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Chapter 50 – Gift

Medicine Master, in the Heaven Martial Continent is not only a very grand status, it's also the most respected occupation in the world.

An ordinary Medicine Master are also known as Harmonizing Medicine Master as they can only concoct extremely simple medicine soups. However those Medicine master that possessed a medicine canon, they were completely different.

The Medicine Master is divided into the following levels: Yellow, Black, Earth, and Heaven. Generally speaking, a yellow ranked Medicine Master can only treat injuries of the flesh. Also, for a yellow ranked Medicine Master who possesses a void dan, one can only treat injuries of a Martial Practitioner. Only by congealing a true dan can one treat the injuries of a Martial Master.

In similar fashion, a black ranked Medicine Master can treat injuries at the bone, an earth ranked Medicine Master can treat the organs and a heaven ranked Medicine Master would have no problem handling the blood circulation. Regarding a human body, there was not much a heaven ranked Medicine Master cannot control.

In addition, a Medicine Master had the ability to detoxify the world's countess poisons. As there is the occupation of Poison Master, when one gets poisoned and there is no Medicine Master, one can only wait for their death.

Due to all these things, it made the Medicine Master an odd yet noble identity. In particular, no one dares to provoke high level Medicine Masters. Not only do they possess strength, they also had connections to other strong warriors due to their ability. If one dare poke the hornet’s nest, they would definitely offend a lot of people.

As a Medicine Master, a high level one at that, Feng Hao was lacking a lot of money.

"What's wrong with you, you silly kid?"

Old Fen appeared and rolled his eyes at Feng Hao, "At your current level, is it not that your void dan has reached the black level? A black ranked Medicine Master, and you don't even have a few thousand gold coins?"

The old man directly reprimanded him.

This is a disgrace to all the Medicine Masters in the world!

Although the fund needed by a Medicine Master was scary, behind every Medicine Master is a lot of kids trying to curry. So as a Medicine Master, having shortage of money was absurd.

And this kid, already had the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, and unexpectedly he still wanted to ask for money. Old Fen in all honesty was getting angry.

"Do you think of rare books as cabbages? I told you, no!"

After that, his body scattered into a bunch of lights and disappeared.


From the beginning, Feng Hao did not say anything and his expression was somewhat embarrassed.

"Not only did he not give anything, he also gave so much justifications, so stingy."

He muttered under his breath.

After muttering to himself, regarding the issue of money to buy spirit medicines he still did not have the answer. This really caused Feng Hao some distress.

Buy on credit? With the identity of the black robed man, perhaps Ouyang Peng might even give it all as a gift. However this will cause him to having owe a favor. As it grew, then the issue will become a big problem in the future

However it already looks like he owed a favor in the first place. Thinking about it for a little while, Feng Hao went out.

Looking at the familiar streets, Feng Hao breathed heavily and slowly went towards the Elegant Auction Pavilion.

In any case, first he had to get the spirit medicines at hand. Regarding the favor, he will just think about it in the future.

Currently, in Magnolia City the Feng Clan is the biggest aside from the Wan Clan. So seeing him walk by, all pedestrians looked at him.

It can be said, that this formerly mediocre youth not only changed the Feng Clan, but also Magnolia City. His talent changed quickly causing others to be speechless. Due to his talents, all the following events happened.

12 year old Martial Practitioner, this proved everything.

Elegant Auction Pavilion, at this moment a lot of attention was pointed towards it because sometimes it can change the fate of a family. So there will always be a lot of people gathered here. Seeing Feng Hao come in, the sounds of discussions gradually stopped.

An attendant behind the service desk saw Feng Hao come in, so she stood up.

Currently, Feng Hao was the center of Magnolia City. it can be said that no one did not know him. As she was an attendant in the Elegant Auction pavilion, she naturally knew this Feng Clan young master.

"Young master Feng Hao!"

The beautiful attendant went towards Feng Hao with a bright smile, her sweet voice slowly came out from her cherry mouth.

"En, I would like to see Ouyang Peng, I do not know if its feasible?"

Feng Hao smiled and politely asked.


The graceful attendant's thin eyebrows crowded, she was somewhat hesitant.

Although the Feng Clan in Magnolia City is arguably the strongest clan, it did not mean that the Elegant Auction Pavilion will give him attention.

"Please ask that my master is asking for the spirit medicines."

Feng Hao leaned over the service desk and whispered.


The attendant thought for a moment then her pupils immediately opened up, "Sir please follow me!"

Thereupon, under the amazed eyes of everyone, Feng Hao was brought into the Elegant Pavilion inner room. The attitude of the attendant changed causing them to wonder.

"Young master Feng Hao, please wait a moment."

Saying this, the graceful attendants lower body swayed as she called for Ouyang Peng.

With what the attendant has said, Ouyang Peng put everything down that he was doing and hurriedly went down.

"Aiya, young master Feng Hao."

Arriving in the room, Ouyang Peng was extremely enthusiastic, "Sorry for not being able to welcome you ah, I ask for forgiveness."

To substitute for his master to get spirit medicines, there was only the black robed Medicine Master. With the thought of the youth being the disciple of the unfathomable blacked robed man, Ouyang Peng became passionate.

This is a future black ranked Medicine Master ah! With his age and talent, he will have a great future.

Ouyang Peng's attitude, Feng Hao already expected. Therefore, he was not surprised.

"Steward Ouyang is polite."

Feng Hao also stood up and looked at him with a smile.

"I heard that young master Feng is here to take the spirit medicines for your master?"

Although Ouyang Peng has determined everything in his heart already, he still asked.

"En, that is what master told me before he left."

Thereupon, Feng Hao began to recite the spirit medicines one by one.

"Sure enough, this are the spirit medicines that sir wanted me to collect. Is young master Feng Hao taking them away now?"

Ouyang Peng's eyes became bright while saying those polite words.

Cough cough."

Feng Hao coughed twice, his expression a bit embarrassed, "This is so."


Ouyang Peng was slightly distracted, then his eyes lit up, "This is trivial. All these spirit medicine, my Elegant auction Pavilion will send to your Feng Clan's home as a gift."

A future black ranked Medicine Master, this was absolutely a worthy investment. A few hundred thousand gold coins worth of spirit medicines for the Elegant Auction pavilion was not a large amount.

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