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Chapter 833: 833
Chapter 833: Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate

Ye Mo’s words startled Ye Xiwen . Is there even such a secret technique?

“Is there even such a secret technique?” Ye Xiwen asked .

“Of course, but this kind of demon skill is too ruthless and unethical . Everyone in the Demon Domain was fighting for it, so many forces in the Demon Domain joined hands to destroy it many years ago . My master coincidentally obtained the secret technique from the ruins, but my master was of high level and naturally didn’t care about this secret technique, so he left it be and never practiced it!” said Ye Mo .

Ye Xiwen knew that the master he was talking about could only be the legendary Demon King . Only someone like the Demon King could look down upon such a powerful secret technique .

However, thinking about it, he could feel that this secret technique was extraordinarily powerful just by hearing about it . Being able to absorb human flesh and blood to inherit the bloodline and talent . This secret technique could thwart all the powerful clans between the sky and the Earth .

Many clans had their own unique, innate magical powers and secret techniques, but the bloodline must be the medium used to pass them down .

In other words, without the clan bloodline, it was impossible to learn this kind of innate magical power even if one died . They were born with it and didn’t need to learn it . It was a gift from god .

Like the legendary Dragon Clan, they did not require much cultivation and could automatically reach a compelling realm . Most human clans could only struggle miserably, even if they cultivated desperately, they were no match for the Dragon Clan .

This is the difference in talent and bloodline .

But the power of this secret technique was that it could rob others of their bloodline . In other words, one could awaken the other clans’ innate magical power in their own body .

This also meant that outsiders could learn the innate magical powers initially passed down from generation to generation, connected through the bloodline .

It meant that someone was shaking the foundation of their world order .

After all, the world was still under the rule of these powerful clans . On what grounds were they given the right to rule the world? They relied on their superior talent and bloodline, which ordinary clans did not possess .

This kind of secret technique that could rob the world of its natural order, one could imagine how terrifying it was . This was defying god’s will and changing one’s destiny, contending against those naturally advantageous clans for god’s will .

It reminded Ye Xiwen of the Tyrant Body Scripture . It was the same, allowing people with average acquired bodies to attain a comparable body or even surpassing those naturally overpowered clans . This secret technique was robbing the world of its natural order and defying god’s will .

Although there were still various limitations after cultivation, it was undeniable that he gave those who survived at the bottom of the food chain a chance to climb up .

This world was no longer unchanging; there were many more variables now . If Ye Xiwen did not have the Tyrant Body Scripture, he might not have been able to get to where he was now . He might have just been a relatively ordinary genius at True Martial School . It was hard to say whether he could have reached the level of Qi Feifan .

This was like the counterattack that countless poor bastards from Ye Xiwen’s previous life on Earth chanted about . Those clans and masters who had all kinds of innate bloodline talents were like the tall, rich and handsome men . Even if they didn’t do anything, they could beat any poor bastard just by being born [1] .

Whether it was the kind of demon skill Ye Mo mentioned or the “Tyrant Body Scripture,” it was a martial technique that gave people a chance to close the gap between themselves and innate talent and go further .

The talents of the predecessors who created this martial technique were merely unimaginable .

“But you didn’t tell me about this before . There must be some reason!” Ye Xiwen said . There must be some reason Ye Mo didn’t tell him before . Otherwise, Ye Mo would have told him already .

“That’s right . Because although this demon skill is powerful, there are many restrictions, especially for clans with various bloodline talents . Their bloodline power comes from their ancestors . The more powerful the bloodline, the more their ancestors are . If you kill him, you only kill him; but you have to face the backlash from their bloodline power if you want to plunder his bloodline . The more powerful their ancestors, the more powerful the backlash . Based on your cultivation previously, I was afraid you’ll die from backlash on the spot!” said Ye Mo . “After you took in the Star Beast as an avatar, so I never brought it up, but now that the Star Beast Avatar has been completely disabled and cannot be regenerated, it is better to let you absorb it . By then, your Tyrant Body will be stronger, and it will be hard to meet your match even at the same level!”

“The key is that you refined the Star Beast itself into an avatar . In other words, it is only your body, so you will not suffer the backlash of bloodline power . It means it belongs to you . Like moving it from the left hand to the right, you can avoid backlash!”

“In that case, let’s start quickly!” said Ye Xiwen .

He only arrived in the Ancient Barrens mainland for a few short days, but it made him realize that the strength he previously took pride in was nothing at all in the Ancient Barrens mainland . If he did not make fair use of the time to cultivate, he didn’t know how he would die when the time came .

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Ye Xiwen dived straight into the bottom of the sea and found a cave at the bottom of the sea . Fortunately, the beasts nearby were already scared away just now . Now there was still residual pressure from the North Mountain Clan Chief here, so these beasts would not dare come back for a short while .

It gave Ye Xiwen time to cultivate quietly .

After finding the cave and laying down the array, Ye Xiwen drained all the seawater . Then, he went directly into Tianyuan Mirror to start close cultivation .

“This demon skill is called “Devour Demon Skills . ” It was created back then to alter the imbalance of bloodlines!” said Ye Mo . “Now, I will pass “Devour Demon Skills” to you!”

After Ye Mo finished speaking, he continuously performed seals in his hands . Paragraphs of information branded into Ye Xiwen’s mind and went directly to the mysterious space in his mind .

The mysterious space released a burst of colorful light . Soon after, the spirit crystals in Tianyuan Mirror began to burn in large amounts, changing into Qi, which was then directly infused into the mysterious space .

Ye Xiwen discovered that the mysterious space’s deduction ability was becoming more powerful with every deduction . It could almost be said that it was hundreds of times more potent than when Ye Xiwen first obtained it .

If this were the past, it would be impossible to deduce “Devour Demon Skills,” even if he could obtain it . Of course, insufficient spiritual energy was also one of the critical factors .

Three days passed quickly . Ye Xiwen consumed tens of millions of spirit crystals and finally completed the “Devour Demon Skills” deduction . After deducing the essence, he was able to start cultivating .

Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged inside the Tianyuan mirror . A burst of demon aura rose from his body . Ye Xiwen was no longer unfamiliar with demon aura . It could even be said he was now very familiar with it .

In fact, isn’t Demon Wings the ultimate demon skill?

Suddenly, a vast demon claw stretched out inside his body and grabbed the body of the Star Beast that was lying supine . The claw grabbed the Star Beast into its body in one go .

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The blood essence and energy in the Star Beast’s body were transmitted from the magic claws into Ye Xiwen’s body .

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt a majestic and terrifying force burst into his body . The Star Beast Avatar’s body was a hundred times the size of his true self, so the energy contained in his body was far above Ye Xiwen’s .

For his true self, this force was tremendously terrifying .

Fortunately, the Star Beast was also his avatar . This blood essence and energy were also in his control, so he didn’t explode and die on the spot . Even so, his body gained more energy . His body was red all over . If he was not careful, he could explode and die on the spot .

Now he finally understood why Ye Mo didn’t tell him about this secret technique previously . Because even if he tried it before, he would end up dead without a doubt .

“Ugh!” Ye Xiwen yelled lowly . “Tyrant Body Scripture” and “Observing Person Scripture” began to run at full capacity, absorbing this tremendous energy .

It was not only the energy of the blood essence but also the extremely mysterious power that was trying to merge into the depths of Ye Xiwen’s spirit under the pull of “Devour Demon Skills . ” Ye Xiwen immediately realized that this was the bloodline power of the Star Beast .

Suddenly, he was dripping with cold sweat all over and in pain . This heart-piercing pain came from the depths of the spirit, as if his spirit was being torn apart and then stuffed with something .

Just this pain alone could eliminate nine out of ten people from succeeding . Ye Xiwen was in so much pain his muscles trembled . He almost lost control of the Star Beast’s blood essence and energy, nearly exploded and died on the spot .

He could only summon the Mingxin ancient tree to anchor himself .

Sure enough, after the colorful light of the Mingxin ancient tree enveloped him, despite the unbearable pain, it could no longer affect his consciousness . He was continuously absorbing the bloodline power and blood essence of the Star Beast .

Ye Xiwen didn’t know how much time had passed . He could no longer perceive time while in endless pain, and he didn’t know how long it had been .

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He could only feel scales begin to appear faintly on his body . The silver scales made him seem like he was starting to transform into a humanoid Star Beast . But immediately, Ye Xiwen’s body gave off a kind of bronze light . It was the Tyrant Body Scripture, instantly suppressing this abnormal change .

It was the Tyrant Body Scripture rejecting the Star Beast’s change . This was the most overbearing aspect of the Tyrant Body Scripture . It used all the energy that came, but it did not allow the guest to become a host .

His body became modified little by little . This Star Beast’s power unexpectedly integrated completely with his Tyrant Body Scripture .

The Star Beast’s body itself was overwhelming, what more with the Tyrant Body . Merging these two physiques, it was hard to imagine what level this physical body would reach .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen was finally unable to control the momentum inside his body . Under the countless impacts from the Star Beast’s blood essence, the Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate barrier became overwhelmed on the spot .

He finally entered Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate!

[1] The translator disagrees with Author’s twisted belief .

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