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Chapter 2 – Feng Hao's Provocation

Hei! Ha! Hei! Ha!

Inside the martial arts field of the Feng Clan, there was a group of young figures who were making movements. They were using a basic boxing technique as the flaming sun was rising on the sky. Each one of these children were sweating profusely, however no one stopped shouting. They constantly issued a shout creating a scene of excitement, it was a sight to behold.

Heaven Martial Continent, the entire population used Wu and respected Wu. From generation to generation, it has gone deep into people's souls. And the Feng Clan is no exception.

"Exert your strength, you guys do not want to eat?"

There was a violent looking middle aged man whose eyes was brightly flickering. His complexion was solemn, from time to time he would issue a voice.

The middle aged man is called Feng Ren, his strength has already reached the Martial Master Realm. He is the backbone of the Feng Clan. In Magnolia City, he was a very well-known person.

He is the most feared person by the children that is from the older generation. Under his scolding, these children learned to increase their strength with their own hands

Looking at this scene, Feng Ren's corner of the mouth showed a smiling expression. It was obvious that with what the children are showing, he was very pleased.

"Hei! Ha! …"

There was a twelve year old boy whose face was very clear. His small face had an earnest expression and his long hair was tied behind his head. Everytime he brandishes his strength, he would exert all the energy he had. The clothing in his body was drenched. This has been ongoing for the last three hours, but there was not a sign of relaxation.

It was Feng Hao!

“Ha! Hei! …”

One punch, one kick, Feng Hao is practicing standard motions. Each swing would produce slight wind.

To reach the 3rd level middle stage Martial Apprentice, there is nothing but forging the body.

In the cultivation road, one must forge the body first, tempering it to be as strong as a boulder. In order to practice Wu Qi, one must first cultivate Wu Yuan. Once one is able to cultivate Wu Yuan, only then can one regard himself as a genuine martial pratitioner.

"Morning practice is over!"

Gazing at the flaming sun on the sky above, Feng Ren's standing figure yelled.

"Ah! So exhausted."

"Hu… Hu…"

Each and every child fell paralyzed and issued sounds of complaint. They were breathing heavily, however as they glanced at Feng Ren's appearance, their voices gradually disappeared.

All the children were around ten years old, everyday they would train two hours in the morning. This would already deplete all their strength.

Hu! Ha!

In the entire martial art field, only Feng Hao persisted. The area under his feet has long been drenched with sweat. Every time he brandished his arm, countless more drops of sweat fell.

Feng Ren gave a glance, without saying a word he took big strides to leave the martial arts field.

"Heng, Putting on an act!"

A tiger faced young boy took a glance and snorted, "If I had the spirit medicine, I would already be at the 4th level Martial Apprentice.

He is the grandchild of Feng Clan's Second Elder, named Feng Lei. Having the same age as Feng Hao, he also has reached the 3rd level Martial Apprentice. Although he was just at the early stage, he was someone to look out for. Feng Lei's talent is indeed above Feng Hao, so he was very dissatisfied with Feng Hao.

It wasn't only Feng Lei who had this way of thinking, other people had this thought as well. Even those children at the 2nd level Martial Apprentice also had this thought.

Due to this opinion, Feng Hao was practically isolated within the younger generation of the Feng Clan. Not only were they like this in front of Feng Hao, but they also ridiculed and mocked him behind his back.

Strength is everything, without strength it is impossible to gain others approval and respect.

"Hu! Ha! …"

As far as Feng Hao was concerned, it was as if he did not hear anything. Just as before, he was freely punching and kicking.

This was because ever since he grew up these voices came with him. Also, he had no way of explaining on why the spirit medicine had no effect.

With the flaming sun up in the sky, Feng Hao already wasted all his strength and stopped practicing his boxing. He did not stop because he could not press on any longer nor was it  he could not advance, he stopped because it will bring harm to his muscles. One has to balance the gain and loss..。

This is also his experience summed up.

"Hu… Hu…"

After calming down himself for a bit, he did not join the other children in the center to be part of the fun. He dragged his beaten body towards a courtyard.

"Yo! Is our genius tired?"

Feng Lei brought three other children as he blocked Feng Hao's path. Each of them had an expression of ridicule.

"It's starting again."

"Ah! Deservingly so!"

"Mediocre is mediocre, but you stubbornly took the best resources!"

On the martial arts field the children at the side started pointing to the argument. However, no one stepped up to stop it, they were there to watch a show.

Feng Hao scrunched his eyebrows together, moving sideways he continued on forward.

"Yo! Is our genius putting on airs? Haha.."

Feng Lei immediately took a step to continue blocking his way, his face had a laughing expression as he looked at him.

There were four people, all 3rd Level Martial Apprentices. They absolutely did not fear Feng Hao. On the contrary, every time there was a fight,, it was always Feng Hao who suffered a loss. The four were experts at fist fights. Moreover, Feng Hao's rank was not much higher than theirs. The gap was very small.

"Step aside!"

Feng Hao coldly looked at him, using a husky voice to speak.

"Why? If we don't want to, will your genius self teach me a lesson ah?"

Feng Lei glared with his eyes as he stepped forward pressing towards Feng Hao.


His fist met with Feng Hao's clenched fist. The daily incident is once again happening in the martial art field.

As a result, Feng Hao naturally once again ended up pummeled down.

"Hao er come back."

From the entrance of the courtyard came a beautiful woman. Looking at him from head to toe and Feng Hao's exhausted face, her eyes contained deep sadness.

She is the mother of Feng Hao, Qiong Su. She came from another town, so when she joined the Feng Clan her status was not high.

"Don't do too much next time ah."

Qiong Su took out a white handkerchief, with her slender hands she wiped the sweat on his small face, "You child, alway so stubborn. If some accident happens again, what is to be done?"

Clearly, Feng Hao with all his might forged his body, not excessively because it may result muscle cracking.

"Mother, I got it!"

Facing his mother at this time, Feng Hao showed tenderness within his eyes.

In his mind and eyes, his mother is the person he loves the most. That is why whatever Qiong Su says, he would unconditionally do it.

"You ah!"

Qiong Su softly pinched his face, "Alright, first take a shower then come to the hall to have a meal."


Answering with a word, Feng Hao proceeded to one of the side rooms.

With a grimace he took off his clothes, his body possessed a bit over ten blackened bruises. There were old and new injuries, this way his body is full of ache and soreness but he was already used to it.

"Hua la la! …"

Cold water washed away the heat and sweat. Feng Hao changed into an exquisite raw silk clothing which he prepared before. Only then he started to proceed into the hall.

Inside the hall, there is a four sided red wood table, on top of which were five to six dishes. The aroma spread and very far away one can smell it.

A grim looking middle aged man was having a meal, Qiong Su was beside him feeding him soup.

He is the Feng Clan Master Feng Chen.

Seeing Feng Hao walk in, Qiong Su placed the soup ladle down. She called out Feng Hao to sit down.


Feng Hao respectfully spoke towards Feng Chen.


Feng Chen replied with no coldness, nor indifference. After which nothing more was said and the family of three ate with a quiet atmosphere.

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