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Chapter 64 – To fight over

In front of the group of people, there was a man who was wearing a pale gray satin robe and whose age was not far off Fei Wenjie. His eyes were deep and he looked rather like a cold middle aged man.

"That fellow is the present clan master of the Jiu Clan, his name is Jiu Lei!"

He whispered to Feng Hao at the side.

Feng Hao nodded slightly, his eyes quickly glanced and felt that this man had a strong force inside his body. This Jiu Lei should be a strong Martial Spirit stage warrior.

After Feng Hao's eyes glanced at Jiu Lei, behind him he saw two familiar figures. It was Jiu Lin and the old man she called grandpa.

Seemingly feeling the gaze of Feng Hao, Jiu Lin and the old man discovered the existence of Feng Hao and their eyebrows tightly wrinkled.

The old man quickly stepped forward and said something to Jiu Lei's ear. Whispering a few words, the latter's body suddenly became stiff and his dilated pupils looked at Feng Hao with shock.

"Jiu Lei, my Fei Clan being able to invite little friend Feng is the honor of my clan!"

Fei Wenjie looked at the approaching Jiu Clan members, he spoke with a bright smile and pleased voice.

Black ranked Medicine Master, not all forces can invite such a figure. It was indeed a blessing for the Fei Clan!

"Is that so?"

After a moment, Jiu Lei restored his normal look and lightly smiled. He directly said to Feng Hao: "This great master, my Jiu Clan is willing to pay twice the remuneration of the Fei Clan, what does the great master think?"

With the things he said, the people's faces changed and even Fei Wenjie's heart tightened.

Although he did not make it clear, everyone could understand his intention.

For some of the surrounding forces the situation was unclear. However, for the Jiu and Fei Clan whose influence has reached the apex of Red Sun City, they knew why so much importance was given to this weak looking youth.

"Jiu Lei, don't just boast without knowing the situation. Do you really have the ability to come out with six wu crystals?"

Fei Wenjie reverted and he sneered.

"Six pieces of wu crystal?!"

When the forces around listened to the amount, they immediately cast their shocked eyes. The sounds of heavy breathes rang around.

In other words, the Fei Clan in order to please the youth spent three wu crystals!

One piece of wu crystal, its normal price is worth about 500,000 gold coins, how astronomical is that amount? Spending 1.5 million gold coins to invite a person, thinking about this, this youth was not a simple character!

Also in the corner Clan Master Pu Xi was aware of the situation, he eyed Feng Hao with suspicion but did not come over.

After the shock, everyone’s eyes turned to Jiu Lei waiting for his answer.

"Six pieces of wu crystals, I am able to put forth!"

Clenching his teeth, in front of everyone Jiu Lei named his price.

In order to cultivate a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master, the Jiu Clan gathered numerous spirit medicines and exhausted their financial resources. However, if they let Feng Hao to stand with the Fei Clan, all the Jiu Clan's effort was for naught.

Hearing the price, Feng Hao also shook a bit.


Fei Wenjie apparently did not expect Jiu Lei did unexpectedly go crazy. Six pieces of wu crystals, this was two rounds of being a City Master. Thinking about it, he could not help but be nervous.


Feng Hao laughed and stepped forward, "This youngster shows great respect to the Jiu Clan Master, it is a pity that I already gave my word to the Fei Clan. If I back out now, how can I preserve my reputation!"

Although what he said was very tactful, the Jiu Clan people's expression all fell. As for the Fei Clan, their hearts rose.

Jiu Lei's face was ripped to shreds, he would like to say a few harsh words. However, considering the old man’s words that the Medicine Master Guild president Xi Yan called him lord, this youth's medicine canon surely surpassed the old mans.

In the face of such a young black ranked Medicine Master, his throat filled with malicious words could only be swallowed and his face can only turn red.

"Since the great master insists, it is a great shame."

His voice dropped, the smile across his face was wiped and his eyes were like of a viper's staring at Fei Wenjie, "Although you, Fei Wenjie, had the good luck of inviting the great master, the City Master position will not necessarily fall in the hands of your Fei Clan!"

While he was speaking, a junior behind him stepped out and a burst of Wu Yuan fluctuation came from his body.

"Martial Master!"

After the outburst, there was a sound of exclamation spreading to the surroundings.

This junior from the Jiu Clan who has yet to enter the age of 20 unexpectedly broke through to the Martial Master stage!


Seeing the livid appearance of Fei Wenjie and the others, Jiu Lei walked away with his people.

"Unexpectedly, the Jiu Clan was willing to pay such a price!"

Fei Wenjie looked at the figure of Jiu Lei from behind, he forced a smile then let out a soft snort.

"Martial Master stage?"

Feng Hao's eyes narrowed slightly and he spoke. His strength ought to be equivalent to the early step Martial Master. With the essence dan Mad Transformation, the Racing Thunder Fist's gravity, and having a medicine dan in his body, it would not be difficult to withstand a Martial Master.

Fei Wenjie turned around and saw the indifferent face of Feng Hao his heart was moved.

At this time, at the entrance of the colosseum noise came as a luxurious dressed man appeared with a dozen of armed to the teeth soldiers.

Fei Wenjie came over alone with a greeting, then all the other powers in the city whether big or small also approached.

This was all because this man was the chief of the Red Sun City army, Yun Meng!

"A Yun clan person?"

Feng Hao remained calm and collected, he coldly watched everything.

Although he was clear that the Yun Clan was certainly not simple, he did not think that the Yun Clan's power was also deeply seeded in the army. From what can be seen, the Yun Clan had an important position in the kingdom!

Being escorted by the big crowd, Yun Meng arrived at the tall platform with his hands behind his back. The whole audience slowly quieted down and only the beasts from the herd would occasionally issue a roar.

"Today, once again the three year Red Sun City Master battle will commence. I will not repeat the rules, I think that all of you are very clear about it. Then, I hereby declare the City Master battle, starts now!"

As he commanded, the younger generation in the field began to move and take their place on the entrance waiting for it to open.

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