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Chapter 65 Cleaning up, Great Gains

System notification:

Killed Blood Raiment Prince, the Eldest Disciple of Blood Saber Sect, 10,000 battle experience awarded.

Quest reward:

By killing Blood Raiment Prince, you have shocked both the righteous and demonic factions. The prowess of Deadly Celestial Sword spreads far and wide in Jianghu, 30,000 battle experience awarded.

Looking at the red-colored notifications on the system panel, joy flashed in Lin Yi's eyes.

Just Blood Raiment Prince alone had earned him 40,000 battle experience. He was indeed worthy of being one who would become the future Sect Master of Blood Saber Sect.

As he looked at Blood Raiment Prince's corpse, Lin Yi was silent.

Blood Raiment Prince possessed great strength, but his greatest weakness was his arrogance. He had let his guard down just because he had not recognized Lin Yi's identity.

More importantly, he mistakenly thought that Lin Yi was only good at using a bow after witnessing his excellent archery skills. This led him to think that as long as he could get close enough, he would be able to easily kill Lin Yi.

A pity...

Lin Yi's most formidable ability was not his archery skills, it was his sword art!

It was the sword art most well-known for its power to kill in an instant: Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

The word "Deadly" was sufficient to describe its overbearingness.

Lin Yi secretly took the example of Blood Raiment Prince as a lesson and reminded himself to never underestimate anyone.

There were countless different martial arts existing under the heavens. Nobody could know whether an unknown figure would possess any killer techniques or skills.

This was no longer in the game, where he had unlimited lives for trial and error. Here, he only had one life. Once dead, he was dead for good.

He could only survive by taking all possible precautions so that he may continue on the path of martial arts and witness the glory that had been unseen in the game.

Peak experts were not the zenith of the martial way.

Beyond that existed peerless experts.

Nobody knew what kind of people peerless experts were. Even Lin Yi, who had been a peak expert in the game during his previous life, did not know either.

The only peerless expert he had heard of was the swordsman called Dugu Qiubai.

Spending his entire life seeking a single defeat.

What kind of realm was that?

Lin Yi restrained the ambitions evoked in his heart and resumed a calm demeanor.

Without any expression, he retrieved Qingfeng Sword from Blood Raiment Prince's corpse and sheathed it. Then he backtracked on the way he came and collected all the violet arrows.

The violet arrows were too precious to discard as they were made with the same materials Longmang Bow was made of. Even a mighty strike from Blood Raiment Prince's saber had not left a single mark on the arrow. This showed how valuable the violet arrows were.

Without them, Longmang Bow's effectiveness would greatly decrease, and his ability to kill Blood Raiment Prince today would still be an uncertainty.


Lin Yi stepped out onto the main road and saw his four companions with their backs facing each other and combining their efforts to defend against the Blood Saber Sect disciples.

After Lin Yi killed seven and heavily injured two, there were still nine more Blood Saber Sect disciples surrounding the four of them.

The blood sabers flashed through the air like lightning and traced peculiar paths, making it difficult to defend against.

Even if the four of them were great talents, they could only barely manage to defend themselves. Multiple wounds could be seen on their bodies and numerous bloodstains could be seen.

However, they were also becoming more and more skillful and experienced with their sword arts.

Battles of life and death were very effective at honing one's skills.

The little nun was improving at a tremendous speed.

In contrast to Huashan's sword arts which excelled at offense, Northern Hengshan's sword arts excelled at defense and counterstrikes.

The sword art used by the little nun was the Northern Hengshan superior sword art: Myriad Blossoms Sword Art.

The techniques of this sword art resembled countless flowers in blossom.

Lin Yi stood not far away and witnessed the little nun's usage of the sword art change from a clumsy and rigid style into a skillful and smooth style.

Eventually, she was able to match the speed of the blood sabers and parry the moves of the Blood Saber Sect disciples, reducing the wounds that she received.

Her Myriad Blossoms Sword Art transformed from being dazzling but harmless to being beautiful but dangerous. It was as if there was a venomous snake lurking within the beautiful flowers, poised to deal a fatal strike at any moment.

Lin Yi nodded in satisfaction at the little nun's progress. To achieve mastery of her sword art within such a short time, this little nun was indeed a genius.

Although the other three companions did not improve as quickly as her, they also made significant progress.

Taishan's Yun Taizi was using the Taishan superior sword art: Seven Stars Descending the Skies.

This sword art was extremely overbearing and consisted of chained moves.

The first move was to envelop the seven major acupuncture points on the opponent's chest with the sword.

If the opponent did not dodge immediately, the second move would pierce one of these points to kill the opponent instantly.

From the style of this sword art, its offensive nature was similar to Huashan's Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, although each had its own unique points.

Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords was able to kill using any of its moves, while Seven Stars Descending the Skies was incredibly powerful but required superior speed and the element of surprise. Otherwise, once the opponent recognized it, it was easy to defend against simply by dodging in time.

Before, Yun Taizi was unable to use his sword art smoothly, and his movements were sluggish. The sword art contained great power, but it was not effective against the Blood Saber Sect disciples.

As a result, the Blood Saber Sect disciples could easily dodge his moves, and he was slashed by their blood sabers from time to time.

After experiencing the pain from his injuries, Yun Taizi finally got the hang of it and his movements started to become faster, making his sword art much harder to defend against. The Blood Saber Sect disciples gradually became wary of him and did not dare to approach easily.

Songshan's Lu Buping was using the Songshan Seventeen Styles of Quick and Slow Sword Art, a superior Songshan sword art.

This sword art had a strict and heavy manner, resembling the style used by spears and halberds, being capable of covering large areas with its attacks, making it suitable for large-scale battles.

Right now, although Lu Buping's skill with the sword art was not yet up to par, due its unique characteristics, he was able to stand out the most among the four of them. He also received the least amount of injuries.

As its name implied, the sword art was both quick and slow, allowing it to confuse the opponents and making it difficult to evade.

After a period of bloody fighting, Lu Buping was gradually able to grasp the right way of controlling the tempo of the sword art. His movements became more and more skillful and he was able to gain an upper hand over his opponents.

Southern Hengshan's Mo Yu used the Southern Hengshan superior sword art Returning Winds Falling Swan Sword Art.

Returning Winds Falling Swan Sword Art was famous for the ability to make multiple stabs in a flash, and the essence of this sword art was speed.

One's level of skill with this sword art was decided by how many stabs you could produce at one time. Those who reached the highest realm was capable of making nine stabs in one move.

However, there was rarely anyone within Southern Hengshan who could reach this realm.

600 years ago, Southern Hengshan's Liu Zhengfeng was famous in Jianghu for being able to swiftly produce nine stabs in one move.

Mo Yu was obviously still far from reaching that realm, but he could still manage to produce three stabs in the blink of an eye.

However, as he had not encountered any battles of life and death yet, he was unable to utilize his sword art to its full extent, adding in many unnecessary movements and receiving quite a few injuries in the process.

Fortunately, the cuts were shallow and were not life-threatening.

This was also due to the fact that he had a solid foundation and also because the Blood Saber Sect disciples had not yet fully mastered Blood Saber Saber Art. If Blood Raiment Prince was still alive, he would only need one stroke of the saber to kill him.

As he saw his four companions improving their fighting ability in real time, Lin Yi smiled and walked towards them.

Who knows when the battle would end if the four of them kept fighting on.

It was time for him to clean up the remaining enemies.

Nine Blood Saber Sect disciples and the two heavily injured disciples lying on the ground. It was a total of eleven people, meaning they were worth 55,000 battle experience. How could he let it go to waste?

Lin Yi gave a cold laugh and drew his Qingfeng Sword.

With a great leap, he entered the midst of the Blood Saber Sect disciples and began utilizing Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords.

As he had upgraded the sword art to the advanced stage, its power was increased greatly compared to when he used it in Crouching Tiger Hill. Not to mention, Lin Yi had also cleared the second standard meridian and now possessed greater internal strength.

As he charged forward, only an afterimage was left in his wake.

Along with the light flashing from his sword, terrible cries were heard and blood spurted everywhere.

In the blink of an eye, five people had been cut down.

The remaining four was shocked and attempted to flee. The enemy was too strong and they had no chance of winning.

Lin Yi took out Longmang Bow and started shooting arrows.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

One arrow followed by another.

He leisurely took care of the remaining four people by shooting arrows at them. Once finished, he hung the bow on his back and walked to where the two heavily injured Blood Saber Sect disciples were lying.

Without any expression, he lifted his sword and stabbed them.

Pu! Pu!

The terrified expressions on both their faces froze as their hearts were pierced by the sword.

Only then did Lin Yi start counting his gains.

System notification:

Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.


Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.


Killed a Blood Saber Sect disciple, 5,000 battle experience awarded.

Another 55,000 battle experience was earned just like that.

This time, Lin Yi had first earned 15,000 battle experience from killing the three men following them. After that, he killed seven Blood Saber Sect disciples with his bow and earned 35,000 battle experience. Then the battle with Blood Raiment Prince yielded 40,000 battle experience. And lastly, he earned 55,000 battle experience from finishing off the final eleven Blood Saber Sect disciples. This trip outside the city had netted him a total of 145,000 battle experience.

It was a great harvest!

He only needed 155,000 more battle experience to be able to clear the third standard meridian.

The hunting grounds outside Lanzhou City did not disappoint him indeed.

Lin Yi clenched his fist tightly and grew excited.

There were many more demonic cult members as well as geniuses waiting for him to kill and collect the experience.

As he thought of this, he fell into a daze.

When he recovered his senses, he saw his companions staring at him with burning eyes.

In their eyes, one could see a multitude of emotions: shock, bewilderment, disbelief...

Lin Yi touched his nose. It seemed that he was overly excited from the process of killing people to earn experience, so much that he had forgotten about the thoughts of his companions.

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