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Chapter – 48 Core disciples competition begins

Yi Yuan School 'Main Sect' allowed entry to the masters of Houtian seventh stage or above, however, in accordance with the standards of Yi Yuan School, only Houtian ninth stage disciples could enter the outer sect and only Xiantian level disciples could enter the inner sect. As for the disciples with the cultivation below Houtian ninth stage, they were treated as part-time disciples. They were basically like the slave disciples and their status was very low in the Yi Yuan School. Although the position of outer sect disciples was also relatively low within the Yi Yuan School, however, they just needed to do a series of chores and for that, they could receive some resources for cultivation. They would also get an opportunity to attend lectures about cultivation and techniques.

In Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School, most disciples would choose to work under the Yi Yuan School after they had broken through the Houtian ninth stage. Well, no one was stupid enough to leave their own domain where they had lived and cultivated for all this time.

“Come with me, I’ll introduce you to the several fellow top disciples.” Ye Feng said.

Ye Feng wanted Ye Xiwen to make contacts with the top players among the core disciples, because, at his current strength and fame, Ye Xiwen could be ranked among the top core disciples.

This term's core disciples only had three top disciples who were widely renowned in the Yi Yuan School. They were Zhang Yang, Qian Wanru and Wu Hao.

The strongest among them was Zhang Yang, with his strength similar to Ye Feng, who was also a master of peak Houtian ninth stage. He was a tall and study looking young man.

Qian Wanru was a beautiful woman with a colorful flower-like appearance, although, her cultivation was only at the late Houtian ninth stage.

Wu Hao was a tall slim young man. His cultivation was the same as Qian Wanru, the late Houtian ninth stage.

Including Ye Feng, there were only four top core disciples in Yi Yuan School. Other core disciples were not strong enough to be considered among the top. However, the Zhang family already had five famous disciples and in addition to that, this year, two more disciples had also reached the late Houtian ninth stage and had entered into the ranks of top disciples.

For the core disciples competition, Zhang family had an overwhelming numerical advantage. And thanks to this, Zhang family was planning to snatch all of the Blood Yuan fruits for themselves by overwhelming the Yi Yuan School.

However, Yi Yuan School, including Ye Xiwen, had only five, which was far from enough.

The good thing about being a top core disciple was that one could enjoy many resources provided by the School.

Now, Ye Xiwen had also joined this small group of geniuses, and all of them carried the hopes of Yi Yuan School. Yi Yuan School was planning to rely on this small group to beat the Zhang family geniuses in the upcoming competition at the Blood Yuan Territory.

Day after day, time passed by. In this duration, Ye Xiwen also got used to his new status of one of the top core disciples and finally, the day of the beginning of Core disciples competition had arrived.

On this day, the core disciples had been called to the top of the square. This was a broad plaza and in comparison to its huge size, a group of mere hundred core disciples looked too small and insignificant.

Ye Xiwen and others did not have to wait for too long, and soon, two elders appeared in front of them. One of these elders was fat and the other was thin.

When the core disciples saw the two of them, they immediately knew who they were. Ye Xiwen also knew that they were the well-known fat and thin elders of Yi Yuan School. Because the fat and thin attributes of these two elders were too obvious, and in addition to that, these two had always accompanied each other from the time they had become the elders of this school. In fact, over time, many people had even forgotten their real names, and would directly call them fat and thin elders.

“This time's squad for the core disciples competition is again a lineup of losers!” The fat elder said in a straightforward manner.

“I won't talk about the rest of the crap. Let's come to the point.” The fat elder's face looked serious and he said in a cold voice, “The place where the competition is going to take place is called Blood Yuan Territory. I think you already know where it is located! Countless people from our Yi Yuan School have died there. I just hope that many of you will come back alive, so, I ask again, whoever wants to quit, quit now! “

After hearing the words of fat elder, more than forty core disciples opted-out. However, no one made fun of them, after all this was going to be a trip to the hell. Inside the Blood Yuan Territory, although, the benefits were many, and if one could survive there then he would definitely reap a lot of benefits. But, the reality was much crueler than they had expected because many experts had died inside the Blood Yuan Territory earlier, including some Xiantian masters as well.

The core disciples who opted out were mostly the masters of Houtian eighth stage and their strength was obviously poor compared to other masters of Houtian ninth stage. There could never expect to get good grades, and there was also a chance of getting killed. So, their only option was to give up now when they still had a chance.

In this session, the newly promoted core disciples were only Ye Xiwen and Dongfang Bai. Ye Xiwen noticed that Dongfang Bai seemed to be looking forward to this competition and was also full of energy. From the looks of it, it was obvious that the injury he had received from Zhang Yunfei's hidden poison needle had already healed.

“Each of you participants will receive a Yaopai which will record points for you through the competition. Killing a demon beast of eighth stage will reward 10 points, a ninth stage demon beast will reward 50 points, and a Xiantian level demon beast will reward 1000 points. Also, we have also kept 15 tokens in the Blood Yuan Territory which can be of three different colors; red, yellow and green, each corresponding to a score of 100, 500 and 1000!” At this time, the thin elder further explained, “Also, whatever treasures you find there will be converted into points and only the top three disciples, ranked according to their total points, will receive the Blood Yuan fruit as a reward!” (NT: 'Yaopai' is basically the plate which will record points)

The news immediately shocked the core disciples. Blood Yuan fruit would be given as reward? They did not know that this was the result of an agreement between the two forces, however, Ye Xiwen knew about this in advance and was relatively calm.

But, this was the Blood Yuan fruit! Even the Xiantian realm masters would consider it a top class treasure and could have a breakthrough if consumed. Everyone started to pity the disciples who had already opted out!

“But, if you were defeated, or killed, then the score will correspond to a total of that person’s accumulated points and will be instantly transferred to the one who defeated you, so you must be very careful! I hope that some of you will come back alive.” The fat elder said with a sigh because even he didn't know how many would die in the Blood Yuan Territory, but if they survived through this, then they would undoubtedly become an outstanding expert.

Ye Xiwen was speechless! The rule actually . . . encouraged killing each other. There were a lot of scoring methods, like, one could kill the demon beasts, or, one could collect treasure items to score points, however, none of these were quicker than killing someone and obtaining his accumulated points. No matter how much points a person had earned, it could all be transferred to his killer in an instant.

The world of core disciples was really a cruel one, filled with brutality and killing. Compared to core sect disciples, the lives of the inner sect and outer sect disciples were much easier, although, they couldn't obtain many resources to practice, but they were relatively well protected.


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