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Chapter 837: 837
Chapter 837: Who Else is not Convinced?

“Why can’t you two get along!”

Looking at the two going head to head with each other, Wang Yanghua had quite a headache .

Wang Feiyun could be considered an outstanding warrior in the clan . At a young age, he had already entered the Transcendent Realm . There weren’t many people who could compare to him on South Initiate Island . In the clan, he was second only to Wang Yanghua’s daughter, Wang Mengyu .

In the past, Wang Yanghua wanted to encourage the marriage between these two . Although Wang Feiyun called him uncle, they were not related . They had no other connection except for the Wang surname .

The Wang family was extensive, and Wang Feiyun was a warrior from the side branch . The Wang family did not discriminate between the main branch and the side branch . In this world where the strong took advantage of the weak, these rules were necessary, but the family would decline if one blindly adhered to them .

There was no point in discriminating between the side and main branches; in the face of absolute strength, the family would have to make way . There was no deeper meaning . The family’s prosperity was above all else .

But Wang Mengyu never caught feelings for Wang Feiyun since she was a child . While Wang Feiyun liked Wang Mengyu initially, the feelings gradually began to change as he became aware of Wang Mengyu’s attitude . It wasn’t known when they started going head to head with each other like this .

It would be fine if they just couldn’t be coupled together, but if the two people Wang Yanghua regarded to be the two pillars of the Wang family’s future, keep going head to head like this, even he couldn’t help but have a headache .

“It’s not that I want to go head to head with him, but he is constantly picking on me!” said Wang Mengyu, dissatisfied .

“What he said is not wrong . A Half-step Transcendent Realm being equally matched with an average Transcendent Realm First Level is already unbelievable, let alone Wu Chenhai or Yuan Xuehai of the Yuan family . They are both the best of the best among Transcendent Realm First Level masters . If they get to bathe in the Spiritual Mountain this time, they will undoubtedly be able to enter Transcendent Realm Second Level . At that point, maybe even they will have the opportunity to join the Sea Dragon Mansion, and that is the real trouble!” said Wang Yanghua . “It wouldn’t hurt to let him try out!”

“Don’t go anywhere for the next few days . Stay at home with a peace of mind and prepare for the battle!” said Wang Yanghua .

“Yes!” replied Wang Mengyu .

Ye Xiwen was in the house . He had just calmed down and was planning to cultivate when there was a loud noise outside the courtyard .

“Where is that Half-step Transcendent Realm boy? Where is he?”

“He seems to be in this yard!”

“How dare he come to our Wang Family to deceive us? Is he looking for death?”

“That’s right . He’s just a Half-step Transcendent Realm!”

Ye Xiwen quirked the corner of his mouth and sneered . He immediately figured out why .

Ye Xiwen sprinted out of the house directly but saw that a group of dozen young people had swarmed into the yard . The leader was Wang Feiyun, the person who wanted to test Ye Xiwen .

“Are you Ye Xiwen?” said Wang Feiyun as he squinted his eyes and looked at Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen didn’t speak and just looked at Wang Feiyun mildly .

“How arrogant . Didn’t you hear Brother Yun talking to you?” Wang Feiyun hadn’t spoken yet, but a young man who couldn’t stand it rushed up and shouted .

“I already know your intentions for coming here . Whoever is unconvinced, just come here!” Ye Xiwen said casually as if he did not consider these people worthy .

Ye Xiwen clearly understood these people’s intentions for coming . It was nothing more than assuming that he was just a Half-step Transcendent Realm and not qualified to represent the Wang family .

“Isn’t that Wang Feiyun? Why did he come here?” Wang Feiyun and his people’s actions quickly attracted a lot of attention .

“Isn’t that the person, the young lady, brought back who says that he will compete on behalf of our Wang Family? This Wang Yunfei is quite displeased!”

“Even if it were me, I wouldn’t allow it . On what grounds can a Half-step Transcendent Realm compete on our Wang Family’s behalf? If other people find out, they will think that our Wang Family has no one worthy, so we even sent a Half-step Transcendent Realm!”

“No . Now, typically only Transcendent Realm masters dare to compete . If it is not restricted and only the younger generation gets to compete, I am afraid that the level is even higher!”

“But since it was the young lady who brought him back, it means that he must have what it takes . The young lady is not a rash person!”

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Everyone was discussing it .

“You are just a Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate warrior, what are you so arrogant for?!” A young warrior in his twenties stood up and looked at Ye Xiwen viciously . A violent aura emanated from him . It turned out that he was already a Half-Step Transcendent Realm Late master, no wonder he dared to face Ye Xiwen .

The warrior felt that Ye Xiwen was disregarding them, which was the biggest insult to them .

Suddenly, a palm shot out like lightning, directly penetrating the void and appearing in front of Ye Xiwen’s face . He transformed his palm into claws, and a swift Eagle Claw Technique reached out directly .

Only at this moment did Ye Xiwen finally move . He only made a move after the opponent . In an instant, a pale palm reached out and slapped the swift Eagle Claw Technique .


There was a loud sound of impact, accompanied by the sound of bones breaking . The young warrior just screamed . His entire arm was broken on the spot by the shockwaves of the enormous force .

“You wretch!” Wang Feiyun’s face suddenly fell . His eyes were uncertain, and his expression was a little pinched . He did not expect that his subordinate would be so powerless in Ye Xiwen’s hands .

“Unexpectedly, you do have some strength, but it can only end here!” Wang Feiyun roared . An extremely pure and powerful qi instantly overflowed, faintly enveloping Ye Xiwen .

As the Wang Family genius, second only to Wang Mengyu, Wang Feiyun was not without justification . His strength was quite overwhelming .

He had entered Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . Even if he was not as good as Wang Mengyu, he was undoubtedly a second-tier top master right below Wang Mengyu and others .

“Argh!” Wang Feiyun shot out his hand directly . “Return To The Cloud Hand!”

His anger came from his heart . With this attack, he did not hold back at all . His figure leapt out directly with his big hands spread out . There was a faint cloud aura lingering above his palms, revealing how strange and mysterious it was .

This was the Wang Family’s lost technique . Learning this Return To The Cloud Hand was a privilege that only belonged to a handful of people in the Wang Family .

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Wang Feiyun’s palm was wrapped in a layer of cloud aura . It was a little strange and erratic as if the entire sky was the Return To The Cloud Hand, yet it also didn’t seem to exist .

There was no way for people to tell whether the Return To The Cloud Hand was real or not . A weak-willed warrior would have passed out straight away .

Wang Feiyun’s shot was swift, but Ye Xiwen’s speed was even faster than his . Ye Xiwen also attacked at the very same moment .


Another staggering impact sound echoed the battlefield . Ye Xiwen’s fist hit Wang Feiyun’s palm directly .

Wang Feiyun was surprised to find that his erratic palm momentum was instantly seen through by Ye Xiwen . In fact, the primary feature of the Wang Family’s Return To The Cloud Hand was that the erratic palm momentum was tough to see through at once . It was impossible to decipher its path . Once one saw it, Wang Feiyun would have already hit you .

But this Ye Xiwen could see through it with one glance as if he didn’t have to think .

What shocked him even more was that Ye Xiwen completed obliterated the cloud aura covering his palm completely, leaving only dust behind .

However, Ye Xiwen did not wait for Wang Feiyun’s shock to wear off . With his other hand, he pierced through the void at lightning speed and performed a hand chop on Wang Feiyun’s chest like lightning .


Another muffled sound could be heard . Wang Feiyun was seen flying out on the spot . He spurted a mouthful of fresh blood in midair, showering the sky .

“What? How is this possible?” Everyone was utterly shocked when they saw this scene . They almost thought they saw it wrongly .

Wang Feiyun was not only the top genius of the Wang Family in addition to Wang Mengyu . His cultivation had already entered Transcendent Realm First Level Peak and could enter the Second Level at any time . If the Wang Family only received two slots to bathe in the Spiritual Volcano, it would be Wang Mengyu and Wang Feiyun .

They were also the pillars of the Wang Family’s future and may even take over as the Wang Family Master in the future .

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But now, Wang Feiyun couldn’t even handle one of Ye Xiwen’s moves . Ye Xiwen didn’t even use any remarkable martial arts, but just one ordinary attack completely defeated Wang Feiyun .

If such a scene should happen, it should be Wang Feiyun defeating him in one move .

And most importantly, Wang Feiyun was already Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, and Ye Xiwen was just Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate, not even Half-step Transcendent Realm Peak . How could this not be shocking?

If Ye Xiwen defeating a Half-step Transcendent Realm Late in one move could be considered a genius fighting someone above their levels, defeating Wang Feiyun, who was above him in level, was no longer something within their understanding . Between Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate and Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, there was a massive gap between the two power realm .

“How can this Ye Xiwen be so scary? I have never seen such a terrifying Half-step Transcendent Realm!”

“It’s no wonder that the young lady said that he was going to represent our Wang Family in the battle . He is mighty!”

“Indeed, this person is so powerful . Our Wang Family has hopes of winning this time . Over the years, the Wu Family and Yuan Family joined forces to suppress our Wang Family, while they took turns to win the championship and trained a large number of masters, they are shameless!”

“Yes, this year we have a chance to keep our chins up . With the young lady, plus this Ye Xiwen, there is hope for winning the championship!”

“It’s hard to say . Didn’t the Wu Family and Yuan Family also employ masters this time? They also came prepared!”

“Who else is not convinced?” Ye Xiwen asked coldly, glancing at the crowd .

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