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Chapter 1
This Damned Han Qi Lu

An Chu Xia’s beautiful eyes slowly close. In her mind, her mother’s gentle and kind smile appears.

She can’t believe it; her gentle and beautiful mother has left her forever.

“Hey, are you proud of it now?” A voice without warmth reverberates in her ear; his breath against her skin strikes a nerve. Surprised, she feels his hand on her shoulder.

An Chu Xia sighs internally. The young master, Han Qi Lu, seems too childish.

Her mind flashes back to a few hours ago …

“Han Qi Lu, from this point, An Chu Xia is your sister, and you have to take care of her,” Han Qi Lu’s mother, Jiang Yuan, says. She rests her hand on Chu Xia’s

shoulder while she drags her in front of Han Qi Lu.

Han Qi Lu stiffens as he listens to his mother’s orders. He takes a good look at Chu Xia, his old man’s life-saving benefactor. This woman has long eyebrows. It is a look that makes people feel a sense of peace of mind and it unnerves him.

Especially her pair of clear eyes. They are like crystal; absent of impurities.

He refuses to be swayed by her appearance. His mother may be grateful An Chu Xia’s mother saved his father’s life. But that doesn’t grant her the right to force her daughter to be part of the Han family, right?

What a conniving woman!

But what annoys him the most is the city government allowed

allowed and acknowledged this arrangement.

An Chu Xia also stares at Han Qi Lu. He looks like a bad boy. His hand is arrogantly shoved down his pant pocket. The other, draping a black coat over the shoulder. She has heard Qi Lu is usually arrogant and despotic. The best recourse is to avert one’s gaze before meeting his eyes.

He mockingly smiles at her. “Hello, I’m so close to her already I ask An Chu Xia for advice!” Now that she lives with the Han family, he can’t help but be hostile toward her.

“You’re frustrating!” his mother retorts.

Jiang Yuan doesn’t wait for An Chu Xia to react. She is so angry she can barely breathe. She plants one fist on her waist, while

waist, while the other raises a fork pointed at him. “How can you be so rude to your sister? Now, apologize quickly!”

This time, An Chu Xia wishes to say something … .

She would like to directly cut his neck, but as her aunt would advice, it would be wrong.

“Mother, little sister may be in a bad mood today.” His face, devoid of a natural smile, glares at An Chu Xia.

But she doesn’t care.

“Ah, my apologies, An Chu Xia, but you do not call him young master. Call him brother or by his name, ” Jiang Yuan says with a smile. However, she immediately turns around and shoots him a disapproving expression. “As for you, go to your room! You’re not having dinner tonight!

Chills having dinner tonight!

Chills travel An Chu Xia’s spine as she records the hate and anger in Qi Lu’s eyes.

Unnerved, she doesn’t know what is expected of her. It’s ten o’clock. Is she supposed to run and hide in her room?

“Excuse me,” she says, turning around. Her white lace lace skirt balloons, making her movement look as elegant as a princess.

“Look, what makes you so arrogant, huh?” Han Qi Lu grasps her shoulders. His eyes spit fire. “What gives you the right when you have no purpose in my house?”

An Chu Xia sneers. “Without my mother, your dad would’ve died. My purpose is for your family to be grateful to me!”

In fact, her heart wishes her mother’s death would be the ultimate sacrifice.

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