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Chapter 829: Chapter 829: Beheading Ma Yuanfeng
Chapter 829: Beheading Ma Yuanfeng

As the city gate leader, Ma Yuanfeng would naturally not be weak. Besides the superior City Lord, who was Transcendent Realm Fifth Level Peak, and a few other major clan chiefs who were Transcendent Realm Fourth Level, Ma Yuanfeng was undeniably an outstanding master in the city.

Now, he unexpectedly could not handle Ye Xiwen. Ma Yuanfeng was already thousands of years old, while this Ye Xiwen did not seem to be even a thousand years old and looked quite young.

If you can contend with Ma Yuanfeng, then your genius title is not fake.

“You expectedly still have a few tricks!” Ma Yuanfeng stared at Ye Xiwen coldly. “But if this is all you’re capable of, you will die today!”

Killing intent flashed through Ma Yuanfeng’s eyes. His face was cruel and cold.

“Boom!” Ma Yuanfeng launched a long spear in an instant. The flying scorpion swooshed and rushed toward Ye Xiwen. With every tremble, the spear tip could pierce the sky, like an invincible Greek master rushing to kill.

Ye Xiwen acknowledged that this might be the most terrifying master he had ever encountered since his debut. This was a terrifying master he could never have encountered when he was in the True Martial Domain.

However, if this master was on the same level as Li Feng and Big Dipper Constellation Emperor, Ye Xiwen could not hold a candle to him at the moment, and even masters who surpassed Transcendent Realm could not either. As for why they possessed such terrifying combat power, Ye Xiwen also didn’t know. Everyone had their secrets. Ye Xiwen could not possibly investigate all the secrets, but nevertheless, there must be a reason.

However, the stronger the opponent, the more they could make Ye Xiwen’s blood boil. His path could only grow further by constantly defeating stronger masters. He could make it from the True Martial Domain to the Ancient Barrens mainland by constantly defeating stronger masters, defeating opponents who were more talented and more ruthless, and continually challenging powerhouses.

“Try me!” Ye Xiwen laughed loudly. The robe imbued with golden divinity sheltering his body was boiling, and his fist flashed with terrifying light in the void. He collided with Ma Yuanfeng with no reservation.




The overall strength of the two seemed to be on par. Ma Yuanfeng’s power realm was ahead of Ye Xiwen, but Ye Xiwen was not inferior to Ma Yuanfeng, whether it was qi or physical strength or other aspects. On the flipside, Ye Xiwen might be even more potent than him.

Terrifying radiance glittered every time the two exchanged blows. The shockwave erupted from the battle even swept downwards. The city formation was triggered by its own to shield off the possible damage from the shockwave.

Although Ma Yuanfeng used a spear, he employed a bizarre and erratic movement technique. He was like an assassin in the dark, waiting for the critical moment to deliver a fatal blow to the opponent, just like a scorpion’s stinger.

But Ye Xiwen was different. Ye Xiwen took a domineering path instead. His unparalleled tyranny, just like a mighty overlord.

Ma Yuanfeng had no way out when facing such an opponent. As Ye Xiwen gradually adapted to Transcendent Realm Second Level combat power, Slowly, he began to lose his upper hand. As an assassin, he had to wait in the dark to deliver a fatal blow to the opponent. However, in front of Ye Xiwen, it was like he had encountered a tortoise, and there was no opening for him.

In terms of speed, he was not as fast as Ye Xiwen. His so-called bizarre and erratic movement technique was a laughing stock when faced with Ye Xiwen’s speed. Moreover, Ye Xiwen’s physical body was too strong, and it was covered with Divinity. Even if his long spear pierced Ye Xiwen’s body, it would not be able to break the defense at all.

Ma Yuanfeng was helpless to encounter a bizarre opponent.

In a short period, they exchanged over a thousand blows. The more they battled, the more frightened he was. How can there be such a person? As far as he knew, no one could be the best in all aspects, yet Ye Xiwen had completely overturned his perception.

Toward the end of the fight, both sides only used simple moves to strike; there were no more flowery tricks. In other words, the initiative of the whole battle had fallen into Ye Xiwen’s hands and was now beyond Ma Yuanfeng’s control.

Basically, however Ye Xiwen wanted to fight, Ma Yuanfeng had to match him. Ye Xiwen’s fighting style was very simple; it was straightforward and direct. With each strike on the opponent’s body, it kept throwing the question of whether to be on guard or not.

To parry or not to parry?!

If I don’t parry, he will kill me on the spot!

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If I parry, I will fall into Ye Xiwen’s control and be forced to follow his rhythm!

In the city, countless people who were spectating this battle were shocked. Previously, it was a surprise for Ye Xiwen to be able to contend with Ma Yuanfeng, but now he had forced Ma Yuanfeng into a complete disadvantage.

What kind of situation is this? Is this newcomer this strong already?

“Bang!” Ma Yuanfeng was blasted by Ye Xiwen’s fist once again. Although Ma Yuanfeng managed to dissipate the majority of the impact, he still suffered some injuries. There was some blood dripping at the corners of his mouth. His eyes were dark and cold, but his arms were shaking. Ye Xiwen was too powerful; just one smash could break apart the hegu acupoint [1].

Ye Xiwen sneered and squeezed his fingers into a fist. With a crisp sound, the sound of cracking bones came from Ma Yuanfeng’s whole body.

Sure enough, battling was the source of progress. After this battle, he finally integrated his strength to its best.

In other words, he was already able to control the strength of the Transcendent Realm Second Level. He initially thought it would take a while. He didn’t expect it to be so soon.

“I still want to thank you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to control my strength after a breakthrough so quickly!” Ye Xiwen grinned. “But it should stop here!”

Ye Xiwen yelled, and his figure jumped out in an instant. At this moment, a long sword suddenly appeared in his hand. It was composed of a sword will. Instantly, a gust of shocking sword will manifested in the sky, growing bigger. It was growing with the wind as if it was about to poke a large hole in the universe.

“Invincible Sword!”

“Boom!” That terrifying sword will swoosh down in an instant. Ma Yuanfeng didn’t even have time to dodge before the sword will struck him. A long slash was inflicted on his chest with his ribs completely slashed by the sword will.

“Boom!” At last, Ma Yuanfeng was unable to resist the strange power incorporated into the sword will. He flew out on the spot. At the moment he flew, the sword will rushed into his body. His physical body burst open on the spot, turning into a cluster of blood mist.

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A ball of Blood Light suddenly emerged from Ye Xiwen’s body. The Blood Light assimilated the blood mist cluster on the spot.

It’s over!

Everyone stared at this scene in a daze. In the end, the situation ended up like this. The initially tyrannical Ma Yuanfeng was beheaded and turned into a blood mist on the spot. He had no way to retaliate at all.

How can this newcomer be so overwhelming? Which world did he hail from?

Ye Xiwen only felt relief after seeing that Ma Yuanfeng successfully beheaded at last. Just now, most of his spiritual senses were placed in the City Lord Mansion. He was afraid that the City Lord would also come to the rescue. If it came to that, he could only forcibly kill Ma Yuanfeng and then escape.

He was still able to behead Transcendent Realm Third Level Ma Yuanfeng, but if he faced Transcendent Realm Fifth Level City Lord, he had no other option besides turning around and fleeing.

Moreover, Ma Yuanfeng was the City Lord’s subordinate. There was a good reason for him to come to the rescue now, so Ye Xiwen was quite cautious. Fortunately, the worst-case scenario that Ye Xiwen was worried about did not happen.

Seeing that Ye Xiwen had some doubts, Ye Mo smiled and said, “What’s so strange about this? Although Ma Yuanfeng is his capable subordinate, there is nothing he wouldn’t give up compared to someone with unlimited future potential. The takeaway is that he is not sure that he can eliminate you. If he can’t eliminate you, the tables can be turned easily. It’s not like similar things have never happened. If it’s a big sect, they could not care, but they don’t have that many masters, nor are they strong. Naturally, they have to think twice about their actions!”

“In other words, if you were only an ordinary Transcendent Realm First Level, he may have taken action straightaway. It would take no effort to crush you. Anyone would know which to choose!” said Ye Mo.

“This young brother, what Ma Yuanfeng did, can only be considered his own personal action. It does not reflect the intentions of our City Lord Mansion!” Suddenly, Ye Xiwen received a voice transmission from none other than the City Lord.

Ye Xiwen sighed. The powerful were respected everywhere. Only the powerful could make others fear them and save a lot of trouble. The weak would be wiped out over a small issue.

This is the same no matter in which world!

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This Ma Yuanfeng was the same, and he ended up being abandoned by the City Lord Mansion, even revenge wasn’t worth mentioning.

Nevertheless, this was for the best too. It could save a lot of trouble since he didn’t have to face the situation of being pursued by the City Lord Mansion. Otherwise, with the City Lord’s personality, he would seek revenge in the future.

“That’s good. I don’t intend to become an enemy of your city. Let’s flip this page over!” Ye Xiwen clasped his hands and said in the direction of the City Lord Mansion.

“That’s what I hoped for. I wish the young brother a bright future and a smooth journey, and I wish you to become a household name in the future!” The City Lord’s voice came from the City Lord Mansion again, but there was no more sound after that.

Ye Xiwen didn’t care. He was just glad this was over.

After Ye Xiwen transformed into a ball of light and landed, he went straight away to find the city’s teleportation array. After all, the city gate was not actually in the Ancient Barrens mainland when it was first established. It was only to attract geniuses from different worlds. Later, it slowly reached this scale.

Also, there was not only just one city gate. There were many worlds in this universe, so there were as many city gates, except there were differences in size. The bigger and more prosperous the connected world, the bigger the city gate.

This city gate could only be regarded as a small one. If he wanted to go to the Ancient Barrens mainland, he would have to go through the teleportation array here to be able to teleport directly to the Ancient Barrens mainland.


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