puts on an air of indifference… In school, everyone’s afraid of her. There’s no way she’d lose to this woman.

An Chuxia decides today is the day when enough is enough. “That gentleman, Kang Wen, do you know him?”

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