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Chapter 71 – A favor

"Go on, this is not a place you should have come in!"

Within the hoarse voice, there was still the same indifference. However, there was no longer hostility mixed inside the tone.

Clearly, the identity of a Medicine Master played a certain effect.

"Oh, are you sure I can't cure the heat poison?"

Regarding this stubborn and inflexible old man, Feng Hao went straight to the point as he was quite resistant to these kind of people.Clustering his brows, he found a wooden stool and sat down. He then looked with interest at the spirit medicine the figure was tinkering with.

"Humph, for a small yellow ranked Medicine Master, your tone is not small!"

This tone of the old man, it was clear that he did not place any importance to a yellow ranked Medicine Master.

"My tone is not big, that little poison inside of you will not pose any problem for me!"

Feng Hao uttered a loud voice and quickly stood up.


The old man’s medicine shelf directly collapsed and all the spirit medicines placed on it scattered on the ground.

"Who are you really?"

The old man turned around and waved his palm, the inside of the medicine store became dark in an instant. The old man's fierce and cold eyes stared at Feng Hao, an imposing momentum came from the old man's body going straight at Feng Hao.


In the face of the imposing momentum, Feng Hao almost choked. His eyes became round and looked at this strange old man.

This momentum, it was similar to Fei Wenjie. That is to say, he was a Martial Spirit!

And this was the strength of the old man after having the poison in his body!

"Speak! Who sent you here?!"

The old man receded some of his aura, however is attitude was still cold, hard to approach!

Feng Hao felt that this eccentric old man was not joking. He felt that this old guy was being genuine, with his reaction and attitude, he could not help but suspect this confusion.

"Don't get me wrong, I do not know you. I just happened to pass by and sensed the poison in your body, … so I ended up venturing in."

Looking at the response of the old man, Feng Hao spread out his hands and moved two steps backward, "Old sir, I do not have any other motives. I just wanted to make an exchange with you. When I solve your poison, you do me a favor, is that good?"

"You, solve my poison?"

Listening to the things Feng Hao said, the old man once again looked at his robe and slowly put down his hostility. However, he still sneered, "With your yellow ranked Medicine Master level?"

The old man did not hide his disdain, he directly spoke his mind and was not afraid of offending Feng Hao.

"Old sir, I am not just a yellow ranked Medicine Master."

Feng Hao was relieved. His eyebrows went up and he stretched out his hand. He mobilized the medicine essence on the Shen Nong Medicine Canon and the void dan shook. Medicine essence then burst out from his fingertips.

"Revealing medicine essence? Black ranked Medicine Master?!"

Looking at the outstretched fingers from the hand that was emitting mist like medicine essence, the old man could not help but call out with amazement. Pausing a little, he calmed down, "Boy, you think you have a solid foundation? However, my poison is not something some half-baked black ranked Medicine Master can solve!"


Laughing, Feng Hao was clear that this old man should have already tried to invite a black ranked Medicine Master. The corner of his mouth curved, "Old sir, are you sure I cannot solve your poison? How did this old sir decide that I am some half-baked Medicine Master?"

"Who the hell are you?"

Feng Hao already showed more proof of his ability and the old man had some suspicion. His eyes narrowed and his white hair flew up even though there was no wind. Fierce Wu Yuan shrouded his whole body.

Again with the old man having suspicion, Feng Hao could not help but frown and tightly wrinkle his eyebrows. He did not think that this old man would be so strange, seeing his appearance this old man was filled with hatred.

Feng Hao even suspected, if his body did not have the Medicine Master robe on, this eccentric old man would have perhaps killed him long ago.


With his own kindness and being responded with suspicion, this caused Feng Hao's heart to be annoyed.

"Humph, in that case, this old sir you still have to slowly boil your medicine. I will no longer disturb you!"

A wry smile formed on Feng Hao's face, he helplessly walked towards the door.

Until he reached the door, the old man's eyes flashed several times. He opened his lips, "What are you thinking? You want to withdraw?"


Feng Hao let out a sigh, he does not want to let him go?

Turning around, he looked at the aging muscles of the old man who had a smiling expression, his face directly fell and became cold.

With his lips twitching, Feng Hao no longer wanted to explain anything. Although his strength was not comparable to the old man, he still could not accept anyone trampling his dignity. Shaking his head, he did not speak and went towards the door.

"Hold on!"

In mere a moment, the old man's figure disappeared and appeared to block the exit. Like an eagle claw, his hand quickly held on to the door handle and Feng Hao had no choice but to retreat backwards as he could not resist. Afterwards, the old man closed the door.

"Unexpectedly, you are so unreasonable!"

Feng Hao glared at the old man with shock in his mind.

"Are you sure you were not a person sent by the Shadow Devil Religion?"

The old man's eyes flickered, again he swept his gaze at Feng Hao with an angry look until his heart finally settled down.

"Shadow Devil Religion?"

Feng Hao's angry face turned into surprise, he was at a loss. He had to take the hit for this Shadow Devil Temple!

"That's right, they are fond of calling themselves a temple!"

The old man sneered, then the surging Wu Yuan in his body calmed down. With complication he looked at Feng Hao, seeing his age he wrinkled his eyebrows, "You can really cure the heat poison?"


Feng Hao casually shrugged, after all, when people were trying to take advantage of him, Feng Hao would not care about them. After being suspected and bullied several times, he could not be blamed for being angry.


The old man looked distracted for a moment then immediately recovered.

Reading the situation, this youth was really angry inside!


The old man closed down one eyelid a bit, he spoke with a softer voice, "Small… this… little friend, if you can solve my poison, I, Hua Yuntian will promise to owe you a favor. Is that good enough?"

"A favor?"

Feng Hao finally took in the words, he faced the old man who claimed to be Hua Yuntian, "Wait! The surname Hua?" His heart shook and the look of horror appeared on his face.

Hua, this was the surname of West Mist Kingdom's royalty!

Although he did not know this old man, his name was Hua. That is to say, this strange old man was inextricably linked with the West Mist royal family.

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