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Chapter 57 – Acceptance

"Is it due to the poison?"

Feng Hao stretched out his hand and got a bit of blood that came from Chai Lang. Multiple times he made some movements on his finger and he placed it under his nose to smell. His eyebrows tightly clustered.

This poison in comparison to the Yellow Wind Mercenaries as different. Judging by the smell, this poison was made up of hundreds of poisons.

Such a poison, an ordinary Poison Master cannot make. He also discovered that within the poison, there was another existence that allowed the poison to spread.

"Is this the method used by the Poison Master to control them?"

Feng Hao's face gradually turned cold.

He felt that behind all this was a giant conspiracy. From the poison before and the one now, this was not done by a single person. The poison in Chai Lang can only be done by a black ranked Poison Master. As for the poison before, a yellow ranked Poison Master was enough.

Black ranked Poison Master!

That is to say, this poison can only be mitigated by a black ranked Medicine Master!

Black ranked Medicine Master, in the whole West Mist Country, only how much were they?

The other side unexpectedly used a black level poison. From this one can see that the identity of Fei er was certainly not simple!

"In the end I still get involved!"

Feng Hao could only wryly smile, then he crowded his eyebrows as he cast a glance at housekeeper Fei.

"This poison, I can solve!"

In the eyes of Chai Lang was hope, he asked Feng Hao.


The eyes of the dozens of people brightened.


Feng Hao harrumphed. Mobilizing the void dan on the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, the medicine essence entered Chai Lang's body.

Closing his eyes, he began to feel the medicine essence dissolving the toxins. Although it did not remove everything, it still reduced by a lot.

"I beseech the lord Medicine Master to save our lives!"

Chai Lang struggled on his knees to kneel down.

"If I save you, with honesty, will you say who is behind the scenes?"

In the Hundred Thief Domain, it was evident that there was not a black ranked Poison Master that originated from this place.

"Yes, yes! I'll speak!"

Chai Lang at this time caught a lifeline and would not let go.

Who wants to be a puppet? Who wants to put their lives in the hands of others?

"They unexpectedly used a Poison Master!"

Housekeeper Fei stood there with a livid face, his gaze could not be read.

If not for Feng Hao being a Medicine Master, these hundreds of people would have been annihilated.

"It seems that to continue this trip, we have to finish this matter."

Only by solving the root source will things work out, otherwise along the way there will be more trouble.

Under the leadership of Chai Lang, a group of people arrived at a canyon.

"Lord Medicine Master, this is it!"

Chai Lang respectfully said, "There are about a thousand of people around, but the lord Medicine Master should not worry. As long as the lord can solve the poison, they will join your side!"


On the way, Huang Mang, Chai Lang and Housekeeper Fei, three strong Martial Grand Masters followed closely to Feng Hao. In addition, there were the hundreds of Yellow Wind Mercenaries providing three layers of protection. He was the great lord Medicine Master that had to be protected.

Such a large force, naturally attracted a lot of attention. Those from within the cave appeared from the shadows blocking their way.

"Lord Medicine Master, that black robed man is the schemer!"

In a distant, Chai Lang pointed to a black robed man directing it to Feng Hao.


Feng Hao did not bat an eyelid, he quietly looked at the black robed man appear in front.

"Chai Lang, you don't want to live anymore?!"

The frosty voice came from under the black robe, a pair of green eyes was revealed; it looked very grim.

However, at the same time his heart was puzzled. Didn't Yuan Hua poison all the mercenaries, how come they were all alive in front of him.

"Don't tell me…"

Sweeping his eyes, in the crowd of people he saw Feng Hao and his heart shook.

The only possibility was that there was a Medicine Master who cured the poison!

"It's not that I do not want to live, but it is the end of your schemes!"

Chai Lang stepped forward, he was angry and snapped, "Brothers, the poisons in our bodies can be solved by this Medicine Master. Quickly take down this schemer!"

While the bandits were amazed, the black robed man straight up fell to the ground not making a sound. He was dead.

He was aware, he understood that once there was a Medicine Master his days were over.

Ripping the black robe, under was a face beyond recognition. His face was unclear, and on his mouth was black blood dripping, apparently he died from poison.

"In the end who sent him?"

Housekeeper Fei's voice sank. Although the black robed man was dead, his face did not turn better. Instead, it became even more gloomy.

This black robed man was now dead, now they lost their only clue.

After that, Feng Hao began to carry out the detoxification. He spent a whole half day and thousands of people were all cured.

During this time, the hot sun was already hanging high up.

"Many thanks for you grace lord Medicine Master. I want to follow the lord forever, and serve the lord as compensation!"

Apart from housekeeper Fei, whether they were from the yellow Wind Mercenaries or bandits, they all kneeled down.

It was an honor to follow a high level Medicine Master. Also, someone like Feng Hao who was a good tempered Medicine Master, where would you find someone like that?


Feng Hao was slightly distracted.

He was out to gain experience, how could he bring so many guards around?


He thought of the Feng Clan back home. At this time, the Feng Clan was obviously very weak. If these thousands of people join, then with their numbers there will be a sudden surge in strength.

Including Huang Mang, there were a total of four Martial Grand Masters. In addition, there were also about forty to fifty Martial Master stage warriors and a thousand Martial Practitioners. With such a force, not many forces around Red Sun City would dare attack them.

"Everyone get up!"

With his words, all these people stood up.

If you really want to follow me, go to Magnolia City and find the Feng Clan. Mention my name and people would come to settle you down. If you are unwilling, I am reluctant to say that you can leave."

"We are willing!"

Due to this incident, Feng hao has now tasted the benefits brought by being a Medicine Master. At the same time, his mood finally calmed down as the Feng Clan will now have a certain amount of protection. He no longer needs to worry about it.

Thousands of people grouped up in a convoy, the whole way no one dared to provoke them. There were gangs that showed up, however they only stayed at a distance to watch. They did not dare block the way.

It was like they were playing a joke, four of the top ten bandit gangs were present in the group. If they try to rob them, is that not finding death?

Throughout the journey, Feng Hao also found out a few things about Fei er's identity.

She was part of one of the three big clans on Red Sun City, the Fei Clan. In addition, she was also the daughter of the clan master.

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