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"Well, you're very audacious!" the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' laughed in rage as he said. He might have misjudged Ye Xiwen initially, and hadn't been able to get to him as a result. However, the disparity between Great Sage realm and sage realm was still the same as that between Heaven and Earth. Therefore, he was unfazed by this development.

"Die for me!" the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' shouted in anger. The power of a Great Sage expert mustn't be disregarded. The terrifying imposing aura poured down like torrents in front of Ye Xiwen. The entire void had been crushed and transformed into dust under the pressure of his imposing aura.

Ye Xiwen felt the terrifying aura. It seemed as if it would destroy the Heaven and extinguish the Earth as it swept out. He secretly pondered; [There is indeed a difference of Heaven and Earth between Great Sage realm and sage realm.]

However, it didn't matter how dreadful the imposing aura of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' was. It was just like a cold breeze brushing against one's face as far as Ye Xiwen was concerned. After all, it wasn't Ye Xiwen's main body that was facing the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' at this time. Instead, it was the Star Colossus's avatar. The Star Colossus had already cultivated to an unfathomably profound extent during its lifetime. On top of that, it was an illustrious beast species in the universe. So, it itself carried its own coercion. The might of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' might be a big deterrent for other people. However, it was simply nothing for this Star Colossus.

An extremely sharp sound of breaking of space was heard. And, the figure of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' tore through the space, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in an instant. It must be mentioned that a Great Sage expert can faintly touch the edge of the space principle.

He had faintly used a bit of space principle when he had moved just now. Therefore, his speed had been incredibly quick. It seemed that he had reached the end of the world in a single bound. He had instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen by manipulating the size of the surrounding space.

His speed was faster than the eye could track.

Ye Xiwen was startled by this. However, he reacted in an instant. The Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' had already shot his fist. His fist swept out towards Ye Xiwen like a ferocious evil beast, and opened its mouth wide like a sacrificial bowl.

It seemed that it would crush the void with its sharp teeth.

This was the embodiment of the fist intention of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. It carried outstanding tyrannical might. In fact, it wasn't inferior to the rebirth of an ominous beast. This extremely profound martial arts technique had been circulated from ancient times. The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' had become famous after he had acquired it. He had reached all the way to Great Sage realm after passing through various expeditions with the help of this technique. Then, he had set up a sect, and become its founder.

He had established such a big base.

This technique was known as 'Star-Studded Demon Fist'!

He didn't hold back even a bit while facing this boy who had disrespected him again and again. He must kill Ye Xiwen in one fell swoop, and reduce him to dregs.

"Oh, so it's this power technique?" Ye Mo's voice reverberated in Ye Xiwen's mind, and left him dumbstruck. It needs to be mentioned that it wasn't known how many years ago Ye Mo had been alive. So, he didn't know about the relatively new martial arts techniques which had been discovered after his demise. However, he had recognized this power technique. And, this meant that this power technique was obviously extremely ancient.

"This is an extremely profound power technique of the demon race. I'd once seen a famous almighty demon using it. Its might is world-shaking. One fist can crush the world. The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' has obtained just a part of this technique. However, he hasn't obtained its core. Otherwise, this tyrannical power technique could've reappeared in the human world in its full glory. Moreover, the humans can't practice the power technique of demon race that effectively," Ye Mo let out a sigh and said. Clearly, he was disappointed.

Ye Xiwen was left in shock when he heard this. However, his hands didn't stop even a bit. It didn't matter whether the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' had obtained the complete version of this power technique or not. He was still a Great Sage expert. Naturally, he possessed infinite power which was way above the sage realm. He could display unimaginable power. Moreover, he had obtained his outstanding fame depending just upon this damaged and incomplete power technique. So, Ye Xiwen naturally couldn't dare to act carelessly.

Ye Xiwen's hands emitted golden rays of light. The golden light burst out in an instant, and covered the surroundings. Then, the golden divinities began to boil. However, an ominous beast suddenly arrived at this moment. It then opened its mouth like a sacrificial bowl; it seemed that it would swallow Ye Xiwen whole.

"Whoosh!" a loud sound of something tearing was heard. Ye Xiwen's hands had entered inside the mouth of that ominous beast while flashing with golden lights. Then, his hands had torn apart its mouth.

"Roar!" The ominous beast had been torn into two halves, and had transformed into a lifeless fist intention on the spot. It subsequently vanished without a trace.

The face of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' exposed a stunned look. After all, he hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would shatter his attack by confronting and ripping-apart his fist intention. It must be said that he had encountered such situation for the first time in many years.

Some people may have managed to block his fist intention. But, no one had been able to confront and withstand his fist intention in this manner. In fact, hardly any Great Sage experts had crushed his attack in this way. After all, his fist technique was way too overbearing. Nobody knew how to escape from its edge.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't seem too concerned about it. Ye Xiwen had just adopted the method of breaking ten-thousand laws with brute strength to firmly eliminate his opponent's attack; he had always used this method to crush weaker opponents…

The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' didn't know that this was the most appropriate fighting method against him for Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen had already cultivated the tyrant body to the peak of seventh layer. So, his body had become tough to an unfathomable extent. And, this meant that even a Great Sage expert couldn't kill him with one smack.

Moreover, the body of the star colossus avatar was even more dreadful. In fact, its powerful body had enabled the blood slave to use its own strength of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm to contend against an expert of the initial stage of Great Sage realm. It could be said that it was very difficult for even a Great Sage expert to injure it.

So, it attacked freely without worrying about anything. After all, it didn't need to be afraid of some Great Sage expert.

The eyes of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' turned ice-cold and he said, "I hadn't anticipated that you would grow so quickly. You had run away frantically like an ant under my attack the last time. You were nothing before me. However, you've dared to provoke my prestige now. And, provoking the prestige of a Great Sage expert is a more serious crime than killing my disciple, King Tai!"

"Is this so-called prestige of yours more important to you than your disciple's life?" Ye Xiwen let out a ridiculing smile from the corner of his mouth. The so-called Overlords were always like that. Maybe the most important thing for an ordinary person was their own life. However, one's prestige was above everything in the opinion of these powerhouses. And, people's lives were inferior to those of animals.

It was widely known that the experts under sage realm were considered as ants. However, there was no difference between sage experts and ants in the opinion of a Great Sage expert. After all, even a hundred Sage Accomplished level experts together couldn't be a match for a Great Sage expert.

King Tai was this Lord's disciple. However, he was nothing compared to his prestige in this Lord's opinion. He had constantly been looking to hunt down Ye Xiwen for such a long time. But, it was difficult to say whether it was to take revenge for his disciple… or because he thought that he had lost his face because someone had killed his disciple.

The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' was looking at Ye Xiwen with his icy-cold vision. He looked arrogant and domineering. He certainly didn't say anything in reply. However, he didn't deny it either.

A lot of experts who were present in the surroundings felt bitterly disappointed as they heard this; especially a lot of sage experts! They generally considered the experts below sage realm as dogs and ants. So, they used to act all high and mighty in front of them. In fact, they were aloof and detached from the worldly affairs. However, they were like ants in front of this Great Sage expert.

They felt indignant. However, they didn't dare to say anything.

"Ants…? Do you consider yourself a God or something? Ha ha ha ha…" Ye Xiwen suddenly burst into laughter. He was very familiar with such attitude. After all, people would stop caring about the lives of ordinary people when they became far more powerful than them. And, such people would gradually develop a 'god complex'.

"Ye Xiwen, you're a newly born calf that isn't afraid of a tiger. I must say that you're a stunning talent. Even I can't stop myself from admiring you. However, everything ends here unfortunately. No talent can last in front of absolute strength!" the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' indifferently said. Then, his entire dreadful aura suddenly began to surge. He retaliated in a flash like an exceptional ominous beast. He finally didn't hold back while facing Ye Xiwen who had unceasingly surpassed his expectations. That was because he now considered Ye Xiwen as a thorny trouble that needed to be dealt with.

"He's so powerful. Is this the real might of a Great Sage?" A lot of sage experts were standing far away. However, they shivered and screamed in the face of the deterrence of the imposing aura of this Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'.

They also knew how ferocious a Great Sage expert was in general. However, many of them had merely heard about it. They had never seen a Great Sage expert attacking. Therefore, they used to think that a Great Sage expert's attack would be just a bit more powerful than theirs. In fact, some arrogant people believed that the Great Sage experts weren't far more powerful than them.

However, they were shivering at this time since they had finally witnessed the incredible power of the Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. In fact, it seemed as if they were watching a God.

A few weaker sage experts couldn't help but bow down in awe. In fact, even the powerful sage experts could barely manage to stand in front of him without collapsing. Only a few senior experts didn't look affected. And, that white-clothed young man was one of them. He wasn't terrified by looking at the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. In fact, he was somewhat in anticipation of the fight.

The Zhuyan Ape wasn't far from him. He had just escaped by taking advantage of the time when the Great Gas Collar had opened. He also looked normal while facing the imposing aura of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' even though everyone had found it hard to resist it. After all, he possessed the bloodline of a godly beast. Therefore, he wasn't fazed by these kinds of imposing auras. However, this had nothing to do with its level. Instead, it was because he possessed an incredible and noble bloodline since his birth.

Everyone's eyes revealed a trace of shock. However, they weren't just looking at the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. They were also looking at Ye Xiwen! After all, they had been suppressed by the imposing aura of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo', and had been awed by his super-strong might even though they were merely present in the vicinity. However, Ye Xiwen was facing such dreadful might head-on. How had he withstood such overwhelming coercion up-close? On top of that, he appeared to have a rather unaffected appearance.

The tyrannical deterrence of the Great Sage level couldn't cause any effect on the body of the star colossus.

"Bang!" The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' once again shot his fist. It crushed the void in a split second. The 'Star-Studded Demon Fist' swept out, and broke down layers of void. And, the disintegrating void got smashed down towards Ye Xiwen along with the fist attack.

The collapsing space was falling in Ye Xiwen's direction. An ordinary person would've been brutally killed by this collapsing space if they were to be in his place.

Ye Xiwen's expression turned serious. This Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' was truly the most frightening enemy that he had come across since his debut. He was also the first Great Sage expert that he was facing head-on. And, this expert could rip-apart Ye Xiwen's main body with ease!

(To be continued)

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