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One mustn't dare to underestimate the attack of a Great Sage expert no matter how arrogant one is. Ye Xiwen wouldn't even have been qualified to challenge a Great Sage expert if he didn't have the support of the Star Colossus's avatar.

It seemed that this attack contained the supreme principles of the world. In fact, even various dao principles were twining inside it. It was exceptionally dreadful.

The Great Sage experts had transformed their soul. This made it much easier for them to comprehend the principles of the world as compared to the sage experts. Consequently, every move of theirs contained these principles. They could shake the world with just one punch or one kick!

However, Ye Xiwen let this attack approach him. He wasn't worried. It was true that his understanding of Great Sage wasn't equal to that of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. However, he could defend against the Great Sage level attacks without being worried since he had his extremely tyrannical body to rely on.

A thought popped up in everyone's mind at this moment. [Could it be that this Ye Xiwen can go against the heaven's will and win?] Ordinary people thought that a sage expert could never contend against a Great Sage expert. But, these people were outstanding experts of sage realm. So, it could be said that they were extremely bold disciples. Some of them also had the confidence of advancing to the Great Sage realm in the future. However, such a heretical thought had still emerged in their minds even though they were trembling under the coercion of the Great Sage expert.

Such a thought might not have aroused in their minds if Ye Xiwen were merely an ordinary sage expert. However, Ye Xiwen had time-and-time-again displayed power that was far above that of the sage realm. This had made them think like this.

Ye Xiwen didn't know what everyone was thinking. In fact, he wouldn't have cared even if he knew. Only a chilling and murderous aura for the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' was flickering in his eyes at this time.

The two individuals kept fighting and going far into the space. A small star exploded on the spot at this moment. Then, the two arrived inside a large barrier that had been laid out at a distant place in space. And, a huge battlefield was isolated out for them in this way.

The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' unleashed his incredible magical powers and peerless martial arts to an extreme degree in this instant. He was casually playing out all kinds of martial arts techniques and principles at his fingertips. After all, the strength of Great Sage realm was no joke.

Ye Xiwen was using simple punches and kicks at this time unlike the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. After all, he knew that his understanding of Great Sage realm was far inferior to that of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'.

Ye Xiwen's strong point was his invincible body. Or, it could be said that it was his good fortune to have the support of the Star Colossus. After all, the Star Colossus had made him capable of contending against a Great Sage expert.

Ye Xiwen was aware of the fact that he was at a disadvantage pertaining to his lower realm. Therefore, his tactic was to enhance his strong point, and avoid his weakness. He naturally knew that the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' was using his realm to his advantage. The Lord was using his dreadful magical powers to suppress Ye Xiwen. So, Ye Xiwen used his brute physical strength to break the ten-thousand laws. The two were opposing each other with equal ferocity. Therefore, neither of them had fallen into a disadvantageous position up until now.

The speed of both individuals was extremely quick. They exchanged several hundred blows in a flash, and then separated far away from each other in the space in an instant. A dreadful storm swept all across as a result.

Ye Xiwen's body slightly trembled. His body issued a kind of rhythmic vibration. The fact was that the space inside his entire body had cracked. And, this had issued vibrations through his body.

Ye Xiwen had incredible strength and a tough body. However, he seemed to have no way to dispel the unusual rhythmic vibration caused by this impact from his body.

On the other side, the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' was in a far better state. He had unloaded the impact force off his body in merely an instant.

"Ye Xiwen, I must say that you're truly somewhat powerful. You have lasted in front of me for such long time. It's no wonder that you've dared to provoke the prestige of a Great Sage expert." The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' looked at Ye Xiwen with a bit of surprise in his eyes. His eyes then revealed an even more raw killing intention. "However, you're not a Great Sage. So, don't think that you can run rampant depending upon some weird 'body power technique' that you've practiced. I shall now make you understand what a Great Sage expert can do."

The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' suddenly moved into action after he said this. He shot his fist, and this attack nearly crushed the entire surrounding space in an instant.

"You're Great Sage, so what?" Ye Xiwen grinned. The small Universe inside his body immediately burst out incredible rays of light. It instantly stirred up just like the real universe. And, an insanely mighty force began to surge inside of it.

Ye Xiwen also used a fist technique to counterattack. It was the 'Big Bang Stardust Fist'. It seemed as if the entire universe had transformed into his domain in a split second. Now, he would destroy the world, and return it to the state of chaos once again.

It seemed that Ye Xiwen's 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' had transformed into a cosmos of stars. It swept down in a manner that made it seem as if it was the Will of the Universe itself. It immediately unfolded the flaw inside the fist technique of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. This was an extremely dreadful kind of force.

It stopped the fist technique of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' before it could reach Ye Xiwen's body. This was the first time that Ye Xiwen had used his 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' in this fight.

"This is 'Big Bang Stardust Fist'! You're a disciple of the True Martial University!" Ye Xiwen hadn't expected that the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' would be able to recognize the origin of 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' in a glance. One must know that many of the True Martial University's people couldn't recognize this fist technique. This was because nobody had been able to comprehend this fist technique for a great many years. Therefore, he simply couldn't have expected that the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' knew about it.

"I had heard about this fist technique when I visited the True Martial World in the past. This fist technique is very powerful. However, it seems that you haven't displayed the true might of this fist technique in the manner that you've used it," the Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' said. He had recognized this fist technique almost immediately. He had also figured out Ye Xiwen's identity. After all, it was impossible for an outsider to learn this technique if only a few people in the True Martial University were ever allowed to touch it. Therefore, he was sure that Ye Xiwen was a disciple of the True Martial University.

Ye Xiwen was startled by this. After all, he hadn't expected that this Lord would be able to recognize it. This was the first time that someone had recognized the origin of his martial arts technique.

The sage experts that were present in the surroundings trembled in their hearts. [No wonder this expert is so ferocious. He's a disciple of the True Martial University. The disciples that come from the inheritances of the main university are very different.]

There were thousands of forces in this universe. However, only a few of them could be compared to those top forces in various macrocosms. The True Martial University was a colossus that had once ruled the entire True Martial World. Therefore, its reputation was extremely formidable.

The starry space also had all kinds of inheritances, sects, and so on. However, there was no difference between these people and the 'random cultivators with no backgrounds' of their world in the eyes of the disciples coming from those macrocosms. A force in the starry space that had a Great Sage expert to keep watch could be regarded as a very huge force. However, the Great Sage experts were fairly common in those big forces which ruled the macrocosms.

They had realized that Ye Xiwen belonged to a force that had tens of thousands years old heritage. This was a disciple of a truly great force!

And, they themselves could only be regarded as some 'random cultivators with no background' in comparison to him. They were simply nothing in comparison to Ye Xiwen. They were like a commoner in front of a noble.

"Is that so?" Ye Xiwen sneered. Then, his figure suddenly swept out. He took the initiative, and launched an attack towards the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. His entire body had transformed into a star. He looked even more ferocious than he had a moment ago.

Ye Xiwen was glowing golden, and it seemed as if he was the only true God in the entire Universe. He seemed to have the invincible might of a God.

The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' was left in shock as he saw Ye Xiwen approaching with boundless fist intention. He had said that Ye Xiwen hadn't perfected this technique. However, he himself knew only a little bit about it. And, Ye Xiwen had now taken the initiative and attacked. This had already surpassed his expectation.

Ye Xiwen's fist intention appeared as overwhelming as the universe. All kinds of mysteries and essences of the universe were reflected in this fist technique. It could be possible that Ye Xiwen might not have displayed the true might of this technique because of his limited strength. However, it was simply impossible that he hadn't grasped the very essence of it. After all, he had the mysterious space. Moreover, he had burnt so many 'Primary Spirit Dans' to decipher it. He had consumed astronomical amount of resources to master it. And, he had fully perfected this fist technique as a result.

"Humph!" The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' coldly snorted. "A tiny ant like sage expert dares to stand against me. You're courting death!"

The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' once again used his 'Star-studded

Demon Fist' after he said this. It transformed into a sinister demon beast in an instant, and performed a long range raid in the space. The entire universe crazily shook every time it pounced.


Two stunning fist intentions clashed at the scene in an incomparably dreadful collision. This was like a match between the depths of the fist intentions of both individuals. It was a match between the comprehension degrees of their fist techniques. The two fist intentions swept across everywhere. They distorted and devoured each other.

The entire battlefield trembled under the aftershocks of the collision. It swept out swirling circle-after-circle in the air just like sea waves. Those experts of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' had laid out a barrier in order to stop Ye Xiwen from escaping. However, they spouted blood one after another under the impact of this shock. In fact, some weak experts had been blasted away by this shock.

They had laid out the barrier with the intention of stopping Ye Xiwen from escaping. However, they hadn't thought that a collision of Great Sage level would take place.

Their barrier shattered and dispersed under the impact of the Great Sage level power.

"Ye Xiwen could pull off something like this?!" The people of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' looked at Ye Xiwen in a shock. "The Lord has attacked with his entire strength. However, he still can't contain him. My God! How can there be such a dreadful person? What kind of heritage has he obtained in the Great Gas Collar that he has become so ferocious? His strength has advanced by leaps and bounds from before!"

"We must retreat. Forget about catching Ye Xiwen with our matrix barrier. We will get killed if it continues like this," the people of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' said in panic. The recent collision had made them realize just how ridiculous their setup was in front of Ye Xiwen's Great Sage level fighting prowess.

"Oh my god! Is he some kind of a monster? He has turned out to be a match for our lord! This is truly against Heaven's will. The entire world trembles under the might of our lord. He had entered the Great Sage realm a long time ago. What is Ye Xiwen in comparison?"

"He shouldn't be this terrifying even if he's a disciple of the True Martial University!"

Many sage experts were watching this fight from afar. However, the faces of the majority of them looked excited… unlike the faces of the people of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'.

(To be continued)

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