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Chapter 103
CHAPTER 103 Stopped

An Chenchuan would’ve preferred for them to refuse the offer but he speaks before An Chuxia does. “Please show us the way.”

Satisfied, the manager smiles. Suddenly, Chuxia feels like they mattered… albeit casually. Both of them won’t aimlessly wander and they’ll be able to find the information they need.

Ha Qilu arrives at the exclusive VIP room. He finds Mo Xinwei leisurely reading a girl comic book. She was bored and she strolled around the bookstore. She knew there was an exclusive VIP room and the manager knew her, so gaining access to the reading room was


The room isn’t fancy. It only has a small bookcase and a desk for reading. Of course, there is a bed, and it can be used as a sofa… and an office chair.

It is not opulent, but it is passable.

Mo Xinwei spins the office chair when the door suddenly opens. She was about to rage at the person disturbing her until she sees Han Qilu.

She flinches upon seeing his cold face. His eyes are fierce, like those belonging to wolves in a cold night. She is afraid of him when he’s angry. She only dares to get close

close to him if he calms down first.

She hurriedly puts down the comics before standing up from the office chair. She thought she was clever to think Han Qilu won’t barge in here.

“I need you to explain to me why you are here.” Han Qilu’s tone speaks in waves. His eyes cut her deeply; she can feel it in her heart.

She moves her lips but no sound emits. She mechanically stands in place.

“I asked you, why are you in my VIP room!” Han Qilu raises his volume. He puts fear into the stunned Mo Xinwei.

She needs to give him

give him a reason and explain herself.

“I just want to find a quiet place to read. It’s too noisy outside,” she courageously answers as she approaches his side. “I’ve been planning things for An Chuxia. Han Qilu, don’t you think that’s good?”

“You’re making peace with An Chuxia?” Han Qilu repeats her words. He is suspicious. He recalls what he said to her about An Chuxia when they were at Atlantis.

Mo Xinwei nods repeatedly. “I’ve been planning carefully. I don’t want to ruin my good plans. I swear, I will never come back here!”

As she finished, she lifts her right hand to right hand to swear.

“You… .” He is about to tell her to stay away from An Chuxia when his phone rings in his pocket. He takes the device out and presses the answer key. The general manager comes over the phone.

“Master, I took the lady to find the counseling books but now, they won’t listen to me. They said I can’t stop them!”

The manager’s voice is so loud, his anxiety can be heard. Mo Xinwei also hears the voice over the phone. Her brain turns and immediately clicks to the person the manager referred to as ‘lady’.


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