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This was especially true for the powerful and arrogant guys. Each of these heaven’s pride experts was more insolent than the other; no one was modest and prudent.

However, it’s also true that they wouldn’t have practiced to this extent if they were to be modest and prudent by nature.

Most fortuitous adventures come to happen in dangerous places. A prudent person wouldn’t take such risks. Hence, they wouldn’t come across many fortuitous adventures. So, their strengths wouldn’t advance by leaps and bounds in a short time. This represents the so-called saying ‘one can’t obtain anything if one prefers to lead a leisurely and risk-free life’.

The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars shot an unpleasant glance at Chi Tian. The ‘killing intention’ was hardly concealed in their eyes.

"What are you looking at? Sissy boys, I am talking to you!" Chi Tian stared back at them. There was no trace of politeness in his voice as he said, "It’s not allowed for us to engage in a fight outside the arena!"

Many of the spectators couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He had actually said ‘that’. Chi Tian had said it, but not in a vague manner so one could let it pass. He had actually stated it as a direct attack. The Twin Star Brothers certainly looked more delicate and fairer than Chi Tian. In fact, their fair skin made them look like two effeminate boys.

The faces of the Twin Star Brothers turned blue at first… and then white. Yet, they couldn’t dare to start a fight here. Otherwise, they would give a valid reason to the experts of the True Martial University who had been waiting for a chance to get rid of them.

"Humph!" the Twin Star Brothers merely snorted, and didn’t start a fight.

"You continue speaking!" Chi Tian asked the scholar to continue.

The All Knowing Scholar continued when he saw that both the parties had stopped quarreling. He told Ye Xiwen’s entire biography. He told about everything in detail — apart from the ones which only Ye Xiwen had witnessed.

Some of these things were mere speculations. However, they had basically touched upon the important details of Ye Xiwen’s life.

Ye Xiwen was also deeply moved. The All Knowing Scholar was indeed an enormous force. Even he himself had overlooked several things. However, the All Knowing Scholar had secretly inferred them. This organization was seriously very dangerous.

It was advantageous as well as disadvantageous. The advantage was that you could effortlessly buy another individual’s information anywhere and anytime. And, the disadvantage was that the other people could also buy your information anytime and anywhere.

Everyone gasped in admiration after they heard about Ye Xiwen’s past. This was a thing of concern. Ye Xiwen might cause trouble for them. He had provoked a truth realm expert when he himself was in the Xiantian realm. And, he had killed a top expert of the half-step legendary realm when he was in the truth realm. It wasn’t clear how many geniuses had died in his hands since the beginning.

However, the most miserable condition was that of the Army of God. Four out of the five Gods had died at the hands of Ye Xiwen. It could be said that he had nearly wiped out the entire Army of God. The first God had disappeared without a trace, while the remainder of the Army of God had disappeared from the True Martial University along with the defeat of the Second God. Many members had also left the group. This organization had vanished like smoke in the air as a result.

One mustn’t expect mercy if they dared to offend Ye Xiwen. In fact, he had a big fall out with the Law Enforcement Hall on his very first day in the True Martial University. Such courage was absolutely amazing.

After all, they had heard that the True Martial University’s Law Enforcement Hall was a powerful organization. They also had similar institutions working inside their forces. Even a heaven’s pride expert wouldn’t dare to cause trouble for such an institution on their very first day!

However, Ye Xiwen had done so. Moreover, he was still ‘alive and kicking’. So, one could clearly see his tyranny and uncommonness.

However, they were even more shocked after they heard Ye Xiwen’s accomplishments.

He had killed two heaven’s pride experts, and had effortlessly defeated one. Such strength was bound to amaze everyone!

Nobody had been optimistic about him in the fight with that Titan Body. However, Ye Xiwen had eventually defeated him.

Several disciples gasped in amazement as they heard this. Each of these heaven’s pride expert was more ferocious than the other. Emperor Chen had turned out to be very ferocious in the beginning. Ye Xiwen hadn’t killed as many heavens’ pride experts as he had. However, he was also an extremely ferocious expert without a doubt.

Qi Feifan looked at Ye Xiwen. Other people didn’t know. However, he knew that Ye Xiwen’s accomplishments weren’t any short of Emperor Chen’s. He had once killed more than hundreds of elites, two heaven’s pride experts, and a quasi-heaven’s pride expert in a large scale battle. Such an accomplishment was doomed to stay hidden in the dark forever. However, it was sufficient to prove Ye Xiwen’s tyranny.

The complexions of Shuiyan Luo and Huang Luochen had turned somewhat complicated as they looked at Ye Xiwen. They didn’t expect that their junior disciple – who used to be far inferior to them in the past – would become so famous that his accomplishments would leave the heaven’s pride experts of the other forces sighing with amazement.

"It’s amusing. It’s very interesting. Ha ha ha ha!" Chi Tian laughed out loud, and went out of the restaurant. The Twin Star Brothers didn’t stay for long either, and left the restaurant soon after.

The All Knowing Scholar immediately rose to fame after such an incident. Many people didn’t believe that the All Knowing Scholar was genuinely omniscient. However, they had no choice but to believe that the All Knowing Scholar truly had an extremely outstanding information network after this matter.

Shuiyan Luo and the others went down to buy the information they needed after the heaven’s pride experts left the restaurant. Ye Xiwen also went along with them. And, most people inquired about the information on the remaining heavens’ pride experts.

Ye Xiwen saw the information on the other heavens’ pride experts. He found that each of these heaven’s pride expert was more tyrannical than the others. Most of them had killed or defeated at least one heaven’s pride expert at some point of time. However, Emperor Chen had killed the most number of heaven’s pride experts. In fact, he had killed 4 heaven’s pride experts in total.

Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be a match for Emperor Chen either… unless Pang Yang Bo and Hongzhou Yuwen were taken into the count.

Ye Xiwen looked at the information on Chi Tian. A big force like the Fire Cloud Cave had sent only one representative in this time’s competition. He undoubtedly had tyrannical strength. The Hundred Barbarians Cave and Devil Worship Cult had collectively launched an attack on the Fire Cloud Cave to capture it. Chi Tian had killed two heaven’s pride experts at that time – one from each enemy force. And, that too within a short period of time! He hadn’t killed them at the same time, but it was obvious that he possessed tyrannical strength.

Ye Xiwen had also been present there at that time. So, he had also experienced the intensity of that situation. However, Chi Tian had still managed to kill two heaven’s pride experts in a row in that kind of a situation. It meant that his strength was quite tyrannical.

Ye Xiwen also looked at the information on the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars. They had never paid attention to him. However, he was interested in them regardless of that.

The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars were also quite high-handed according to the All Knowing Scholar’s information. Only a few people would be able to deal with a tag team of these two. They had killed several elite experts of many forces in their region since the beginning of their expedition to prove their excellence. Moreover, two heaven’s pride experts had died at their hands.

These two were truly amongst the most powerful of experts. Each China Sea’s Jin Wu Shuang had also killed a heaven’s pride expert in his territory. However, the True Martial University’s two experts had been placed at the bottom of this list because they hadn’t had the merit of killing a heaven’s pride expert yet. Each of them had only defeated one heaven’s pride expert so far.

After all, it wasn’t easy for the heaven’s pride experts of the True Martial University to go on an expedition to prove their excellence because the entire Southern region was ruled by the True Martial University. So, it wasn’t easy to find an opportunity to kill a heaven’s pride expert… unless one was in special circumstances such as Ye Xiwen had once been. But, the same wasn’t true for the heaven’s pride experts of other regions since their regions were relatively more chaotic.

Even Ye Xiwen wouldn’t have defeated two heaven’s pride experts if Fan Ming hadn’t penetrated deep inside the True Martial University’s territory, and that Titan Body expert hadn’t challenged him to a death-match.

However, this was mere paper-information. The degree of its concreteness would totally depend on the real fights. However, the True Martial University had sent these two to take part in this time’s competition. So, there must have been some assurance. Otherwise, the True Martial University wouldn’t have sent them since they’d become a laughing stock in front of others.

Ye Xiwen looked at the information on these people, and had no choice but to admit that each of these heaven’s pride experts was ferocious. In fact, they were far more tyrannical than Pang Yang Bo and the others.

These heaven’s pride experts were clearly far more tyrannical than those ones. They could kill more than one heaven’s pride experts of the same level. This fact was bound to change their mindset. Such an achievement would obviously bring-about a mega-change in one’s demeanor. It could even be said that killing a fellow heaven’s pride expert would bring a complete transformation in oneself.

It could also be said that these heaven’s pride experts could’ve beaten Pang Yang Bo rather easily. After all, he was much younger in age. This meant that his accumulation was far inferior to their deeper ones.

Qi Feifan also looked at the information on these people, and couldn’t help but hold his breath. There was hardly any difference in their strength and his’. These people were the elites of every major force out there. An ordinary heaven’s pride expert wasn’t powerful enough to kill them.

There were many geniuses in this world. However, it must be mentioned that these people stood above the league of geniuses. In fact, they were a group of tyrannical geniuses.

"Ye Xiwen, none of these are ordinary individuals. I’m afraid even you may not be able to win easily!" Qi Feifan spoke-up anxiously.

Shuiyan Luo and Huang Luochen also looked at Ye Xiwen in a worried manner. These people were considered powerful, but even they were startled after they looked at this information. These individuals were exceptionally powerful. In fact, it would be very difficult for an ordinary heaven’s pride expert to deal with them.

However, Huang Luochen had a lot of confidence in Ye Xiwen. He didn’t feel that Ye Xiwen couldn’t defeat them. But, it would be difficult to say whether he would be able to win in an effortless manner. However, that was dependent on Ye Xiwen’s strength, and how tyrannical was his strength was at present. Perhaps, it had already reached a horrifying extent.

Ye Xiwen smiled and replied, "There’s no need to worry. I’ll progress more quickly only if I continue to fight with these powerful people. And, that’s the only way I will achieve what I have to!"

Qi Feifan knew what Ye Xiwen meant by that. He merely sighed since he couldn’t do anything about this matter. He knew the disparity between himself and Ancient Phoenix World rather clearly. There was a difference of cloud and mud between them. In fact, it was akin to the difference between an eagle in the sky, and an ant on the ground.

"The true significance of a strong opponent is in how thoroughly he gets knocked down by us!" Ye Xiwen solemnly stated.

(To be continued)

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