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Chapter 51 – Green Ox Town

With the spirit medicines in hand, Feng Hao began to consider going to the magic beast mountain range to gain experience. It is require for him to go, however, he must stay for a long time. What Feng Chen said was very reasonable. Going to the magic beast mountain range was dangerous as humans kill each other a lot. But being a Medicine Master, no matter the type of people, even the most heinous man would treat a Medicine Masters with respect.

"Then I should go to Red Sun City first."

Making up his mind, Feng Hao sat cross-legged and began his night cultivation. When the horizon became bright, he then slowly opened his eyes.

This was his long-standing habit, every time Feng Hao would naturally wake up.

He went down from his bed and opened the door hearing noise enter his ear.

It was the noise of the morning exercise by the Feng Clan younger generation. After the last incident, the Feng Clan took a heavy loss. More than half of the elite younger generation died, which aroused the hearts of the youths. They cultivated even more diligently.

In addition, some gifted youth were selected and directly were taught the Tiger Movement Chapter to serve as the backbone of the Feng Clan.

Of course the Feng Clan did not just spread it to everyone, the individual should have the ability to withstand and understand the concepts.

When doing the Tiger Movement Chapter, not being able to withstand the pain, these junior’s finally understood the pains Feng Hao went through.


Spitting a long breath of turbid air, Feng Hao shook his head, he was deeply moved.

If he did not choose the road of martial inverse, perhaps he would still be the same like these youths. After all, if he did not change he still would be mediocre and he would just have died.

Thinking back, his way of thinking before was ridiculous!

In this cruel world, if there is no strength then there is nothing. If you don't have dignity and you are still alive, what is the significance?

"I will certainly stand on the pinnacle of this world!"

Looking at the rising hot sun in the sky, his delicate eyes became infinitely firm. A heroic aura came from his body and dust started flying around him as his long air care-freely flew about displaying a wild scene.

At this time, he fully understood the importance of strength. Having strength is living, strength is having dignity as a person!

On the desolate and overgrown road, a figure was slowly coming closer. It was Feng Hao on his journey.

From Magnolia City to Red Sun City, there was a distance of tens of thousands of miles. It cannot be walked in a short period of time.

Currently, it has been five days since he left Magnolia City. Along the way he would find random caves to lay a mat on to rest.

At the arrival of the night, Feng Hao finally saw a small town. He picked up his pace as this is the first town he saw in the past five days.

The town was called Green Ox Town, and when Feng Hao entered he was shocked by the noise.

Although it was a small town, the amount of people flowing in the streets was no less than in Magnolia City. Sweeping his eyes, Feng Hao estimated that there were dozens of caravans on the street.

"How come there are so many caravans gathering?"

His eyebrows clustered as Feng Hao moved towards an inn doorway. Not long after he came out again.

It was full!

Five to six inns in a row, it was always like that.

"Could it be that I have to stay outdoors again?"

Feng Hao could not help but display a wry smile and wrinkle his nose, he smelled himself.

Because he was on the road, Feng Hao did not relax. He cultivated and sweated a lot for five days. His current body odor, he cannot stand.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Looking at the carts parked around an inn, Feng Hao's heart was full of doubt.

It was so strange that he could not figure out why there were so many caravans here. As it stands, the people here seem to be accustomed to it.

"Don't tell me…"

He thought of a possibility. Feng Hao stopped walking and looked around until he saw a desolate valley outside of town.

"I can't believe it, I'm already at the Hundred Thief Domain."

This Hundred Thief Domain close to Red Sun City had a very fierce name. It was one of the dozen pathways towards Red Sun City at its southeast region. Between this place and the city, there was a few thousand miles which will take at least five to six days of traveling.

The reason why this Hundred Thief Domain was so fierce was because it had a lot of bandits. It was rumored that in this thousands of miles distance, there were hundreds of robber gangs. If a group passing-by was not very strong or did not have enough offerings, then one would surely be robbed in this place and will have a miserable ending.

Of course, the robbers would not kill the golden goose that lays golden eggs. That is why they usually only rob and do not indiscriminately murder.

"It seems that I really have to take a rest."

Feng Hao sighed.

He was not arrogant enough to think that he alone can traverse the Hundred Thief Domain. To be safe, you can only form a group or follow one of these caravans. Of course, the latter was a lot safer, after all these caravans were used to dealing with bandits all year round.

Thinking of this, He walked towards the Mercenary Union.

Inside, it was definitely the most congested part of Green Ox Town which required Feng Hao to squeeze in with a lot of effort.

Around the place, there were different types of mercenaries with also differing strength. Just glancing about, he saw a few Martial Grand Masters and dozens of Martial Masters mercenaries. They were talking to a few caravan heads discussing their price.

Looking around, Feng Hao could see that there was no one to make a group with. This caused him to be somewhat disappointed.

He himself was only a Martial Practitioner, it was impossible to be hired by a caravan. Contemplating about this he went out to think of another way.


A loud voice resounded which Feng Hao heard. He saw a black beard mercenary at the Martial Grand Master stage come in.

"My Yellow Wind Mercenaries just received a mission. Because of having three caravans, we have a shortage of manpower. We are specially recruiting hundreds of temporary members to take on the task. Those brothers interested can register. After the task is completed, each one will receive a 1000 gold coins as a reward.

As his voice fell off, quite a commotion of noise started.

A 1000 gold coins, this amount was not small for mercenaries. Also the commander of this Yellow Wind Mercenaries had a strong Martial Grand Master. The safety factor was very high. They could just basically follow and get money easily. As this was the case, a lot of people came up.

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