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Chapter 1 – Feng Hao

Heaven Martial Continent, Wu for respect!

West Mist Country is located in the corner of the continent, however due to it being close to the beast mountain range, there is an abundance of supplies. After all, be it magic crystals from the beasts and animal hide, all these are valuable goods. In the continent, these goods are extremely popular.

Magnolia City is a simple medium sized city located in West Mist Country. It is beside the beast mountain range, which causes few skirmishes and sieges against magic beasts.

Outside of Magnolia City, there is a small hillside.

Feng Hao stood at the small hillside below a red leafed tree. He was looking left and right, apparently waiting for a person to arrive. Thinking of the person that he was anticipating, his eyes showed tenderness.

The sun was setting, however that person has yet to arrive. Feng Hao was somewhat irritated and stomped his foot underneath the tree. His previous tenderness has now changed into panic.

When the whole sky finally turned red, a graceful silhouette just like a butterfly was seen coming out from the entrance of Magnolia City.

"Brother Hao!"

A pure honest voice came out like flowing spring water from the mountain, letting Fang Hao's impatient mood instantly turn serene.

This girl in front of him whom he waited for was Wan Xin.

The young lady is eleven years old, less than a year younger than the youth. She was wearing a disheveled dress. Although she is still young, her small face is already very delicate. Moreover, with her big sparkly eyes, she was extremely adorable.

Furthermore, the young girl's background is not simple. She is the daughter of the Wan Clan Master. The Wan Clan is one of the four big families in Magnolia City. Her status was that of the little princess of the Wan Clan.

"I'm late, hee hee."

Wan Xin stepped forward, stretched out her small hand to pull at Feng Hao's arm. While shaking his arm, her pair of watery eyes looked straight at the youth begging for his forgiveness.

"You ah!"

Feng Hao reached out to the little girl's exquisite nose, rebuking her.

As for the reason why Wan Xin and Feng Hao are intimate, this was due to a matter four years ago. On that day, Wan Xin stealthily escaped in order to amuse herself. The result was she met a viper at the red leafed tree, thankfully Feng Hao was able to come to the rescue at the right time. Since then, everytime Feng Hao came to this place, Wan Xin would also come.

This being the case, four years passed and the small sentiment between the two grew.

"I couldn't come earlier because a mysterious person came at home, who arrived to take me as a disciple. That is why it took me time to arrive."

Wan Xin pouted with her small mouth.

"Receive you as a disciple?"

Feng Hao looked distracted, he asked with astonishment: "Your dad had no objection?"

Wan Clan is one of the four big families on Magnolia City, to be able to drop by and receive disciples, that person must not be simple.

"My dad, he was looking forward to this."

Mentioning this, Wan Xin was somewhat unsatisfied. Her small face also looked deflated.

"That's it ah."

Feng Hao signed as he fell into deep contemplation.

He is also part of one of the four big families, the Feng Clan. Listening to what the little girl said, he realized the obvious that she was a capable woman with talent. As a result, she was accepted as a disciple.

"Xin er, agree to that person!"

This was the little girls greatest opportunity. Originally this should have been a happy matter, but Feng Hao felt ache in his heart. He was unable to say what he felt.

Both have yet to chat more, as two figures swept through the city gate.

Shua! Shua!

The two figures appeared in front of the two.

Feng Hao naturally hid Wan Xin behind his body, he was alert against the two that came.

"Dad, why did you come?"

Wan Xin meekly called from Feng Hao's back.

The Wan Clan Master arrived.

"You dare speak, come here immediately!"

Wan Shuo glared at the pair, directly berating.


Wan Xin responded, slowly taking small steps forward from behind Feng Hao. Wan Shuo with one big grasp pulled her.

"Dad, you're hurting me!"

Wan Xin looked at her father that she usually loved dearly, and somehow does not understand why he being rude.


Wan Shuo snorted, he did not pay attention to it and closely locked his eyes to Feng Hao.


Feng Hao looked in front of him, sizing up the two people across. He did not know if speaking will do any good.

Moreover, coming from Wan Shuo's body, he felt tyrannical pressure. With the pressure around the atmosphere, he did not make a sound. In the same time, he looked at the second person that arrived. As he looked his mind froze for a split second.

This is a cold woman, she was wearing a skin tight white skirt. She had a chilling charming face, letting the people that looked at her feel cold.

"Very scary!"

Although he did not know who this woman was, Feng Hao felt that this woman's cultivation was undoubtedly higher than Wan Shuo's.

"Who is this person?"

Feng Hao could not remember Magnolia City having such a tremendous character.

"Are you Feng Hao?"

Sweeping his eyes on the youth before him, Wan Shuo slowly spoke.

Feng Hao, he is part of one of the four big families in Magnolia City, the Feng Clan. He is the son of the Clan Master. He also has somewhat of a reputation in Magnolia City. In terms of being famous, it was not due of a good thing.

One word describes him, mediocre!

Originally, the matter of Wan Xin together with Feng Hao, Wan Shuo did not want to handle. But now, it is a great turning point, causing him to directly oppose Feng Hao.


Feng Hao honestly replied.

"From now on do not approach my Xin er."

Wan Shuo coldly spoke, his words contained the meaning that it cannot be refused.


Two lifeless eyes looked at him.


He tugged at Wan Xin as they walked towards Magnolia City.

The ice-cold woman did not say anything, she swept her gaze and floated away.

Shua! Shua!

The wind of the night rustled the leaves of the red leafed tree creating a rustling noise. The youth remained standing under the tree.


His clenched fist hit the tree trunk.

"Strength once again!"

Feng Hao bit his lower lip, causing a flavor of saltiness to spread in his mouth.

Heaven Martial Continent, with strength there is respect. With no strength, one is destined to be bullied and ridiculed.

"Why is it like this?!

As the first son of the Feng Clan's Lady, the next generation clan master, only he enjoyed the benefits of spirit medicines. However his cleansing was barely satisfactory.

Spirit medicine, it is an exceedingly precious natural resource. The Feng Clan wanted to use it for a child with great talent. However, they barely had enough for one person. After all, Feng Hao naturally wanted to become the Feng Clan Master.

He is twelve years old, and now he is already a 3rd level Martial Apprentice in the middle stage. Such a rank is not too bad, but because he had the support of the spirit medicine, only being in the 3rd level of Martial Apprentice was somewhat inexcusable. Over the same period of time, the other three descendants did not have a large difference in rank. Not only did he become a joke, even the entire Feng Clan's position in Magnolia City also fell.

Due to this reason, the standing of Feng Chen as Clan Master became unstable in this situation. The Clan Elders also have gavin their supreme effort to exchange the candidate, to stop Feng Hao taking the spirit medicine.

However, no one knew that in reality, Feng Hao never enjoyed the benefit of the spirit medicine. His body was like a bottomless pit, perpetually swallowing the spirit medicine's efficacy. That is why the current situation is such.

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