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Chapter 2
…Was Taken Away From the First Kiss

“Sure enough …,” Qi Lu scolds her with cold eyes. He clutches her shoulders forcefully until an unconscious frown paints her face. “Wench! Get out of our home!”

Are rich children like him so rude despite being educated?

An Chu Xia couldn’t help but unexpectedly raise a hand to Han Qi Lu and slap him on the face.

“Han Qi Lu, I see Han Shushu (uncle) and aunt’s face, only for you to endure self-control. But by what right do you have to call me a wench? Do you think you are better than me?”

Han Qi Lu is dumbfounded and didn’t know how to answer. But she is scared.

She takes a step back, lets go of his hand.

“Listen well,” Ann An Chu Xia continues. “I am not interested in being part of you and your family. I just want to be admitted to a university, and fulfill my mother’s dream of attending college. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about me wearing colored glasses.”

“Oh …” Qi Lu sneers. “Do you think I will believe your words?”

An Chu Xia sneers back. “My words, in short, are the truth. Whether you believe it or not, that’s your thing. Look, it is late. This is me saying goodbye.”

The disdained look Chu Xia expressed angers Han Qi Lu. He grabs her shoulders and shouts, “You don’t want

want me to repay you? How about… I show you!”

He did not wait for An Chu Xia to respond. He leans over, despite his displeasure, and kisses An Chu Xia on the lips.

She stares at him; couldn’t believe it at all. Her first kiss at 17 isn’t supposed to be a reaction that leaves her baffled, right?

As An Chu Xia recovers from his sudden action, Han Qi Lu starts peppering her smooth neck with shallow kiss marks. All he wants is revenge; to let her know his contempt. But he doesn’t know how, or why, he seems to lose control. His kisses are becoming more passionate… .

An Chu Xia musters her strength and pushes Qi Lu

Qi Lu away. “Master Han, control yourself!”

“Are you ridiculing me?” The young master is surprised to hear someone defy him for the first time.

“So, are you so proud?” Her eyes are getting cold. She pauses before spitting out: “Making out!”

“You don’t like making out? Don’t you want to get close to me, and then let me fall in love with you… ?” he asks, approaching her step by step.

An Chu Xia unconsciously mouths off, “Birthright.” This guy… how narcissistic can he be? How could his narcissism know no bounds?

“How do you want to see this through?” Qi Lu holds out his hand, once again, wanting to seize An Chu Xia by the shoulder. But he sees the he sees the anger reflecting in her eyes. Instead, Han Qi Lu resorts to pulling her toward him and have her fall against his chest.

“Ah -!” Han Qi Lu falls to the ground in a strange position. “An Chu Xia! You’re dead, set the… !!!”

She did not hesitate to look at him and say, “Look, I am not afraid… So, leave!”

It takes all of his effort to leave her room. He says in a vulgar tone, “You will give me something to remember.”

Yes yes, she surely will remember.

She sighs helplessly as she approaches the door and locks it. Days later, her fears are far from over. She must remember to lock the door before going to sleep!

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