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Chapter 104
CHAPTER 104 Meeting Kang Wen

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

“I know you’re on another floor. I’ll come immediately.” Han Qilu’s voice sounds a bit resigned, leaving Mo Xinwei very distressed. Strangely, it’s over An Chuxia!

“Fourth floor.” The manager says two words. Han Qilu doesn’t hesitate and hangs up the phone before leaving.

Mo Xinwei hurriedly pulls on Han Qilu’s hand. “Han Qilu, I… .”

“You’re not allowed to casually use my room. If you do this again, I’ll have you banned!” he warns her before taking her hands off him. He steps out of the room without looking back.

Han Qilu

heads over to the glass elevator. She reapplies mascara on her slender eyelashes before pursuing him. She wants to run up to him and stop him.

She looks up and stops among the crowd when she sees a familiar person. She tries to place him in her head. She saw him that day in Atlantis where he rescued the person in the box! His name is… Kang… what?

“Young master Kang?” She hesitates saying the three words. Han Qilu enters the elevators and it slowly rises. She looks at a distressed Kang Wen who stops pursuing Qilu. Even if he caught up

up to him, won’t Han Qilu just embarrass him?

Kang Wen watches Han Qilu leave for the elevators as he sees Mo Xinwei emerge from the same room Han Qilu left. He pauses to talk to her.

“Miss, you know me?” Kang Wen asks with a faint smile. “Aren’t you Han Qilu’s woman?”

Before, she would quickly answer, “Yes, of course I am Han Qilu’s woman”. But she is aware of the frost brewing behind Kang Wen’s seemingly gentle eyes.

She pauses and says quietly, “No, he’s just a classmate. Do you need something?”

She is not entirely a fool.

Kang Wen looks at Mo

at Mo Xinwei from head to toe. Since she is still in her Stein College uniform, Kang believes her… if only for a bit.

“Are you important to Han Qilu?” Kang did not use Han Qilu’s title.

Mo Xinwei’s heart immediately brightens. He is definitely the last thing Han Qilu would expect to extract revenge. He wouldn’t know her involvement.

She thinks, and continues with, “No, although I hoped.”

Mo Xinwei’s eyes turn bleak as she expresses loneliness. Kang Wen empathizes. It seems she really isn’t Han Qilu’s woman.

“However, there is an important person in Han Qilu’s life.” Mo Xinwei’s eyes flash with light. flash with light. She sees An Chuxia walk down the stairs with another boy. Han Qilu is held up at the elevator by too many people. He has just arrived at the fourth floor.

“Who?” Kang Wen asks.

“That girl is believed to be Han Qilu’s fiancée. She really makes people jealous to death.” She follows An Chuxia and the general manager with her eyes. Mo Xinwei turns to Kang Wen and asks, “Don’t you like Han Qilu?”

Her words surprise him a bit but he regains his composure because he can see Mo Xinwei’s eyes… they are Yin hard.


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