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Chapter 836: 836
Chapter 836: A Fraud? Or Does He Have What it Takes!

“Hmph, I’m too nosy!” Wu Chenhai sneered, but his icy gaze was directed at Ye Xiwen . His gaze was full of resentment . “Boy, you better not have any relationship with her!”

Ye Xiwen felt like he was caught in the line of fire . However, this Wu Chenhai’s attitude disgusted him, so he just coldly said, “Busybody!”

Ye Xiwen’s words made Wu Chenhai’s expression fall entirely . A violent aura emanated from his body, which instantly enveloped Ye Xiwen’s body .

“Wu Chenhai, what are you doing? Brother Ye is my friend . Are you going to cause a scene here?” Wang Mengyu shouted, standing in front of Ye Xiwen .

“Okay, I will show Mengyu some respect today, but this kid won’t always be this lucky . Hmph!” said Wu Chenhai coldly in a threatening tone . After he finished speaking with a gloomy face, he turned and left . “If you have what it takes, go take part in the Spiritual Volcano slot competition in ten days . I will kill you directly then!”

Behind him, an old servant followed him like a ghost . The two of them walked further and further away and were almost outside of the dock when then the old servant said, “Master, won’t the Wang Family catch on?!”

“So what if they catch on? Ever since my eldest brother joined the Sea Dragon Mansion, the power of our Wu Family has been increasing day by day . The Wang Family also wants Wang Mengyu to join the Sea Dragon Mansion to reverse this situation, which is all the more reason we can’t let them succeed . Otherwise, we may lose our advantageous prospect!” Wu Chenhai said coldly . “For the Spiritual Volcano’s share this time, we must try to edge out the Wang Family’s slot completely . This way, it won’t take a few times for the Wang Family to decline . As for the Yuan Family, they have backers . We have to accept them for a while and join forces with them to get rid of the Wang Family first!”

“What about Lady Wang?” the old servant asked .

“She’s just a woman . Do they think I will get distracted by a woman? As for that bitch Wang Mengyu, I want her to surrender at my feet sooner or later!” said Wu Chenhai coldly . Wang Mengyu disrespected him repeatedly, causing a ball of rage to grow in his heart .

On the other side, Wang Mengyu said to Ye Xiwen apologetically, “I’m sorry for dragging you into that . That Wu Chenhai is already accustomed to behaving overbearingly on South Initiate Island by relying on Wu Family’s power . ”

“It’s okay!” said Ye Xiwen . “But what is the Spiritual Volcano slot competition?”

“It’s like this . There is an intersection between a spiritual vein and a volcano in the ocean’s depths, not far from South Initiate Island . Every fifty years, this volcano will erupt once . The volcano will spew out a large volume of spirit plasma . The spirit plasma is extremely high in temperature, but it also contains a huge amount of fire-type spiritual energy . If one can bathe in it, they will have a great breakthrough in their cultivation . A Half-step Transcendent Realm warrior can even ascend into Transcendent Realm, and a Transcendent Realm master can go one step further!” said Wang Mengyu, looking at Ye Xiwen . “However, although this Spiritual Volcano has many benefits, it is also perilous . If one is not careful, even a Transcendent Realm master will be annihilated inside it . After countless years of exploration, the three major families finally discovered ten safe locations . Among these ten positions, the highest-ranked disciple among the three major families will get four locations . The two other families will get two each, while the remaining two are reserved for other individual cultivators on the island!”

Ye Xiwen pondered for a moment, then suddenly said, “Do you want me to help you fight?”

Ye Xiwen finally understood .

Seeing Ye Xiwen’s realization, Wang Mengyu’s face reddened . Now that her intentions were exposed, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed .

“Yes, I heard that the two of them plan to join forces to edge out the Wang Family . According to our intel, the Wu Family also employed foreign masters . Still, when we got the news, it was already too late for us to employ powerful masters!” said Wang Mengyu, her facial expression instantly returning to normal . She looked at Ye Xiwen a little expectantly .

Ye Xiwen didn’t think it was anything . He groaned and said, “If I help you win the competition, I want a slot!”

What he valued was the Spiritual Volcano slot . If he could get doused by this Spiritual Volcano, his cultivation should go further . With the many Star Beast blood essence and bloodline sealed in his body, going further was not a problem, and he needn’t worry about any after-effects .

As for Wang Mengyu’s little idea, he didn’t take it to heart!

“Ye Xiwen, this is a great opportunity . You already have the foundation of the Star Beast Avatar’s breakthrough, so your breakthrough in a short span of time will not have any problems at all . I’m only worried that the foundation is not stable, but if you can bathe in the Spiritual Volcano, your foundation will be solid enough . You won’t need to worry at all!” supported Ye Mo .

“That is not a problem . As long as Brother Ye can help us out, one slot is totally fine!” said Wang said happily . What delighted her, even more, was that her judgment was right . This Ye Xiwen was different .

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She could hear strong confidence in his voice . If he were just a regular Half-step Transcendent Realm, at this time, he would be afraid that he might not be able to survive . Yet, he thought about being given a slot if they win .

It showed that he was confident .

If they didn’t have Ye Xiwen’s help this time, they would most likely suffer heavy losses . At best, they could obtain two slots by relying on the Wang Family’s reputation .

On the contrary, if Ye Xiwen could help them win, even if they have to give Ye Xiwen a slot, they would still have three . It was more worth it than the initial plan .

“But I am not from the Wang Family, is that okay?” Ye Xiwen asked .

“It’s not a problem . Although you are not from the Wang Family, you can still represent our Wang Family in the competition!” said Wang Mengyu .

If Wang Mengyu was delighted, then Wang Le was utterly shocked . Could he have misjudged? Was Ye Xiwen a hidden master like the lady said?

The Wang Family entourage soon returned to the Wang Family’s ancestral home in the city’s east . Although it was said to be the ancestral home, it was practically a small town . Almost ten thousand people of the Wang Family gathered here; it was like a small kingdom .

Ye Xiwen was guided to a small courtyard – the wing room the Wang Family used to entertain guests .

After helping Ye Xiwen settle in, Wang Mengyu went directly to see her father, Wang Yanghua, the Wang Family Master .

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In Wang Yanghua’s study, the patriarch, Wang Yanghua sat in the lord’s seat . He had a profound aura and was also an unfathomable master . He naturally would not be an ordinary master if he could lead the Wang Family .

“Sister Yu, I heard that you brought back a Half-step Transcendent Realm boy today, right?” Next to Wang Mengyu, a young man dressed in Chinese garments in his twenties, said with slight displeasure on his face .

“Mengyu? What is going on?!” Wang Yanghua glanced at Wang Mengyu and asked .

“Well, I intend to let him temporarily join our Wang Family to represent the Wang family in the next Spiritual Volcano slot competition!” replied Wang Mengyu faintly .

“Ha, that’s funny . A Half-step Transcendent Realm boy?” The young man said with a cold smile as if he just heard some big joke .

“Sending a Half-step Transcendent Realm warrior is completely useless . Mengyu, don’t you know this?” Wang Yanghua said, only looking at Wang Mengyu and ignoring the young man’s cynicism .

“I can feel that he is powerful!” said Wang Mengyu . “So I think if we invite him to take part, our chances of winning will increase a lot!”

“Hmph, you feel? A Half-step Transcendent Realm warrior can’t contend with the Transcendent Realm no matter what . Even if he just stepped into the Transcendent Realm, he would be eliminated!” the young man said with a sneer . “Also, Sister Yu, when you put it that way, it seems that you don’t trust the strength of our Wang Family’s masters and would rather trust a Half-step Transcendent Realm outsider!”

“If this were the past, it would be fine . This time the Wu Family has also invited two masters, both of whom are Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . They are solid . Not to mention, they may be joining forces with the Yuan Family . At this point, there is nothing we can do just by ourselves, and it is too late to get help from outside!” said Wang Mengyu .

“Even if we can’t get help from outside, we can’t just find a random one . He’s still Half-step Transcendent Realm . This boy will take up one of our precious slots . Is the Spiritual Volcano slot something we can give out?” the young man said, still adamant .

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“If we fail, then there will only be two slots; if we win, even if we give him one, don’t we still have three left?” Wang Mengyu sneered as if she was looking at someone who didn’t understand simple arithmetic .

“If we win by ourselves, do we also have to give him the slot?” the young man said with a sneer .

“Wang Feiyun!” Wang Mengyu was a little angry . “Do you think I lack basic judgment? We can’t win by ourselves!”

“Okay, stop fighting!” Wang Yanghua finally spoke up . He glanced at the two of them, stern but not angry, “Although it was you, Mengyu, who brought him back, you only have a gut feeling . After all, you didn’t personally watch him battle, right? The Spiritual Volcano seat this time is vital to our Wang Family . We can’t let go of a single one . This relates to whether you can join the Sea Dragon Mansion, and whether the Wang Family can contend with the Yuan Family and the Wu Family in the future!”

“What uncle is saying is, why don’t I go test him? If he has what it takes, then sure . If he doesn’t, he will be killed directly for daring to con our Wang Family!” said the young man, Wang Feiyun . “I shall take my leave first!!”

“It’s settled then!” said Wang Yanghua . At this time, this was undoubtedly the safest approach .

Seeing that Wang Feiyun had left, Wang Yanghua glanced at Wang Mengyu . He sighed and said, “Why can’t you two get along!”

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