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Chapter 49 - Agility skill test

The core disciples looked calm and collected, especially those several top disciples. It was obvious that they had already prepared themselves for the coming competition.

This time, the core disciples competition at Blood Yuan Territory would not be simple. It was a small territory filled with demon beasts and they also needed to be wary of the Zhang disciples, and especially their top core disciples, because handling them would not be easy even for the top core disciples of Yi Yuan School.

However, if this competition was not difficult or life threatening then why would they give three Blood Yuan fruits as the reward.

Blood Yuan fruit was something even the experts of Xiantian realm dreamt of!

Then, the two elders led Yi Yuan School's core disciples and headed towards the backside of Qingfeng Mountain. Since everyone had practiced agility type martial arts, all of them were very fast, and only after about half an hour had passed, they entered the depths of Qingfeng Mountain. The two elders unleashed a terrible aura that surrounded the squad of core disciples and because of that, the demon beasts did not dare to approach them.

This allowed them to smoothly travel to precipitous mountain peak. They were surprised to find that this mountain peak was so high, that it seemed as if it was reaching the ends of the sky, and there was also an abnormal steep mountainside which was completely submerged in the sea of ​​clouds.

At the foot of that mountain, there were small steps which could accommodate more than one person at the same time. The steps were circling around like a mountain road, going all the way to the summit.

In a while, the people of Zhang family also came, led by two Zhang elders. One was tall and other was short with their faces looked cold and skinny. This contrast they made with the fat and slim elders of Yi Yuan School was quite hilarious. However, none of these elders was someone one could laugh at.

Behind the two elders, there was a group of dozens of Zhang’s elite disciples, led by seven young people. Just from looking at them, one could say that they were all very arrogant and possessed a very imposing aura.

From the whispers of the Yi Yuan School' disciples, Ye Xiwen finally got to know that these seven young men were actually this term's top players of Zhang core disciples. The strongest of them were Zhang Jingxin, Zhang Wu and Zhang Yuelian. All of them were at the peak of Houtian ninth stage and were only a step away from entering the Xiantian realm. While the remaining four top disciples were Zhang Yuntian, Zhang Wenxiao, Zhang Ziqiu and Zhang Guoqi who were at the late Houtian ninth stage. Their imposing aura had completely overwhelmed the Yi Yuan School's core disciples. Yi Yuan School's top players, who had become quite famous this year, were only three. Ye Feng had joined later and Ye Xiwen had suddenly popped out recently. However, even after adding both Ye Feng and Ye Xiwen, numerically, Yi Yuan School was still at a disadvantage. (NT: Ye Feng initially was only at the peak of Houtian eighth stage, and so, he was not counted among the top core disciples)

Yi Yuan School's core disciples looked at the top disciples of Zhang family and Zhang core disciples also looked at Yi Yuan School's top disciples. Everyone was aware of the fact that the result of this competition would completely depend on these top 12 players.

Ye Xiwen soon felt a stare from two pairs of pernicious eyes, looking at him with pure killing intent. He immediately retraced the stares with his own stare and saw Zhang Yunfei and Zhang Yuntian.

“Now that they’ve also arrived, let's get started!” The fat elder said.

It seemed that the four elders of Xiantian had a previous agreement. They quickly jumped up and suddenly, their figures rushed towards the mountain road and disappeared in front of everyone

In a flash, the four Xiantian level elders had disappeared. Several top disciples from both schools didn't wait even for a moment and jumped out immediately, following after the elders.

With their figures like the lightning flash, they had instantly skimmed on the mountain road.

Seeing that these talented disciples had already skimmed out without wasting any time, quickly, other core disciples also followed up, but unfortunately, they were already far behind in this race which had ironically just begun.

The race had quickly turned into a stampede of disciples due to sudden disappearance of elders and top disciples. In this crowd, the four elders of Xiantian level were the fastest, and almost like a lightning, they had disappeared on the mountain road. Next were the Ye Feng and other top disciples of Yi Yuan School and Zhang family which together made the first group. Right behind the first group was the group which mainly consisted of 30 Houtian ninth stage disciples, although they were not the top players, but, they had certainly reached the Houtian ninth stage so their speeds were slightly lower than the top disciples.

Next was the group of Houtian eighth stage disciples, but, there was a whole one stage gap between them the group of Houtian ninth stage so their speeds were much lower in comparison.

When everyone had already left, Ye Xiwen finally started and leapt towards the mountain road.

Ye Xiwen's figure was as fast as the lightning. He immediately unleashed the “Celestial Step”, and within two or three breaths, his feet had already embarked on the road.

Ye Xiwen's appearance looked elegant and unrestrained, as if he was taking a stroll. His figure flicked on above the mountain road and with each flash, it would emerge ten meters ahead, which clearly displayed his astonishing speed.

“Celestial Step” was a superior agility type technique and its applications were totally incomparable. It was much more elegant and unconventional compared to other agility type techniques.

It seemed as if a celestial being was strolling at an astonishing speed.

Within a few minutes, Ye Xiwen had already caught up with the last bunch of disciples in the race, who were far ahead of him initially.

The bunch consisted of Houtian eighth stage disciples from Zhang family.

Most of these disciples did not know agility type martial arts. Even if some of them did know, their agility type martial arts were nothing compared to the Xiantian level 'Celestial Step'. Also, Ye Xiwen had practiced it to a 'Dacheng' level in 'Special Space'.

Almost in a flash, relying on the incredible speed of “Celestial Step”, Ye Xiwen overtook those disciples. They could not even react because all they saw was a shadow that flew over them for an instant, then disappeared!

Now, Ye Xiwen also understood that all of this was to test the agility skill of each and every individual. Generally, if understanding of the agility skill was profound, then one could achieve greater speeds and then, this race would become a child's play.

“Holy crap! Who is this person?” The Zhang disciples could only see Ye Xiwen's back from very far and did not recognize who he was. In a flash, Ye Xiwen had disappeared in front of them.

Seeing that Ye Xiwen had so effortlessly overtaken them in the race, those Zhang disciples felt depressed. Because, no matter how much they tried, they still couldn't catch up with Ye Xiwen and this had caused even the glorious masters of Houtian eighth stage to get depressed. They held high status in Zhang family as the eighth stage core disciples, but right now, almost all of these Zhang super experts were depressed.

But they were not the only ones who were depressed. When Ye Xiwen started using the full extent of 'Celestial Step' and adding his own monstrous strength, he got insanely faster! His figure simply turned into a blur and he rushed up the mountain path leaving many of the Yi Yuan School and Zhang family disciples behind.

They could only give dumbfounded looks to the blurred figure of Ye Xiwen, who, in a flash, had disappeared from their eyes.

Except for secretly getting envious and angry, they could not do anything and their only option was to keep on running.


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