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Xuan Yuan Twin Stars had been arrogant and domineering since the beginning. They had arrived here a few days ago. So, it hadn’t been very long, but they had already become very popular. Moreover, it was visible to everyone that they were arrogant and despotic. They considered everyone to be beneath themselves.



Not many people had known about these two brothers in the past. However, everyone would obviously become familiar with these Xuan Yuan Twin Stars after this event.

Ye Xiwen clearly sensed several bad auras locking on to these two brothers while they were speaking.

One among them was a man clad in common clothes. He was seated upstairs. He was emitting extravagance from his body. Another man was seated opposite to this man. He was clad in an aqua-blue robe. He appeared a bit devilish.

Ye Xiwen swept out his divine sense. That man clad in ordinary clothes possessed an overbearing ‘imposing aura’… like that of a conqueror. He was none other than Emperor Chen.

So, the other man who was clad in aqua-blue robe ought to be the infamous ‘sea demon’ Jin Wu Shuang.

The Twin Stars brothers hadn’t spoken loudly. However, who among the spectators didn’t possess excellent martial power? It doesn’t matter how low their voices had been. They couldn’t have eluded the outstanding vigilance of the surrounding people.

"Gee, it seems like these two individuals have come from a domain where you’re famous!" the Sea Demon Jin Wu Shuang laughed mischievously. He looked towards Emperor Chen and spoke, "They should’ve come to you directly. What do you say?"

"These two are arrogant fools; that’s all!" Emperor Chen replied indifferently.

"You are more arrogant than these two, you know!" Jin Wu Shuang spoke-up without a trace of politeness in his voice. "Perhaps nobody can surpass you when it comes to being arrogant!"

"I’m confident!" Emperor Chen replied. "Nobody can be my match unless they are a sage expert!"

"Saying that you aren’t arrogant reflects how arrogant you really are!" Jin Wu Shang quietly said. He sensed Ye Xiwen’s divine sense sweeping toward them at this time. He merely snorted, and the resultant vibration dispersed Ye Xiwen’s divine sense.

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t mind his divine sense being dispersed since he wasn’t being stealthy in the first place. His focus now shifted downstairs on that ‘All Knowing Scholar’.

The ‘All Knowing Scholar’ read out the entirety of the gathered information on Emperor Cheng as per the request made by the Twin Stars brothers.

Emperor Chen’s information soon appeared in front of Ye Xiwen’s eyes. Emperor Chen’s origin was a mystery. Nobody knew about his background. Nobody knew which force he had taken birth in. They only knew that he was first seen in the Southeastern region. He had become even more famous after he had participated in a battle in the Demon Island. Emperor Chen didn’t join the True Martial University like most other experts of the Southeastern region at the time when every major force opened their gates for new disciples. He joined the Muddy Sky Island on the contrary. Then, a reputed elder of the Muddy Sky Island took him as his apprentice. However, this wasn’t the end of his magnificence. Emperor Chen was genuinely valiant...

"He has already killed four heaven’s pride experts. Nobody in the East Sea region dares to mess with him!" the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ insipidly said.

"Four heaven’s pride experts!" Everyone gasped. They hadn’t anticipated that Emperor Chen would turn out to be so powerful. He had killed four heaven’s pride experts… not four ants. The death of a heaven’s pride expert was a big thing. And, he had killed four! One could well imagine the tyranny of Emperor Chen’s strength.

The complexions of the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars somewhat changed. They were already quite wary of Emperor Chen. However, they couldn’t help but gasp for breath when they heard this.

Everyone suddenly understood. It was no longer surprising why these arrogant and domineering Xuan Yuan Twin Stars didn’t dare to underestimate Emperor Chen. They had no choice but to inquire about his strength in advance.

"Two among those four heaven’s pride level experts had launched a joint sneak attack on Emperor Chen. However, he killed the both of them!" the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ read out even more surprising information on Emperor Chen this time.

It had been a two-against-one. However, Emperor Chen had still managed to get rid of them. Countless people went in shock after they heard this information. It wasn’t difficult for a heaven’s pride expert to deal with another heaven’s pride experts in a one vs one situation. After all, some of these heaven’s pride experts were stronger than the others. So, it was completely understandable if he had defeated two experts who were weaker than himself. All kinds of unexpected things happen in a so-called fight between experts. One must make good use of every moment in a fight. A mere move might make a huge difference, and can create a disparity of cloud and mud. So, killing four individuals wouldn’t have been a big thing.

However, the situation would be completely different if it were to be two-against-one… and that too in an ambush. Such an incident clearly meant that Emperor Chen possessed more strength than most of heaven’s pride experts of this generation. This information had left everyone to gasp in admiration.

The troubled complexions of the Twin Star Brothers had turned ashen when they had heard this information.

Wasn’t this like a slap in the face of these two?

The news about these two brothers fighting as a tag-team was well-known in the entire world. The prospect of facing these two at once was akin to courting death for an ordinary heaven’s pride expert. However, two heaven’s pride experts had ambushed Emperor Chen in unison, and he had still managed to kill them. This information had made these brothers extremely afraid.

Twin Stars Brothers’ biggest advantage was the fact that they fought as a tag-team. Both of them were qualified-enough to be ranked as a heaven’s pride expert in their own individual merit. So, these two individuals working as a team should be considered as invincible as far as the younger generation was concerned. However, Emperor Chen had singlehandedly achieved the same feat that these two individuals had notched as a team. This realization had to make them vigilant against him.

Several experts went in shock as the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ read out that information. They had also become alert. After all, such a powerful expert was participating in this competition.

He was a heaven’s pride expert… like many others, but the gap between him and the others would slowly widen with time. To the extent that he might grow into a Super Expert who shakes the entire True Martial World one day! Meanwhile, the rest of them would only climb up to the great sage realm. However, the difference between him and them would be like the gap between heaven and earth.

However, that was a matter of the future. Even the legendry’s realm and semi-sage realm were good enough for many people at present. After all, they had just set foot on the right track of martial arts practice. But, such a big gap had appeared between him and them straight after they had entered the right track… and that too within such a short period of time. Who would be able to restrain him in the future?

This was also the main reason why every big force wanted to strangle the top geniuses of the other forces in the cradle. The main reason for such plots was the emergence of experts like Emperor Chen. One might not be able to sense any danger from such experts in the initial days. However, everyone would see the sheer price they would have to pay for allowing such an expert to mature fully once they had grown-up. And then, they would have to live in the shadow of such experts for thousands of years.

History proves that ten thousand mediocre experts can’t play the great role played by a true genius.

But, the ashen complexions of the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars didn’t last long, and restored to the normal arrogant appearance as they spoke-up, "Humph! A team of ordinary experts can’t be compared to our team!"

These twin brothers had excellent coordination and mutual understanding. So, their tag-team obviously couldn’t be compared with the collaboration of two ordinary heaven’s pride experts. In fact, two heaven’s pride experts would be a burden on each other if they didn’t have mutual understanding. And, they wouldn’t be able to display their maximum power.

However, they had no choice but to admit the fact that Emperor Chen was indeed a formidable opponent.

"I wish to know the information on Ye Xiwen. Do you have it?" a deep and coarse voice came through the gate at this time.

Everyone was surprised to see a tall figure. He was approximately 10 feet tall. He looked like a young giant-like barbarian as he came striding-in. He carried an imposing aura on his body. In fact, his aura was so compelling that it kept the other people away from him. He looked like the slumbering king of the beasts.

"Chi Tian! He’s Fire Cloud Cave’s Chi Tian. Why has he arrived here?"

"He must’ve heard that the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ has arrived here. That’s why he rushed over. However, why is he asking for information on Ye Xiwen? What kind of enmity do these two men have?"

"God knows! The matters of these heaven’s pride experts are very complicated. Moreover, these heaven’s pride experts are quite strange. Only, God knows of their reasons!"

"Brother Ye, this Chi Tian should be a good opponent for you!" Qi Feifan frowned and spoke-up, "His body is extremely tough. He was ranked as a heaven’s pride expert owing to his body. He possesses unfathomable strength, and follows the same path as you!"

Ye Xiwen nodded. He wouldn’t be anxious if it were an expert like Pang Yang Bo. However, an expert like Chi Tian could be very difficult to handle. Ye Xiwen himself possessed the same kind of intrepid body. So, he obviously knew how ferocious such an expert could be. Such experts could cause exceptionally awful injuries if they got the opportunity to come close to one’s body. Moreover, Ye Xiwen’s realm was still beneath his’ by two levels. This was Ye Xiwen’s weak point.

"One thousand ‘Primary Spirit Dans’!" the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ replied without looking up. Chi Tian’s robust body was in front of him. However, it didn’t have any effect on him. It seemed as if Chi Tian’s beastly aura hadn’t caused any impact on him.

"Here, take it. I want all the information!" Chi Tian threw a sack full of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ towards the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ and said.

Ye Xiwen took a sip of wine. The corners of his mouth slightly shook. He didn’t know how ‘All Knowing Scholar’ would evaluate him. He wasn’t clear how much this ‘All Knowing Scholar’ organization knew about him. But, they might have gone to the depths of his matters, and may possess all the information…

Ye Xiwen was very afraid of this all-pervasive organization.

"Ye Xiwen was born in the Yi Yuan School. It is located in the Great Yue State of Southeastern region. This school is situated in the lap of the Qing Feng Mountain. He used to be an ordinary disciple ten years ago…" Ye Xiwen’s history was gradually dug out from the mouth of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’.

This caused a huge sensation among countless listeners. They become even more surprised as compared to when they had heard about Emperor Chen. They were surprised because Ye Xiwen was merely at the third stage of the Houtian realm ten years ago as per the information the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ was giving out. And, everyone had been completely taken aback by this.

They knew that Ye Xiwen’s growth speed had always been very quick from the beginning, but they figured that it was only expected of a heaven’s pride expert. However, they realized that he had witnessed a skyrocketing-rise after as the listened to the ‘All Knowing Scholar’’s information.

Most heaven’s pride experts had already entered the Truth realm ten years; at the very least. This obviously excluded that little rascal Pang Yang Bo. He was young, and had started late like Emperor Chen. However, he had entered the truth realm ten years ago even so. However, Ye Xiwen used to be a mere expert of the Houtian Realm at that time.

Houtian Realm was a long-gone history for all the experts here. They had long forgotten about this realm. It was a several decades old matter… or might be several hundred years old matter for some. Even the most nitpicking individual here had no choice but to admit that Ye Xiwen’s progress speed was exceptionally quick.

Ye Xiwen was different from a top genius like Pang Yang Bo who had become a center of attraction since childhood. There had been no difference between Ye Xiwen and an average person ten years ago. So, he had surely risen so sharply because of some fortuitous adventure.

However, what kind of a fortuitous adventure must that have been?

(To be continued)

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