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Chapter 64 Slaying Blood Raiment with Wit


Even with Blood Raiment Prince's reminder, another three disciples were struck by the arrows. Two of them were heavily injured while one was struck dead.

Blood Raiment Prince was driven mad by this and he charged even faster towards Lin Yi.

He wanted to cut down this bow-using Huashan youth at all costs.

Who let him use a bow instead of a sword and be so good at it!

As he saw Blood Raiment Prince approaching at great speed, Lin Yi's face revealed a hint of ridicule. Holding the violet great bow in his hand and carrying Qingfeng Sword and a quiver of arrows on his back, he leaped from his horse onto the trees at the side of the road.

The most important thing when making long-range attacks was to occupy locations higher than the enemy, then you could freely attack the enemy from above.

Placing another three arrows on the bow, he swiftly shot at the Blood Sect disciples again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a snap of the bowstring, three arrows shot off with great force and pierced through the air, leaving an afterimage of their trajectory.

Before they could even react, the arrows already reached them.

The Blood Sect disciples were shocked and hurriedly raised their sabers to strike at the arrows.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Even though they managed to hit and break the shaft of the arrows, the arrowheads continued to pierce into their bodies.

The destructive power of the arrows increased after they were relieved of the weight of the shafts.

Spinning madly, the arrowheads drilled into their bodies, causing great damage.

All of them created a hole the size of a fist at where their hearts were located.

In the end, they could only make a muffled cry of pain before collapsing dead on the ground.

Another three down.

Using nine arrows, Lin Yi heavily wounded two and killed seven.

The only thing Blood Raiment Prince could do was to watch on helplessly, unable to stop this Huashan youth at all.

He nearly exploded from anger!

As the top-ranked talent in Blood Saber Sect and a famous young devil of the demonic cults, when had he ever been this helpless before?

So many great talents from righteous sects had been killed by him.

Yet, right now, he was unable to do a thing to this unfamiliar youth from Huashan?


Blood Raiment Prince howled like a wild beast, his eyes bloodshot.

With a savage and bloodthirsty expression in his eyes, he resembled a devil from hell.

With a forceful tread of his feet, he increased his speed several fold and went after Lin Yi.

For the sake of killing Lin Yi, he started to utilize his internal art, sparing no effort.

With a laugh, Lin Yi did the same and soared like a great bird towards higher spots.

Although it seemed as if he was fleeing for his life, he was actually trying to keep the distance between himself and Blood Raiment Prince.

As an archer, the greatest advantage he had was the distance from the enemy.

only by keeping a distance from the enemy could he ensure that the enemy would be unable to attack himself.

How could he not know of the viciousness of the great Blood Saber Saber Art?

No matter how great one's defenses were, points of weakness were bound to exist.

And Blood Saber Saber Art was the type of skill which specialized in attacking these points of weakness in order to kill in one stroke.

There were only two options to deal with such a skill.

The first option was to use a defensive type of martial art that offered complete protection, having no points of weakness.

The second option was to use long ranged attacks and keep a distance while attacking, also known as kiting.

Lin Yi did not possess any defensive type of martial arts.

Even if he had, it was not a good idea to fight Blood Raiment Prince head-on.

The first reason was that Blood Raiment Prince had greatly superior internal strength, having cleared the sixth standard meridian already.

The second reason was that even if he could make his body as tough as steel, he still wouldn't be spared from injury if the saber hit his body. He did not like to be injured at all.

Therefore, he always chose the technical way of fighting.

Kiting was something that he liked very much.

To watch your enemy slowly lose his health and energy from a distance.

The only pity was that he did was not any faster than Blood Raiment Prince.

Although he twisted and turned to constantly change his direction, Blood Raiment Prince was still closing in.

He could even see the great killing intent revealed on his pale white face.

Blood Raiment Prince probably hated him to the core right now.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi stepped off the ground with great force and leaped into the air.

While turning his body around completely so that he was facing Blood Raiment Prince.

Revealing a smile on his face, he retrieved a violet arrow from the quiver.

Then he placed the arrow on the bow and fired it.


The violet arrow surged towards Blood Raiment Prince with explosive force!

These series of actions did not even take more than one second to complete.

Apparently, Lin Yi had planned it since some time ago.

Blood Raiment Prince's expression changed drastically as he sensed a great danger from the rapidly approaching violet arrow.

He never expected the archery skills of this Huashan youth to be this great.

To actually shoot an arrow while traveling through the air in reverse at great speed!

It was an incredibly difficult skill to master.

There were many aspects to consider, such as applying force in midair, aiming...

A slight problem in any aspect would result in a critical mistake.

But the Huashan youth seemed to be extremely well-trained at the maneuver.

Speed, power, and accuracy were all on point.

This arrow was nearly impossible to defend against!

In an instant, Blood Raiment Prince analyzed the arrow.

He had been in pursuit at full speed, so changing his direction was out of the question.

The only thing left to do was to strike down the violet arrow.

Holding his blood saber tightly, he squinted his eyes and focused his body and mind completely on the incoming arrow.

One moment of carelessness would result in his death.

In the entire twenty years of his life, he had experienced countless bloody battles, but none had given him a sense of danger as great as this arrow.

It was as if he was walking on a tightrope hung across two cliffs thousands of meters high.

One mistake and he would fall into the ravine from a great height.

The violet arrow was here!

It was only inches away from him.

With a cold look in his eyes, he struck forward with the blood saber in a flash.

The strike connected with the shaft of the arrow!


A high-pitched sound of impact rang out.

The saber and the shaft violently ground against each other, causing sparks to fly.

Blood Raiment Prince was stunned.

He actually did not manage to cut the arrow into half!

What material was this arrow made from?

A great repelling force came from the arrow as a result of the strike.

Blood Raiment Prince's whole body shook as if he had been hit by a heavy hammer.

He was blasted backward by the force while in midair, eventually crashing heavily onto the ground several meters away.


It was churning inside his chest and he spat out a mouthful of black blood!

Although the arrow did not hit him, the great force that the arrow possessed was able to inflict internal injuries on him.

"Good, very good, now I desire to kill you even more. State your name, I don't wish for you to die to my saber as a nameless ghost!" Blood Raiment Prince opened his bloody mouth and said in a chilling tone.

Lin Yi ignored his words and simply turned and left without any expression.

He did not feel any pity at failing to kill Blood Raiment Prince with the arrow.

Blood Raiment Prince was one of the top talents of his generation after all, and he was destined to become the Sect Master of Blood Saber Sect.

How could such a person be so easily defeated?

If he only knew archery, then it would be extremely difficult to win this battle.

However, he still had his sword art!

The conclusion of this battle was not far away.

What was there to say to a man who was going to die soon?

Lin Yi was never one to find a sense of superiority from people who were going to die soon.

Since he already had a plan, all he needed to do was to follow the plan.

"Hmph!" As Blood Raiment Prince saw Lin Yi swiftly escape in order to occupy the next high point without saying a word, he snorted coldly and was nearly consumed by rage.

Demonic cult members were like that.

They were cold and emotionless when killing the weak.

But when they faced enemies who were just as strong or even stronger, they were unable to control their own emotions.

Frustration and insecurity.

Their mental fortitude was inadequate.

Demonic cult members were people who were controlled by the demons in their hearts.


After howling madly for a short while, Blood Raiment Prince stood up stubbornly despite his internal injuries.

Then he resumed his pursuit.

Two figures darted all over the place and passed countless small hills.

The white figure in front shot arrows towards his rear from time to time, his superb archery skills on full display.

While the blood-red figure behind was incredibly tenacious, refusing to give up despite a great amount of blood all over his body.

He was as ferocious and frightening as a devil from hell.

The distance between the two was decreasing.

Lin Yi had used up all three of the violet arrows.

Although they posed a threat to Blood Raiment Prince, after learning his lesson from the first arrow, he could now evade the violet arrows at the cost of minor injuries.

Since violet arrows could not do much to him anymore, normal arrows were even far less of a threat.

Normal arrows were still useful for killing ordinary Blood Sect disciples, but they were not effective against Blood Raiment Prince at all.

With high accuracy and astonishing reaction speed, he could instantly destroy normal arrows that came his way.

As he got nearer to the Huashan youth, he could now see with his own eyes that the Huashan youth had run out of the terrifying violet arrows.

Blood Raiment Prince's expression was smug and malevolent, and it looked frightening.

Only a little more to go.

Once he got near enough, he would be able to end the life of this detestable Huashan youth in one strike!

Nearer and nearer.

The two got closer and closer at a visible speed.

In the end, Blood Raiment Prince was only an arm's length away from Lin Yi.

At this moment, his face revealed a cruel expression as he raised his blood saber and slashed towards the Huashan youth.

The force of the slash was so great that the sound from the wind produced by the slash could be heard clearly.

All of a sudden, as if he had grown eyes on his back, the Huashan youth who was about to be cut down swiftly squatted down and drew the Qingfeng Sword on his back.

Then he abruptly stabbed towards his rear with astonishing speed!

Blood Raiment Prince did not even have time to react before his heart was pierced completely by the sword.

Stepping on the ground with great force using one leg, he propelled himself backward rapidly.

By doing so, he crashed heavily towards the walls of a hill nearby together with Blood Raiment Prince, his sword stabbing into the walls.

Blood Raiment Prince was nailed firmly onto the walls of the hill.

The Huashan youth finally turned his head, revealing a cold smile.

Blood Raiment Prince looked at him in disbelief: "Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, you are Huashan's Deadly Celestial Sword, Lin Yi!"

Lin Yi nodded lightly in admission.

"You actually kept your identity hidden for so long, if I had known who you were, I wouldn't have lost so recklessly!"

"Fine, I lost. I admit, compared to you, I was too complacent and arrogant. I'm not as cunning as you..."

Blood Raiment Prince smiled bitterly as blood gushed out of his mouth like water and his head drooped to one side.


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