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The information on several heavens’ pride experts spread out at a terrifying speed after the ruckus caused by Chi Tian and a few others. The participants found out that these heaven’s pride experts were their biggest obstacle. They weren’t the opponents of these heavens’ pride experts. In fact, they would consider themselves lucky if they managed to come out alive in case they came to face to face with these heavens’ pride experts.

After all, several individuals had died at the hands of these heavens’ pride experts on the first day of competition. They didn’t even have the slightest strength to fight back. There was even a quasi-heaven’s pride expert among those who had died. And, they had all been killed in one move alone. So, one could only imagine the huge disparity between these people and those heavens’ pride experts. Not to mention that these few were the elites among those heavens’ pride experts. So, even an ordinary heaven’s pride expert wasn’t a match for them.

The past accomplishments of these heavens’ pride experts were turned over one by one. The more that was revealed… the more it shocked the people. The accomplishments of these heaven’s pride experts were too terrifying. Their accomplishments weren’t the same as that of these people’s despite the fact that they all belonged to the same generation.

Each of these heaven’s pride expert had their own tyrannical records. Many people were dazzled at the sight of them. It was quite difficult to judge who among them was most tyrannical by merely looking at their accomplishments.

However, everyone believed that Emperor Chen and the Twin Stars Brothers were the most tyrannical ones.

It was a quiet night. It was probably an ordinary night for some people. However, it was an unbearable and endless night for many others.

The next days’ competition began early in the morning. Three rounds were scheduled for today as well.

Today’s competition would be far more cruel and chaotic than yesterdays. However, it was nothing for the eight heaven’s pride experts who were the center of public attention. It didn’t matter how tyrannical their opponents would be. Everyone would get defeated in one move if they came across any of these eight heaven’s pride experts. They needn’t use any unnecessary moves to win either. They and the ordinary participants simply weren’t on the same level.

The disciples of legendry’s great complete realm had gotten eliminated after the next three brutal rounds had taken place.

All the disciples of the Yi Yuan School had been eliminated — apart from Shuiyan Luo and Huang Luochen. However, it had been extremely difficult for the two of them to make it through these three rounds. They had somehow managed to defeat their opponents, and had come out victorious. They had become eligible to participate in the seventh round, but they knew that their footsteps would come to a halt very soon in this competition’s ladder.

The third day had arrived in a flash, and the competition had reached the seventh round. It was a very difficult time for the disciples who had made it to this round. These disciples were at the semi-sage realm. The disciples below semi-sage realm had been eliminated by now. Even those one or two extraordinary legendry’s realm disciples had failed to cross the sixth round.

Only a few experts of the initial stage of the semi-sage realm had reached the seventh round; Shuiyan Luo and Huang Luochen were amongst them. The majority participants were the experts of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. And, the remaining experts were at the late stage of the semi-sage realm. And, they were comparatively relaxed.

"Ye Xiwen genuinely has tyrannical strength. I’ve only seen his attacks so far. I haven’t seen him sustain any injuries. An attack simply can’t injure him; no matter how terrifying that attack is!"

"The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars killed another individual yesterday. That idiot was a bit slow to admit his defeat. The Twin Stars cleft him into two as a result!"

Ye Xiwen had arrived at the public square. He restrained his aura, and began to wait with the crowd. It seemed as if his presence had completely vanished. The disciples around him were discussing about the accomplishments of these heavens’ pride experts. These disciples weren’t as good as the heaven’s pride experts. However, they were still considered elites among elites in their respective forces. They wouldn’t possibly pay attention to some ordinary people. So, they were only discussing about the accomplishments of the heaven’s pride experts.

"That’s good. I’m afraid that Ye Xiwen is going to face a tough fight. His next opponent is Sun Zhan Peng. He can be considered as a dark horse of this competition. He’s one of the top experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. He is said to have practiced the inheritance of some ancient sorcerer. It is known as ‘Immortal Hell King’s Rebirth Scripture’. It’s an incredible technique which can help one in taking rebirths to no end. Moreover, his strength rises rather significantly each time he takes a rebirth. It has been reported that he has reincarnated rather recently, and his strength may have reached the level of a heaven’s pride expert. So, this fight is going to be interesting!"

Ye Xiwen frowned. He hadn’t thought that his next opponent would turn out to be such an expert. This individual’s strength must be tyrannical if he had genuinely caught up to the heaven’s pride experts.

"Brother Ye!"

Shuiyan Luo and Huang Luochen arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

Shuiyan Luo opened her mouth and spoke, "Brother Ye, you must advance very carefully today. Our Yi Yuan School’s glory is dependent on you!"

It had been a few years since she had arrived in the True Martial University. However, she was habitual of calling herself a Yi Yuan School’s disciple. After all, she had spent more than a hundred years in the Yi Yuan School. Her feelings for Yi Yuan School couldn’t be compared with those for the True Martial University.

"How is it only dependent on me? Doesn’t it depend on Sister Shui and Brother Huang as well?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"Don’t be ridiculous. We know our levels. We are lucky-enough that we’ve reached till this round. However, we may not be able to cross the next round!" Shuiyan Luo replied, "My opponents for the next round are those Twin Stars Brothers. But, Brother Huang’s still in a better condition than I am. He would be clashing with a quasi-heaven’s pride expert of the Fire Cloud Cave in the next round. Perhaps, we won’t be able to cross the next round!"

"Sister Shui, your opponents are those two?" Ye Xiwen frowned. Those two brothers weren’t good people. It could be said that they were a pair of calamity stars who brought bad omen, "Sister Shui, you go in and surrender without any delay. Do not hesitate!"

Shuiyan Luo pouted in response, but she knew that Ye Xiwen had only suggested this for her own good. She was no match for those two calamity stars. Her strength had reached the semi-sage realm only recently. Moreover, it had been quite unstable for a while. It had come to stabilize after passing through the battles of the last two days. But, it had only stabilized in the initial stage of the semi-sage realm.

Therefore, there was a difference of heaven and earth between the strength of those twin brothers and hers.

"I’m afraid they will resort to extreme methods if they found out that you’re related to me. That would be too bad!" Ye Xiwen added. Ye Xiwen had seen the eyes of those two arrogant brothers. So, he knew that they weren’t generous people. Words like innocence, mercy etc didn’t suit them. So, she might have to face the worst if they found that he and Shuiyan Luo were related.

It would be truly awful if she were to die because of that. Ye Xiwen could imagine that possibility. The heavens’ pride experts had defeated their opponents in just one move during the previous matches. And that too without using their full strength! So, Shuiyan Luo would certainly die if she didn’t surrender fast-enough, and her opponents used their entire strength.

Shuiyan Luo understood the seriousness of the matter as she heard Ye Xiwen’s words. She had initially anticipated that she’d be able to stop the first move of those two individuals. However, she realized that she’d die in only one move if her opponents resorted to extreme methods.

Ye Xiwen took out an inner-wear armor from his spatial ring. He looked at Shuiyan Luo and said, "Sister Shui, this inner-wear armor is a pseudo-sage tool. You must wear it. You won’t die even if they attacked you!"

Ye Xiwen was worried for her… that’s why he had taken out this pseudo-sage tool – an inner-wear armor. He obviously hadn’t refined it himself. He had found it inside the spatial ring of Yuwen Hongzhou. Tools like this inner-wear armor had always been very precious. Perhaps the value of this one was comparable to a low quality sage tool. In fact, many sage realm experts couldn’t afford to buy a pseudo-sage armor. A heaven’s pride expert like Yuwen Hongzhou could buy such a tool because of the unceasing supply of resources from his force.

"No, this is too precious!" Shuiyan Luo promptly declined it. She knew the value of this inner-wear armor rather clearly. She had reached the semi-sage realm only recently. However, she and a majority of other semi-sage experts couldn’t afford to buy even ordinary pseudo-sage tools.

They used to be elites back in the Yi Yuan School. They had the support of their school, and they had received all kinds of resources in abundance. However, they were nothing inside the True Martial University. There were too many disciples like them in the True Martial University. Such individuals might only accumulate enough ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ to buy a pseudo- sage tool after they had entered the late stage of semi-sage realm.

Moreover, this was a high-quality armor. It could change one’s fate. It could save one’s life in the most desperate of situations. So, it was extremely precious. Even many sage experts couldn’t afford to buy this. But, Ye Xiwen had said that he would give it to her. So, he would definitely give it to her.

"Sister Shui, don’t reject it. This armor is useless for me. It will only be of any use if it can save your life in an accident!" Ye Xiwen said.

Ye Xiwen had always been ruthless towards his enemies. However, he was never mean when it came to his friends. Moreover, it wasn’t his personal thing to begin with. So, he wouldn’t regret giving it away.

In fact, he wasn’t talking nonsense either. That armor wouldn’t make any difference for him. His body itself was tyrannical enough. In fact, a pseudo-sage tool would be of no use if his ‘gilded tyrant form’ failed to resist an attack.

The situation would similar to the time he had killed Pang Yang Bo. His armor had been torn apart by Ye Xiwen as if it were nothing.

"Take it!" Huang Luochen opened his mouth and spoke-up. It was rare for him speak out of the blue.

"Alright, I will accept it!" Shuiyan Luo laughed and said. She was full of gratitude towards Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had done it rather casually… as if it was no big deal. However, she knew the value of this gift.

"Sister Shui, I will come, and block their way to help you in getting out of there once you’ve surrendered!" Ye Xiwen laughed out loud and said. "It’s good that we had a chat in advance. The first round is about to begin."

Ye Xiwen heard the melodious ringing sound of the bell coming from the mountain. The spectators and the big personalities had already arrived. Ye Xiwen had become accustomed to it since it was the third day.

Ye Xiwen marched on the rhythm of the ringing bell’s sounds, and entered the microcosm with his token in his hand.

(To be continued)

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