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Ye Xiwen entered the competition-space for the third round. His opponent had already arrived there, and was waiting for him. However, Ye Xiwen became surprised as soon as he saw his opponent. He couldn’t help but smile since he was familiar with this man. This man was Li Fei. He also belonged to the Yi Yuan School. He was one of the disciples who had been taken away from the Yi Yuan School back then.

Ye Xiwen hadn’t seen him in last ten years. He had already entered at legendry’s great complete realm. Moreover, he had fought all the way to the third round.

There used to be some enmity between him and Ye Xiwen in the past. However, Ye Xiwen had never paid much attention to him. Perhaps, it could be said that Li Fei didn’t pose any threat to him.

Li Fei had been in the True Martial University for many years. However, he and Ye Xiwen could be regarded as peers of the same generation. He was the descendant of a former disciple of the True Martial University. He was born and raised in the True Martial University. However, he was only considered an unofficial personnel of the True Martial University at that time. He had been officially enrolled as a disciple of the True Martial University when the university had officially started to recruit disciples.

There was an intrinsic difference between an unofficial personnel and an authentic disciple of the True Martial University.

Li Fei was also surprised to see Ye Xiwen. He forced a faint smile on his face. He hadn’t anticipated that he would come across a ‘calamity star’ like Ye Xiwen in the third round. He and Ye Xiwen had faced-off in small skirmishes in the past. He had wanted to cause trouble for Ye Xiwen in the past. However, such thoughts had disappeared from his mind once Ye Xiwen had gradually risen to fame like a rising star. One would become very jealous if the opposite party turned out to be a bit more ferocious. However, one would leave the thought of fighting altogether if the opposite party turned out to be far more ferocious.

This was Li Fei’s current way of thinking. He knew that he and Ye Xiwen weren’t on the same level from the beginning. He couldn’t compare himself with Ye Xiwen even in the wildest of his thoughts.

"Brother Ye, I confess that I’m not your match. Therefore, I surrender!" Li Fei didn’t wait for Ye Xiwen to speak anything, and spoke up first. He was a bit bigger than Ye Xiwen in stature. However, Ye Xiwen was far powerful than him. They were of the same generation. So, only their strengths could make a difference.

Ye Xiwen gawked for a moment. He hadn’t anticipated that his opponent would admit defeat so straightforwardly. A whole new level of respect emerged inside Ye Xiwen’s heart for him after this!

"True Martial University’s Ye Xiwen is the winner of this fight!"

The voice of the referee-elder reverberated throughout this space.

The first day of the tournament finally came to an end along with the completion of the third round. Ye Xiwen, Shuiyan Luo and the others went to the ‘Metropolis Martial City’; it was situated under the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’. It was the core peak among all the peaks of the True Martial University. In fact, the ‘Metropolis Martial City’ was the Capital City of the True Martial University. So, it was the most bustling city of all. Even the ‘Hidden Star City’ undoubtedly differed by quite a margin from the ‘Metropolis Martial City’.

The disciples of different inheritances and every major force had lodged in the ‘Metropolis Martial City’. They had already booked their places long ago. It would be a lot better if they stayed here since they would be able to leave for ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ for tomorrow’s competition with convenience.

Ye Xiwen had booked the biggest restaurant of the ‘Metropolis Martial City’. He had invited Shuiyan Luo, Huang Luochen, and the other disciples of the Yi Yuan School for a dinner party. Qi Feifan hadn’t participated in this time’s competition. However, Ye Xiwen had asked him to come as well for this rare get together.

Ye Xiwen escorted them to a private room in the restaurant. Each of them acquired their seats. Not many disciples of the Yi Yuan School were there in True Martial University. Therefore, one private room was big enough to accommodate them all. Even then, there was a lot of space to spare…

"Today, it’s a rare opportunity for our get together. So, I raise a toast to everyone!" Ye Xiwen raised a toast, and spoke-up.

"Brother Ye, we’ve had several parties. Only you didn’t have the time!" Qi FeiFan teased Ye Xiwen and said. He felt a bit relieved to see that Ye Xiwen wasn’t in a deep sorrow.

"Yeah, Yeah!"


The other people also began to boo in agreement. Everyone joined up after Qi Feifan took the initiative to tease Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if they had returned to their old days in the Yi Yuan School; it no longer felt like the True Martial University. There was a difference of Heaven and Earth between the two.

They weren’t very familiar with each other in the Yi Yuan School. However, they looked very close to each other in this foreign land of the True Martial University.

This was the best restaurant in the ‘Metropolis Martial City’. The delicacies served here were like treasures. They were very delicious and extraordinary.

The atmosphere gradually turned ardent as everyone’s cups interlocks in cheers.

Everyone ate and drank to their heart’s content. Suddenly, they heard a burst of noises coming from downstairs.

Everyone sent out their divine senses one after another to have a look. A special kind of matrix barrier was established inside this private room. So, the divine senses of the people couldn’t come inside the room from outside. However, people inside this room could send their divine senses outside.

Everyone was surprised to see a middle-aged man standing downstairs. He was clad in a scholar’s robe, and looked like a storyteller. He had walked inside the restaurant. So, several disciples who were present in the restaurant had surrounded him.

Everyone’s eyebrows immediately wrinkled up. He looked like an ordinary scholar of legendary realm. However, nobody dared to look down on him because they knew about his background. He had a mysterious origin. He belonged to the ‘All Knowing Scholars’.

Nobody knew when the ‘All Knowing Scholars’ had appeared in this world. They just knew that these people had been around for a very long time. They could be often seen in the teahouses and restaurants of various regions. These storytellers belonged to an organization known as ‘All Knowing Scholars’. They possessed the most perfect knowledge of the entire world. There was hardly any matter that they didn’t know. So, one could obtain any information as long as one had sufficient money to pay.

Nobody dared to look down on these people… or bully them even though they were physically very weak. This was simply because people didn’t wish to face the retaliation of an organization like the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. Many powerhouses had owed them favors over the years. Such an unseen yet accumulated soft power was sufficient to make a force disappear. So, one could well-imagine the tyranny of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’.

Not many people knew the origins of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. However, they understood that the more they would know… the scarier it would get. Therefore, nobody dared to investigate too much about them or overstep the boundary. Even Ye Xiwen was very interested in their organization. He wanted to know how such a big organization functioned from the shadows. However, he was merely interested; nothing more.

Of course, not all storytellers belonged to this organization. Everyone knew that the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ was an enormous force. How else would they be able to obtain the kind of information which other big forces couldn’t? Everyone knew that it was a very big organization, and had many branches. However, the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ had never projected itself on a large scale. In fact, a place like the Yi Yuan School didn’t even have a real ‘All Knowing Scholar’. It only had some subordinate who operated in that area as storytellers. There was only one real branch of ‘All Knowing Scholar’ even in a place like the True Martial University. And, it was in-charge of handling the information network of the True Martial University.

In fact, nobody knew how many informants worked for the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. Many people would say that the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ alone had sufficient amount of informants to maintain a smooth and unhindered flow of information throughout the intelligence network.

There were many legends about the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. Ye Xiwen also knew some of those. They had never participated in any disputes among different regions of the True Martial World. They were merely responsible for selling information. And, they could give all kinds of information as long as one could pay them the corresponding price.

These storytellers were the subordinates of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. However, most of the people referred to each storyteller as ‘All Knowing Scholar’. Anyway, they didn’t have any names of their own…

The major forces were quite wary of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. However, they had turned a blind eye to their operation since they hadn’t heard of them participating in any kind of dispute or chaos over the years.

The ‘All Knowing Scholar’ had become very popular… especially now during the competition. They had information on every disciple. In fact, they had circulated most of the information about the disciples.

The completion of the first three rounds had ended. So, many disciples were asking for the information about their tomorrow’s opponents from the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. Most people were trying every means to inquire who would be their opponents in tomorrow’s fight. The only exception was Ye Xiwen… because he possessed extraordinary self-confidence. People wanted to find out their opponent’s identity. So, they could then follow the so-called saying of ‘know yourself and know your enemies’, and collect data on their opponents.

Ye Xiwen wasn’t arrogant. He was just self-confident. Three rounds would take place tomorrow as well. He might as well look for a block of tofu, and bang his head on it to kill himself if he couldn’t even cross the first six rounds…

The ‘All Knowing Scholar’ would hear people’s queries, and would then take out jade sheets from his spatial ring. The information that these disciples were seeking was written on those sheets. There was a whole bundle of information.

There was so much information that even Ye Xiwen could barely see all of it.

Ye Xiwen noticed that Shuiyan Luo, Huang Luochen, and other disciples — who had fights tomorrow — were somewhat excited. After all, neither of them possessed incredible self-confidence like Ye Xiwen did… nor could they stay calm like Qi Feifan since he hadn’t participated.

They wanted to go down, and buy the information which they needed from the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. They didn’t need to know about their opponents in tomorrow’s fight, but they would find out if they asked the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. After all, it wasn’t a random competition; it had certain rules. Therefore, it would save them a lot of trouble if they knew things beforehand.

Everyone was about to go down and purchase the information from the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ when they suddenly saw two tall figures march in. They were the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars; one on the left, and the other on the right. And, the two of them arrived before the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. They looked at him disdainfully.

"Aren’t they the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars? What are they doing here? Why do they wish to obtain information? Who can withstand their joint attacks? They don’t need any information, do they?"

"They obviously don’t pay attention to ordinary people. However, what if the opposite party is a heaven’s pride expert? Haven’t you heard that these two were looking to cause trouble for Ye Xiwen today? Perhaps they wish to know specific information about Ye Xiwen!"

"You don’t say. These heaven’s pride experts haven’t competed against each other yet. Therefore, it’s very hard to know who’s stronger. So, it’s quite normal if they are a bit cautious!"

The disciples of each force made some guesses.

The ‘All Knowing Scholar’ raised his eyes to see. His expression remained unchanged as he indifferently asked, "What kind of information do you wish?"

"We want intel on a person!" the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars replied in unison. It seemed as if their minds were linked or something.

"Whose?" ‘All Knowing Scholar’ asked.

"East Sea’s Emperor Chen!" the Twin Stars replied together, "We are only concerned about him among the disciples who have arrived here this time. Others are mediocre!"

The complexions of the disciples of the East Sea’s Muddy Sky Island didn’t change. However, the complexions of the disciples of the True Martial University and the Fire Cloud Cave had turned ugly as they heard this. Their faces had turned red since their heaven’s pride experts had been looked down on.

(To be continued)

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