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Chapter 830: Chapter 830: I Want To Kill
Chapter 830: I Want To Kill

Ye Xiwen quickly found the teleportation array in the city .

“Patron, one thousand spirit crystals please!” the person guarding the teleportation array in the city said to Ye Xiwen politely . The reason was simple . They had seen the battle just now . For a remote city like theirs, Ye Xiwen was already regarded as a worthy master, and a Great Sage like him could not risk offending Ye Xiwen .

In the Ancient Barrens mainland, a Great Sage could only be considered an ordinary person!

Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate . At this point, one thousand spirit crystals were a drop in the bucket for him and not worth much at all .

After paying a thousand spirit crystals, the teleportation array was quickly activated . A light gate was formed within a ray of light . Ye Xiwen immediately walked into it .

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen felt space distortion as if a terrifying force was pulling and twisting him . He knew that this was the legendary spatial ability . It immediately lit up the Tianyuan Mirror, protecting him from head to toe within it . Now, Ye Mo fell into a deep sleep once again . He just swallowed all the blood essence of a Transcendent Realm Third Level master and needed some time to digest it .

During the teleportation, there was no day or night . Ye Xiwen didn’t know how much time had passed, but a bright light appeared in front of the eyes . The sound of a noisy market reached his ears, and there was a crowd of people in front of him .

Ye Xiwen knew that he had arrived in the Ancient Barrens mainland . This was another city that connected Ancient Barrens to the city gate, called Ling Men City .

This Ling Men City was undoubtedly smaller than that city gate, with a population of about four to five million . Even so, it was already perfect . If this were earth, it would be considered a big city .

But in the Ancient Barrens mainland, it didn’t seem outstanding .

There was the sound of peddling in his ears . People were moving everywhere; as far as he could see, almost all of them were warriors . Besides underage children, even the lowest ones were Legendary . The slightly stronger ones were the Sage Realm and even Great Sage .

When the Legendary warriors walked on the road, they were cautious and humble . Clearly, they had no social standing .

The size of the Ancient Barrens mainland was hard to imagine . It would not be easy for Ye Xiwen, an outsider, to find Mountain Qi . Now that Wolf Cub was not there and Ye Mo was in a deep sleep, even if he wanted to ask someone, he didn’t know where to ask . All he could do was go to the city himself and follow the clues .

Ye Xiwen shuttled through the crowd . When he passed by an inn, a faint cry for help suddenly reached his ears .

“Save me, save me!”

Ye Xiwen’s mind suddenly cleared . Shen Yanmei!

This was none other than Shen Yanmei’s voice . There was no way Ye Xiwen would mishear it . Although he was in a noisy crowd, he was sure that he could not have misheard . Only a voice infused spirit could be heard from the inn .

Otherwise, any inn would have set up a sound-proof array so that sound did not disturb the people outside and prevent the sounds from outside from disturbing the guests inside .

Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate . He rushed into the inn only to find that the entire inn was utterly empty . Obviously, it had been cleared . There was only a group of Unparalleled Palace disciples who were bowing their heads in silence . Some of them even gritted their teeth and growled in a low voice .

“It’s you? Ye Xiwen!” Kou Wendong was the first to see Ye Xiwen coming in from the door . He was shocked . He didn’t expect to see Ye Xiwen at this time . From his perspective, Ye Xiwen could not have gotten out of Ying Xin City’s city gate . He didn’t expect to see him again here . He could feel that Ye Xiwen’s vibe was stronger than before .

“Where is Shen Yanmei?” Ye Xiwen asked .

The facial expressions of Kou Wendong and other disciples of Unparalleled Palace suddenly stiffened and became unnatural .

“Tell me, what’s wrong with her now?!” said Ye Xiwen anxiously .

“Ye Xiwen, this is not something you can handle . Leave quickly!” Kou Wendong shouted .

“I want to see what’s the thing I cannot handle . . ” Ye Xiwen immediately snorted, emanating spiritual senses . When they encountered the spiritual senses array set up in this inn, they were all shaken away .

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Suddenly, he saw a scene that enraged him . In one of the rooms, Shen Yanmei had been completely stripped and tied back to the bed . On her body, a young man who had also taken off his clothes was rising and falling on top of her . With each rise and fall, some spirit was absorbed from Shen Yanmei’s body . At that moment, her face was pale, and she was breathing faintly .

Ye Xiwen suddenly became infuriated . Her flower-like smiling face appeared in his mind together with her hearty laughter and critical moment reminders . Seeing this scene almost made him delirious with anger .

Some people would do such inhumane things to such an innocent girl .

“Hmph, this is what I can’t handle? Who is that person upstairs? Could it be your Palace Young Master? Shen Yanmei is your sister disciple . She came from the Navy Tide Domain and joined your Unparalleled Palace because of her dreams . This is how you treat her!” Ye Xiwen sneered, unable to conceal the killing intent that enveloped the numerous disciples on the spot .

They were mostly Transcendent Realm First Level, or even Half-step Transcendent Realm disciples as if they could withstand the momentum of Ye Xiwen’s full power? Suddenly, they felt a terrifying aura much like the pressure of Mountain Taishan fall onto them . It felt like just the momentum could crush them to death .

Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar would be able to sweep them up in one fell swoop even when he was at Transcendent Realm First Level, what more now he had improved further and reached Transcendent Realm second level, it was even more than what they could bear .

“Ye Xiwen, what are you trying to do?” shouted the elder of Unparalleled Palace, who just walked in from outside the inn at that moment .

With a wave of his hand, he dissipated all of the momentum Ye Xiwen was emanating .

“You’re even asking me what I am doing? That Shen Yanmei joined your Unparalleled Palace, and this is how you treat her? You let people play with her . If your Unparalleled Palace is sheltering evil people like this, I am thankful I never joined your Unparalleled Palace!” Ye Xiwen said with a sneer, gritting his teeth .

“What do you know? What do you know?!” The Unparalleled Palace elder yelled, but at the same time, he deliberately lowered his voice, as if he was afraid of disturbing someone . “Do you think we want to do this? We have no other choice!”

When the elder of Unparalleled Palace spoke, his tone was unusually dejected .

“Do you know who that person is? That’s the youngest son of the North Mountain Clan’s Chief, can you afford to anger him? Oh right, I forgot, you kid just came from your little world, you don’t understand anything!” The Unparalleled Palace elder scolded him exasperatedly . “What do you think the Ancient Barrens mainland is? Still the small world you came from, the world where humans dominate? Humans are just one of many clans in the Ancient Barrens mainland, not even the most powerful one . Let alone the entire world, Spiritual Door City, including our Unparalleled Palace forces, are all located in the southwest of the human’s territory . This is the borderland for the alliance between the human race and the Hundred Clan Alliance . This is the wilderness in the eyes of the clansmen . To survive here, we can only choose not to offend the overlord here: the Hundred Clan Alliance . This North Mountain Clan is one of the top ten royal clans in the Hundred Clan Alliance, and its clan’s head can influence the higher-ups of the Hundred Clan Alliance . If we anger a powerful figure like this, the destruction of our Unparalleled Palace is just a matter of waving a hand!”

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“That North Mountain Ling is simply a wicked bastard . He relies on his father’s power to do evil . How many people had their lives ruined because of him? But what can we do? If we want to survive, we can only endure it . This is also Yanmei’s poor fate, that’s why she became the object of affections of the North Mountain Ling . We are helpless too!” The Unparalleled Palace elder revealed the bloody truth to Ye Xiwen .

In the Ancient Barrens mainland, humans were not the top clan . Let alone the overlord, humans did not dominate, unlike in the True Martial Domain .

At the borderland of these two major forces, many human powerhouses had to grovel to survive in the cracks .

This was a very realistic problem, one that no one could ignore!

“We have also suffered!” The Unparalleled Palace elder said with a sigh .

“Are you finished?” Ye Xiwen smiled suddenly . His smile was a little cold and contemptuous . “Just because of this, you abandoned her and let her be bullied?”

“What else can we do? If we had a way, I would also want to kill that beast myself!” Kou Wendong exploded and yelled at Ye Xiwen, his expression distorted and painful . “But what can be done?!”

“Haha!” Ye Xiwen chuckled . “Your blood has run cold, but mine hasn’t . Your dignity is broken, but mine aren’t . Your knees are bent [1], but mine are still straight . Survival is not depending on charity, but striving for it with your own two hands . If the sky hinders me, I will go against the sky; if the earth hinders me, I will break the ground; and if the sea hinders me, I will turn it over!”

Ye Xiwen was never a person who would succumb . No one’s survival depended on other people’s charity . Under the original starry sky, how many battles have been experienced by his human ancestors? How many times have they struggled with life and death, fighting against the sky and the beasts, fighting with the Native Clan? Little by little, how much blood was spilled, how many martyred heroes died before they attained the overload position? It could be said that it was paved with blood and bones . Charity was not handed out to pitiful people . That kind of life was not worth it .

“Ye Xiwen, what are you trying to do? Don’t mess around; you will drag us all down!” said the Unparalleled Palace elder quickly .

“What is so noisy?” A cold shout came from the second floor, followed by a rush of footsteps . Two tall figures appeared in front of Ye Xiwen . They were as strong as two iron pagodas, no different from ordinary human beings, except for their square pupils declaring that they were different . They were guards from the North Mountain Clan .

“Who are you?” Seeing Ye Xiwen’s face, the two spoke .

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Ye Xiwen sneered coldly . He reached out his hand, and he pulled a long saber out of the void . It was the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber .


Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber trembled frantically in his hand . The vast movement even startled Ye Mo, who was in a deep sleep .

“Ye Xiwen, what are you trying to do? This Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber has not been tamed yet, how can you use it now?!”

“I, want, to, kill!”

[1] An analogy of someone being submissive to the oppressor .

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