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Chapter 856: 856
Chapter 856: Slaughtering Everyone

Two terrifying forces swiftly surged towards the blue sky and the sea, enveloping a region in the radius of three miles . Countless seawater was siphoned up to the sky . As the seawater fell back to the sea, a stormy rain pervaded the battlefield .

In the vast sea connected with sky, black light and blood light had each occupied a side . Horrific shockwaves swept out in all directions .

The confrontation between these two destructive forces did not last long . Soon, the black light began to weaken gradually . On the other side of the black light, E Xiangtian started to look pale . He did possess a Human Level Elementary martial instrument . Operating it put a tremendous toll on his spiritual energy . In just a brief collision, the energy consumption had overwhelmed him . He would be fine if the opponent was not equipped with martial instruments . In reality, Ye Xiwen also had a martial instrument, pushing the consumption rate by many folds . The qi remaining in his body struggled to keep up .

On the other hand, it was a different case for Ye Xiwen . He had inputted at least tens of millions of elixir and spirit crystals in Tianyuan Mirror, let alone a Dragon Vein that could continuously provide energy . He would never lose out in terms of endurance .

Moreover, the qi in his body was ten folds of ordinary masters or experts . He was unfazed by an endurance battle .

The rank and power of Tianyuan Mirror were much more advanced than martial instruments that barely squeeze into Human Level .

Ye Xiwen sneered as he felt the black light had weakened a lot . He didn’t weaken the Tianyuan Mirror’s power output . On the contrary, he escalated the power output to kill this E Xiangtian on the spot .

The killing intent was glaring in Ye Xiwen’s eye . He would not let go of the enemies who came afar to hunt him down .


There was another earth-shattering loud noise . The black light could not last any longer; it collapsed on the spot . Blood light instantly occupied the entire sky, like a curtain . Blood light bombarded the opponent . Visible energy waves could be seen wherever the blood light passed .

“Bang!” E Xiangtian faced the direct hit . His entire chest was severely mutilated, with some bones broken . His figure flew in the distance like a disconnected kite with a broken string .

“Brat, think about it clearly, I am a Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan member . If you kill me, the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan will never let you go!” E Xiangtian was finally scared . All his cards did nothing in front of Ye Xiwen . He seemed so vulnerable . He was not afraid, even if his subordinates were killed just now . He believed that he could crush Ye Xiwen with the overwhelming cultivation lead . After all, Ye Xiwen was only at Half-step Transcendent Realm . How could Ye Xiwen possibly outmatch me?

But, he cowered in fear in the end . The Human Level Martial Instrument was his ultimate trump card . He found it unbelievable that Ye Xiwen also had a Human Level Martial Instrument .

How can he possibly do that?

He is merely a Half-step Transcendent Realm warrior . Why does he own a Transcendent Tool? This is totally unreasonable . Many Transcendent Realm masters don’t have Human Level Martial Instrument, but this brat does .

He finally understood that this brat was no average Joe but someone beyond his level .

At this time, he could only resort to using his clan to intimidate Ye Xiwen . Although the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan was not the most powerful sea clan in the endless sea, it was still a decent clan, especially to those human kinds . Experts would be cautious about the upcoming troubles it would bring .

But, he was wrong . For a lone wolf like Ye Xiwen, there was nothing terrifying to it . The best way to keep a secret was death .

Without giving the crocodile clan to open its mouth, a shocking Blood Pillar blasted directly into his chest, instantly blasting a big hole on his body .

“This…this…” E Xiangtian was shocked . After bringing the name of the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan, he still failed to intimidate Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen still killed him with no mercy .

He could feel that the vitality in his body was fading at a terrifying speed . He wanted to grasp something in fear, but he could only feel that his body became chill . His vigor had run dry, and no strength could be mustered . He sunk directly into the endless sea .

Ye Xiwen immediately took all his wealth . Although E Xiangtian was only at Transcendent Realm Third Level Peak, he had also made a lot of profit over the years . The spirit crystal on him was more than ten million .

In addition to the sixty million spirit crystals that Ye Xiwen originally had, Ye Xiwen now had about seventy million spirit crystals .

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“Ye Xiwen, you will die a horrible death . You dare to kill the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan member . There is no way for you to survive . Go to Hell!” Wu Chenhai looked at Ye Xiwen with horror and anger . He seemingly could not make sense of what had happened .

Ye Xi sneered, “Between heaven and earth, I only kill the people who should be killed . What does it have to do with what clan group he is? As a human, you’re spineless . ”

The living adversities in the Ancient Barrens continent were countless fold to True Martial Domain . Although the True Martial Domain had limitations, at least humans dominated the world, so Ye Xiwen never felt anything . Killing any beast or sea creature wasn’t any big deal . There were many more concerns in the Ancient Barrens continent . Like Wu Chenhai and everyone else of Unparalleled Palace, they were afraid of these Native Clans .

“Not to mention you will go to Hell with them soon!” said Ye Xiwen faintly .

“Run!” Jia Qing and Wu Chenhai yelled quickly . They didn’t hesitate and fled in separate two completely different directions .

They all hoped that Ye Xiwen would chase and kill the other party instead of themselves .

Ye Xiwen glanced at the two of them . He figured out their thoughts at a glance, but Ye Xiwen didn’t care at all . The Demon Wings behind him fanned instantly . The Lightning Wings glimmered in an instant; his figure turned into a golden light .

He caught up with Wu Chenhai, the man who regarded him as a great threat since the first encounter .

“Ye Xiwen, you can’t kill me . Otherwise, our Wu Family won’t let you go!” Wu Chenhai was shocked to find that Ye Xiwen had chased him first . He screamed in panic . His conspiracy and plot were all useless . Any dirty ticks were illusory in the face of absolute strength .

“Wu Family? If you come here, it’s not about whether you will let me go, but whether I will let your family go!” Ye Xiwen sneered . With his cultivation, he would not need to restrain himself in front of the Wu Family . Instead, the Wu Family should worry day and night whether Ye Xiwen would hunt them down .

At this time, Wu Chenhai finally realized it . Ye Xiwen might not be able to do anything to the Wu Family . With his growth rate, the Wu Family would be shivering in fear . It would not take longer than a hundred years . The reason why those small forces rarely dared to offend an extraordinary genius was because these geniuses not only have great persistence but also an unlimited future . Their growth rate was far inferior . When you took one step, they had gone three steps and four steps already .

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They would soon grow to the point where the family had to look up to them . Those who chose to offend this kind of genius had to kill the genius before they mature . A dead genius would no longer be a genius, but one of the million corpses dispose like the natural selection process .

For the Wu Family, Ye Xiwen was almost out of control .

Wu Chenhai finally regretted it now . If he made a move early and killed Ye Xiwen even if it led to direct conflict with the Wang family, then the situation would be completely different by now . Anyway, direct confrontation with the Wang family would not kill off the whole family . However, letting Ye Xiwen grow further would lead to the annihilation of the entire family .

But it was too late to regret now anyway .

“My elder brother…”

An ancient mirror appeared in Ye Xiwen’s hand . Countless spiritual energy was absorbed in the direction of Tianyuan Mirror .

“Boom!” A Blood Pillar crashed down . Before Wu Chenhai finished speaking, the Blood Pillar landed on him, turning him into a cloud of blood mist on the spot . Tianyuan Mirror then directly absorbed it .

On the other side, Jia Qing saw Ye Xiwen pursue Wu Chenhai, and he was relieved . Immediately, anger raged intensely in his heart .

He had already thought about it . He would find the brothers in the Sea Dragon Mansion to hunt Ye Xiwen down, tearing him into pieces to relinquish his anger .

But before he could submerge deeper in his thought, he heard a sonic boom behind him; a figure quickly approached .

As he probed with his spiritual senses, he was terrified . Ye Xiwen was swift, flickering at every distance . The terror had caught up .

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Jia Qing did not anticipate that Ye Xiwen would be so fast . Initially, when he watched Ye Xiwen chasing down Wu Chenhai, he thought that Ye Xiwen would not catch up with him . However, he did not expect that after Ye Xiwen hunted down Wu Chenhai, he would catch up with him .

Ye Xiwen had never shown such a terrifying speed previously . Otherwise, Jia Qing would have doubted whether he dared to challenge him .

But at this time, it was too late to say anything . Ye Xiwen’s speed was getting faster and faster; his figure dashing right on the top of the sea surface .


With a loud noise, Jia Qing also lost all vitality .

Tranquility returned . Ye Xiwen did not continue to linger . Those bloody stench would attract many sea creatures . It was unwise to stay in this sea region for too long .

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