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Chapter 65 – Dark horse



Inside the field, there were all kinds of magic beasts whose pair of eyes were violently looking at the crowd outside the enclosure. Occasionally, they would collide with the iron net causing them to bounce back once again to the herd.

"Open the gates!"

With Yun Meng’s fierce command, the gates slowly rose and the juniors standing at the entrance did not hesitate to rush in.

Each gate were equidistant to the center, so there was no point for others to follow in another gate. In fact, going in with another group may only cause conflict to arise early on.

One of the teams, as they rushed into the herd created a triangular formation as they desperately went in. Immediately, beastly roars resounded everywhere.

In such a scene, death was a normal thing. In the weaker groups, one of the people inside was submerged in the herd not even leaving a bone.

Due to not being allowed to use weapons, one can only use their pair of hands to punch. The consumption of Wu Yuan and physical strength was inevitable. If there was no Medicine Master on the team, they will basically face destruction only leaving few alive.

Among the dozens of groups, the most conspicuous was undoubtedly the Jiu Clan's group. With a Martial Master and a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master, they led the charge leaving the other teams behind.


Looking from the viewing platform, the Jiu Clan people had smiling expressions and Jiu Lei showed a complacent expression towards Fei Wenjie slightly provoking him.

Martial Master and Martial Practitioner, the difference between the two was absolutely clear to everyone.

Jiu Lei's provocation, Fei Wenjie did not put on his eyes. Watching the moving Feng Hao, his heart prayed that this youth can bring out some unexpected surprise.

In a short time, the Jiu Clan's group was far ahead by dozens of meters compared to the other teams. Regarding this situation, Feng Hao noticed what was happening and he clustered his eyebrows. He suddenly left his position.

"I'll be the vanguard!"

He jumped and landed in front of the team. He did not explain anything and Wu Yuan gathered all over his body bursting out like a beast. Immediately, the bodies of magic beasts in front of him were sent flying.

With his mighty display, the originally vanguard Fei Wei was dumbfounded. However, he reacted quickly and filled the gap behind Feng Hao's position rushing forward.


With almost no hesitation, Feng Hao drew the power within the Mad Transformation essence dan and his body became like a rooted tree filled with energy looking very majestic. His strength also soared three times allowing excess power.

"Racing Thunder Fist!"

Wu Yuan surged and the two gravity’s from his fist broke out mercilessly hitting the bear shaped magic beast's body. In an instant, everything around him was sent flying and a small space in front of him was opened up.


Seeing the situation, Fei Wenjie was originally concerned. However seeing Feng Hao's braveness, he immediately stood up and loudly applauded.

His actions were noticed by the surrounding people.

They couldn't help but follow the gaze of Fei Wenjie and see what he saw.

They saw a seemingly 13 to 14 year old youth who cleaned up the group of no level magic beasts like it was nothing. Whether the magic beasts were close or far, as long as they blocked the way he swept them with no regard.

"How could it be?"

Jiu Lei clenched his fist tightly, regarding Feng Hao's performance he was also surprised.

A Medicine master leading the way was not out of the ordinary, but he knew that this youth was only 13 years old, how can it be!

13 year old Martial Master! How can he accept such a thing!

"Where in the world did Fei Wenjie dig out such a monster?"

He could help but look at the laughing Fei Wenjie, in his mind he was envious.

"Not good!"

Sitting in the middle of the viewing platform, Yun Meng's eyes became bright and he asked Fei Wenjie at the side: "Fei Clan Master, is this young man from your family?"

"Hehe! It truly would be nice if he was from my family."

Fei Wenjie smiled and spoke with happiness on his face: "This youth is a little friend of mine. For this battle, I had great difficulty in pleasing him to help me ah."


Yun Meng's heart was moved, "Then from which family did he come from? Not only does he have extraordinary strength, he should also be a Medicine Master right?"

"Yes, he is indeed also a Medicine Master whose rank is not low, as to which family…"

Speaking of this matter, Fei Wenjie glanced at Jiu Lei at the side and his eyes grew cold, "For the safety of this little friend, I will not say!"

Saying these inexplicable words, there were some surprised eyes. Among them was Clan Master Pu Xi, however his eyes did not change and he narrowed his eyes looking at the moving figure.


Yun Meng also lifted his eyebrow and glanced at Jiu Lei, he no longer asked for more.

Although he was in command of the military cavalry in Red Sun City, he could not intervene in the battles between the clans. This was due to the leadership model the kingdom had. The kingdom allowed the clans to compete with each other so that they would have the motivation to get stronger. After all, with stronger clans, the kingdom will also be stronger.

Jiu Lei was also a little puzzled, although he had some disagreements with Fei Wenjie, it was not to the point of death. However, he sensed deep enmity on his eyes with the desire to kill.

He felt that there was a change in demeanor with Fei Wenjie, Jiu Lei believed that Fei Wenjie thought that he would cause harm to the safety of the youth.

Thinking of this, he could not help but be stunned. Although he knew that Jiu Lin and Feng Hao's relationship had some friction, but Feng hao was a high level Medicine Master, why would he care about such a trivial incident?


He coldly looked at Fei Wenjie, certainly it was this Fei Wenjie who planned to create discord between himself and the young Medicine master. He coldy snorted and revealed his hostility.

Looking at the rivalry between the two, Pu Xi was calm as if he did not see anything at all.

Inside the herd, Feng Hao was the black horse and the gap between the Fei and Jiu Clan was getting smaller, the situation has changed.

Using the four movements of the Tiger Movement Chapter and the Racing Thunder Fist, his power increased several times, he was like a god of war general. Unstoppable, no beast in his way could hold him.


Feng Hao's eyes bulged, then he yelled loudly grabbing a leopard like magic beast. He swung it around, sweeping away the surrounding magic beasts flying.


He yelled as he led the Fei Clan children straight ahead sweeping all the beast, he looked very heroic.

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