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Chapter 70 – Strange old man

In the city filled with ice and snow, whether was it was a few days or long months, the whole region was white. Even during the night, the region was just a vast expanse of whiteness. Sometimes, if the sun were not to appear, it was difficult to distinguish between day or night.

This famous city of ice and snow, although quite lonely, still attracted a lot of people to look at the white snow.

After a long walk for some time, the very noisy city market appeared on Feng Hao's vision. Sweeping his eyes on the stores, Feng Hao was slightly surprised. The stores here sold a lot of medicines, unlike in Magnolia City where there were few medicine shops.

With surprise in his heart, Feng Hao followed a crowd slowly into the city market. As the other people saw his delicate and exquisite Medicine Master robe, they all went out of the way.

Regarding their actions, Feng Hao did not have a trace of smile. Raising his head, he saw a rather big medicine store. He walked towards it.

The medicine store was not too spacious. The store placed two magic crystals that emitted light, causing the surroundings to be quite bright. Eyeing these medicines, Feng Hao saw a few plants that Old Fen mentioned and strode forward.

Beginning to choose, Feng Hao selected those with rather good quality. The owner of the store flatteringly picked up those he chose. He was able to get dozens of the spirit medicines Old Fen required.

Leaving the medicine store, Feng Hao could not help but sigh again. With his Medicine Master identity, it was truly useful in being unimpeded.

Afterwards, Feng Hao walked to a few more medicine stores and was able to harvest a dozen or more different strains of spirit medicine, causing him to admire the old man's ability.

The hundreds of spirit medicines pointed out by the old man were all common. Therefore, these common spirit medicines can be found in the medicine stores within the city market. Now, only two rare treasure spirit medicines caused Feng Hao some worry. He has already looked into dozens of medicine stores, however he did not see one rare treasure level spirit medicine.

Strolling over the whole city market, Feng Hao was able to collect all the spirit medicines aside from the 10 kinds he didn't find.

"Treasures are difficult to find ah."

Coming from the last medicine store, Feng Hao sighed for a long time. He shook his head and moved towards the outskirts of the city market.

"I can only go out and look for them!"

Looking at the icy mountain outside the city, Feng Hao wrinkled his eyebrows.

Currently, his cultivation was at the high step Martial Practitioner. However, by relying on the essence dan and Racing Thunder Fist, he had the ability to kill a middle step Martial Master stage magic beast. The problem was that he was trying to find for rare treasure level spirit medicines, that means he had to enter the ice field.

The ice field, he heard that Martial Grand Master stage magic beasts were rampant. Not only that, there were also a few Martial Spirit magic beasts around. If he was unlucky to meet one, then he would have no chance to escape.

"Hold on!"

Abruptly, the voice of Old Fen appeared from the ring, "To your left side, there is a small medicine store. There is an extraordinary individual that needs assistance, heihei!…"

"Needs assistance?"

Feng Hao stopped his footsteps. He was stunned, then he immediately looked towards the left side.

Indeed, in a dark corner there was an extremely old fashioned medicine store. Due to its position, Feng Hao ignored it existence. Was it not for the old man's reminder, he would have not noticed it.

"Go, that person is poisoned. By helping him, he will be a very helpful person to you right now."

Old Fen elaborated.

"Poisoned? Can help?"

Feng Hao's heart was puzzled, but since the old man said it was good, it must be good.

This medicine store, it was clear that for a long time no one has gone in or went out. The entrance was not clean and the whole door was covered by snow.


"Is there anybody there?"

Feng Hao knocked on the door and yelled.

For a long time, there was no sound.

"Directly go in!"

Inside the ring, the voice of Old Fen was transmitted.


Feng Hao pushed with some force and opened the door. In an instant, a damp hint of medicine fragrance assaulted the nostrils.

This medicine fragrance did not give any idea to Feng Hao, he frowned.

Inside, it was very dim and there were only two windows that allowed the sunlight to come in. There were also some medicine shelves, however everything was quite messy and things were placed randomly. The surprising thing was, it was not dry. It seems as if the spirit medicines were picked recently. In the corner, there was a fire stove that had a medicine pot above it, the fire was brightly blooming. It caused the medicine pot to emit noises, and according to Feng Hao's observation the odd medicine fragrance came from this pot.

Step by step, Feng Hao slowly glanced around until he was shocked. There was a man standing in front of a shelf.

Looking at this person's back, the elderly man was very thin, however his posture was very straight. It seems that he heard the footsteps, but he did not turn his head and spoke with a hoarse voice.

"Get out, there is no business to do here!"

The voice was very cold and ruthless, carrying thick hostility causing Feng Hao to shiver.

"Sure enough it is not so simple!"

Feng Hao did not withdraw and he calmed down. He was worried. If this person was really poisoned, how can he help when he can barely help himself?

"Is this your attitude towards Medicine Masters?"

Feng Hao spoke with a neutral voice. He went to one of the medicine shelves and picked up a spirit medicine. He then placed it on the tip of his nose to smell, his eyebrows crowded.

"If I am not mistaken, you should be poisoned. And this poison, is fire attributed. Therefore, you find these extremely cold spirit medicines to suppress the poison in your body. Is the things I said right?"

Turning around, Feng Hao clearly saw that his arm holding on to a spirit medicine shivered undetectably. He once again took a glance at the spirit medicines on the shelves and suddenly the corners of his mouth raised..

That is because, he at last found a rare treasure spirit medicine!

Although this spirit medicine was not the one he wanted, at least it was proof that this old man had the strength to enter and leave the field.

That was enough!

The old man turned around and his elderly face was very thin. His pair of deep eyes were caved in, but they were till very bright. It could be seen that he was out of the ordinary.

Sweeping his gaze at the Medicine Master robe Feng Hao wore, his eyebrows slightly raised. However, after seeing the badge on his chest, his eyes dimmed and he once again began to tinker with the spirit medicine.

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