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Chapter 832: Chapter 832: Escaping Death
Chapter 832: Escaping Death

“Stop, who dares to hurt my son?!” a thunderous shout came from a distance . The speaker had yet arrived, but the sound waves alone could cause grievous harm .

Just as the sound waves were about to hit Ye Xiwen’s body, the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber in Ye Xiwen’s hand became violently provoked and began to shoot an intense light, directly obliterating the sound waves .

“Pfft!” Ye Xiwen was also directly injured by this light backlash . For the present Ye Xiwen, Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was a double-edged sword that hurt the opponent and himself . If he used it well, he could even beat this North Mountain Ling, who was far superior to him; if he didn’t use it well, he might get shocked to death by the backlash on the spot .

“Hahaha, boy, you are dead . I will decimate your corpse and show you that you will be wishing death for offending me!” Hearing his father’s voice, the North Mountain Ling suddenly shouted with excitement . There was no longer any fear in his eyes when he looked at Ye Xiwen . On the contrary, they were dense with murderous and sinister emotions .

“Decimate my corpse? Let’s only talk if you survive!” Ye Xiwen yelled fiercely . He slashed the saber in his hand horizontally again . Wherever the saber passed through, the air boiled violently like boiling water .

“Boom!” This massive blow directly broke open the colorful robe that had become thinner .

“Boom!” Although the colorful robe removed most of the impact, the remaining part still blasted directly into the North Mountain Ling’s body .

Suddenly, the saber aura exploded madly on his body . There was no whole skin left on his entire body . He didn’t know how many bones were broken and was practically on the brink of death . He had never suffered such severe injuries since he was a child . For him, this was shameful .

“Pff!” Ye Xiwen spat out another mouthful of blood . His face was a little pale; the backlash was too powerful .

As he was about to get rid of the North Mountain Ling with another slash, the sonic boom in the sky behind him grew louder .

“Ye Xiwen, leave quickly . If you don’t leave now, there won’t be another chance!” Ye Mo saw that Ye Xiwen was still a bit unwilling and said, “You will still have a chance to come back and kill him in the future, but if you don’t leave now, you will be dead . The man behind is too terrifying . I am afraid that he is a master that has already surpassed the Transcendent Realm . The Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber in your hands is no match for him!”

Ye Xiwen gritted his teeth and immediately made a decision . The man behind him got closer, not giving him the opportunity or time to take another shot . He could only shout, “North Mountain Ling, when I come back again . It will be when I take your head!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a pair of wings instantly spread out behind him . His figure leapt dozens of miles almost instantly .

“Trying to escape?!” A cold snort came from the sky, and a big hand grabbed the air . It was like a beast’s claw, thin and sharp .

The big hand was so fast that it was almost moments away from catching Ye Xiwen’s body . The Lightning Wings behind Ye Xiwen trembled suddenly, and his figure leapt another dozen miles, narrowly avoiding the clutches of this giant hand .

Ye Xiwen’s heart was about to jump out . If his reaction had been a step slower just now, he would have been clenched to pieces by that old miser on the spot .

“Father, you must avenge me . Catch that bastard . I want his spirit to be tortured forever and ever, and his spirit will never be liberated!” The North Mountain Ling’s wailing voice came from behind Ye Xiwen . His tone was full of contempt for Ye Xiwen . He had never suffered such a significant loss ever .

“Don’t worry, father will never let him off the hook . I will break his body into pieces!” the middle-aged voice radiated through the sky . The North Mountain Ling could only be so arrogant and overbearing because of his father’s pampering .

Both sides were speedy . In just one moment, they had already rushed into the depths of the sea . Ye Xiwen’s speed was as fast as the North Mountain Clan Chief behind him . There were a few times Ye Xiwen could feel him getting closer .

In Transcendent Realm, Ye Xiwen’s speed was exceptional and unrivaled by anyone in the world, but this North Mountain Clan Chief’s strength surpassed Transcendent Realm . He didn’t know what terrifying realm the clan head had cultivated, but Ye Xiwen was definitely outmatched .

However, fortunately, his Lightning Wings had been cultivated to the peak . Even the North Mountain Clan head behind him could not keep up with his short-distance rapid dash .

He escaped the dangerous pursuit several times .

However, North Mountain Clan Chief’s figure got closer and closer, and Ye Xiwen could even hear the sonic boom behind him .

“You livestock, where are you escaping to?!” The North Mountain Clan head’s voice was already full of rage . He was dealing with a Transcendent Realm Second Level brat, but he failed to catch up to him after such a long time . Although he was getting closer, it was still shameful for him .

Finally, after another day of pursuit, both of them had entered the depths of the sea . Ye Xiwen didn’t even know where he was now; he only knew he had to flee frantically . He had to escape the North Mountain Clan Chief’s pursuit first .

However, this North Mountain Clan Chief, perhaps because his son’s near-death circumstances had provoked him, was going all-out to kill Ye Xiwen . He would not rest until he killed Ye Xiwen . He even rushed into the deep sea region that he would not enter otherwise .

Along the way, the two of them didn’t encounter any beasts in the sea . After all, there was such a terrifying person pursuing him . That menacing vibes could be felt hundreds of miles away, and any beast would not be obtuse enough to dare to rush over .

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No matter how Ye Xiwen moved or fled desperately, the North Mountain Clan Chief was still getting closer and closer behind him . The difference in strength between the two was too great .

At last, Ye Xiwen could see that North Mountain Clan Chief with his naked eyes . He was a well-dressed middle-aged man who somewhat resembled the North Mountain Ling . At that moment, his face was livid, and his eyes were bursting with flames as if he wanted nothing more but to kill Ye Xiwen, who was in front of him .

“You livestock, die!” The North Mountain Clan head attacked again . A long sword appeared in his hand . He drew a circle in the sky, and countless swords were condensed out of thin air . He sliced through the vast sky, and they fell one after another .




The sky was filled with light swords with a piercing sound, almost obscuring the whole sky, as if the entire sky had become a sea of ​​sword clouds .

Ye Xiwen kept moving, and the Lightning Wings kept fluttering . His figure dashed in haste, but the light swords were so dense that he couldn’t hide at all .

“Pff!” A light sword plunged directly into his body, and the terrifying sword elemental force inside it exploded . His body was blown to pieces of flesh on the spot, but this was just the beginning . After the light sword pierced Ye Xiwen, his movements slowed down . More light swords fell on the spot, like a shark smelling blood .




Countless swords directly pierced Ye Xiwen’s body and exploded frantically .

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“Boom!” Numerous explosive shock waves gathered into an ominous mushroom cloud, rising slowly .

Ye Xiwen’s body lost its vitality and plunged into the depths of the sea .

The North Mountain Clan head was breathing a little quickly . For him, the consumption of the large-scale attack just now was too great, and it was impossible to use it unlimitedly .

His spiritual senses scanned for Ye Xiwen’s body that fell into the sea . He discovered that there were already no signs of life, and his spirit had been minced a long time ago . He was sure that he was dead .

Without any hesitation, he immediately turned around and went back . There were too many terrifying creatures in the deep sea, which were far more unimaginable than those on land .

If he was not careful, even he might end up in trouble .

In the deep sea, in the Tianyuan Mirror, Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged on the ground . There was blood spilling from the corner of his mouth as he smiled wryly . No matter how he escaped, in the face of such an absolute difference in strength, he had no choice but to watch his Star Beast Avatar get murdered, and even the blood slave’s spirit within it was instantly obliterated .

This was an absolute disparity of strength . It was just like heaven and earth!

He could feel the North Mountain Clan head’s spirit scan the Star Beast Avatar several times as if to confirm whether he was dead .

Ye Xiwen was also waiting . Presently, he could barely keep the Star Beast Avatar from reverting to normal . After confirming again and again that the North Mountain Clan head has left, Ye Xiwen let his true self out of the Tianyuan Mirror and retrieved the Star Beast Avatar into Tianyuan Mirror .

As soon as it entered the Tianyuan Mirror, the Star Beast Avatar reverted to the original form straight away . It was already a terrible sight to behold . There was no functional flesh on its whole body . Everything had been shattered entirely .

Ye Xiwen looked around, but there was no sign of any beasts in the sea approaching . Fortunately, the terrifying aura released by the North Mountain Clan Chief just now prompted the nearby beasts in the sea to escape as far as possible . Although they were beasts, they were not stupid . They understood that some people were too scared to provoke .

If that were not the case, the bloodshed when the Star Beast Avatar was injured just now would have attracted countless beasts in the sea .

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“Ye Xiwen, this Star Beast Avatar has been destroyed . It is impossible to repair!” Ye Mo’s wry laughter sounded in Ye Xiwen’s mind .

Ye Xiwen also seemed a bit dejected . After all, the Star Beast Avatar had helped him a lot during all those times . Without the Star Beast Avatar, he might have died long ago .

He could no longer cultivate such an avatar again . Initially, creating the Star Beast Avatar was a remarkable opportunity . The primary factor was that the blood slave cultivated it using the spirit of the adult Star Beast at that time . It only succeeded because they had the same roots .

But now he couldn’t go there again to find an avatar like that . It was utterly impossible .

For Ye Xiwen, this was a significant loss and a great injury to his spirit . Was it worth it just for a woman he only met a few times?

Ye Xiwen couldn’t tell . He only followed his heart, and he would never have regrets . Moreover, in his opinion, the North Mountain Ling was a scumbag who deserved to die .

“So let’s not waste it . I have a demon skill that will allow you to swallow this Star Beast and merge it into your body . When the time comes, you will not only be able to directly breakthrough to Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate . You may even inherit the Star Beast’s bloodline and talents!”

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