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"Yes, our 'Hidden Star Peak' doesn't need to be afraid of anyone with this imposing aura!" Bai Jian Song smiled and said, "However, you shouldn't worry too much. Considering your current strength… you will attain an invincible position so long as you can enter the initial phase of semi-sage realm within five years!"

The division of semi-sage realm wasn't as complex as half-step legendary realm. It was divided into three stages - initial, intermediate, and late stage. However, the division of sage realm was again complex. It was divided into initial stage, intermediate stage, late stage, peak stage, small complete, and great complete realm. Then, the half-step great sage realm was divided into three stages - initial, intermediate, and late stage. Bai Jian Song was at the late stage of half-step great sage realm. He was one step away from stepping into the great sage realm.

It was quite possible for Ye Xiwen to enter the semi-sage realm in five years given his present progress pace. In fact, he'd be able to protect himself without any difficulty if he were to enter the semi-sage realm.

Ye Xiwen had a lot to catch-up-with to attain his goal. He wasn't the supreme genius of the younger generation. There were many core disciples of sage realm… as well as true disciples of great sage realm.

"En!" Ye Xiwen nodded. These martial arts competitions and trials were like small scale battles between major forces. They were usually very cruel in nature, and followed the simple principle of 'you die, I live'.

Every major force would hope for their own heaven's pride experts to slaughter the ones on the opposite side since it would settle their grudges and badly hurt the rival force. This wouldn't seriously affect a major force since a large number of new disciples joined these forces every hundred years. But it was sufficient to leave them anxious, and in heart-wrenching pain.

"Our True Martial University has suffered severe losses in the recent-few Martial Arts Competitions!" Bai Jian Song said. "Our True Martial University used to rule the entire True Martial World at one point. Then, those other forces rose abruptly. One could say that they've stepped on our True Martial University's corpse to climb up!"

Bai Jian Song couldn't help but clench his teeth in anger as he said this. These forces were merely the subordinate forces of the True Martial University at one point. However, they had risen to power one after another with the aid of the True Martial University's decline. Each of these forces and the True Martial University bore immense and deep-seated hatred for each other since their rise was based on the pile of corpses of countless ancestors of the True Martial University.

In fact, no matter when and how the True Martial University had declined… it was still considered at the top. This was the so-called case of the — 'even a skinny dead camel is bigger than a horse'. No matter how the True Martial University had declined… it was still considered as an outstanding major force in the True Martial World. However, several other forces had risen; they had besieged it from all sides. This had led to the complete decline of the True Martial University. It ended-up transforming from the topmost major force of the True Martial World to merely an ordinary tyrannical force. It had countless disciples, but the number was far less compared to its times of glory.

"Therefore, these forces unite together in order to suppress us whenever the Martial Arts Competition takes place. But only the new comers will participate in the competition. So it won't be a huge matter. However, it would've been a lot more fun if all the geniuses of the True Martial World were to clash!" Bai Jian Song sneered, "They're afraid of the reemergence of our True Martial University!"

The True Martial University had once ruled the entire True Martial World as the undisputed number-one major force for countless years. It may have declined, but the other forces couldn't match its rich heritage. The various kinds of ancient books it had in its possession could scare the other sects to death. It had continued to dominate the southern region for so many years, but it hadn't been able to return to its previous glory. This was mainly because the other forces had collaborated to suppress it. Everyone was afraid of its reemergence and subsequent retaliation.

Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid. Instead, his blood somewhat began to boil. The road of martial arts was difficult to walk on. The most exciting and wonderful thing was the contest between experts. The mere number of geniuses in the True Martial University was very large. But, if the experts from the five regions and four oceans of the entire world were to gather at one place... the mere thought of this had made Ye Xiwen's blood boil.

Bai Jian Song suddenly shook his head and laughed as he watched Ye Xiwen become excited instead of getting worried. This young disciple was similar to the other members of the Hidden Star Peak.

"He he, don't worry. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get stronger!" Bai Jian Song said. "You must prepare properly for the next few years. You must try your best to enter the semi-sage realm before the Martial Arts Competition starts. You will acquire an invincible position if you were to enter the semi-sage realm!"

Ye Xiwen nodded. He would be able to deal with the other experts of the same realm if he could stride into the semi-sage realm. That would more than help him in defending himself.

"Anyway, there are still many years to go. You have plenty of time to prepare!" Bai Jian Song said. The time of several years was long enough for an average person. However, it wasn't too long for the experts with over a thousand years of cultivation time.


"This is just the warm-up time!" Bai Jian Song said, "The main game will start when the top players of the younger generation of the five regions of the world, four oceans, and four desolate lands appear for the big competition. Your name and fame will shake the entire world if you can rise above the others. The Big Brother had risen above others in this competition. His achievements would've been far more than now if it wasn't for the incomplete 'Hidden Star Scripture'!"

Ye Xiwen nodded. In fact, it hadn't merely limited Big Brother's growth… it could be said that the entire 'Hidden Star Peak' had suffered because of the practice of this incomplete 'Hidden Star Scripture'. They had several doubts and were uncertain about several aspects of the scripture. However, everyone's strength on this peak would increase by leaps and bounds within no time since Ye Xiwen had comprehended the complete version of the 'Hidden Star Scripture'. Their foundations and heritage had been enough to support them. But their cultivation had remained suppressed due to the flaw in the martial principle they had practiced. They had taken every step very carefully until this point. However, they could now advance by leaps and bounds since they had been rid of these shackles.

"First of all… I must undergo the closed-door training. I can finally cross this threshold of the great-sage realm after so many years of wait!" Bai Jian Song looked somewhat excited as he spoke.

Bai Jian Song went for the closed-door training; Ye Xiwen began his preparation as well. The Martial Arts Competition of the new comers would take place after five years. The top experts of the younger generation of the True Martial World would take part in this competition. Ye Xiwen's current strength was insufficient to deal with those experts. In fact, he would only end-up serving himself as food to be devoured by others if his strength would remain same after five years.

What he lacked the most were 'Spirit Dans'. He was in need of those; all the time. Especially now… since he needed to refine that Star Colossus into a blood slave… but his current strength wasn't enough. Moreover, he lacked a large amount of 'Spirit Dans'.

He must deduce the flaws of his 'Coiling Dragon Palm', 'Observing Person Scripture', and so on in these five years. The thought of the astronomical number of 'Spirit Dans' he'd eventually require had given him a headache. Fortunately, he had five years. Otherwise, it would've been impossible for him to earn the required number of 'Spirit Dans'.

The estimated amount of 'Spirit Dans' that Ye Xiwen required might even surpass the needs of a sage expert.

The members of the Hidden Star peak were either undergoing closed-door training or resting to recuperate. However, the storm hadn't yet passed. It wasn't going to die down that easily because it was related to the prestige of two inheritances.

The 'Hidden Star Peak' had been among the 'Top 100 inheritances'. And the 'War Dead Star Peak' had been aiming to seize a rank among the 'Top 100 Inheritances'. The impact of this matter had given rise to a rumor that began to spread outside the bounds of these two inheritances.

Several people watched these two inheritances closely. They didn't know how fierce their collision would be, but they believed that the 'Hidden Star Peak' would fall from its position among the 'Top 100 Inheritances'. It had hung at the bottom of the ranking list for innumerable years; nobody had been able to shake its position even though it had declined.

Nobody would presume that those inheritances that had been covetously eyeing the position of the Hidden Star Peak for so long had good intentions… or would deliberately let it off. However, they couldn't think of a reason why the Hidden Star Peak had been able to maintain its position. But, after the rumor about this matter spread… people began to understand that it was hard for an average person to predict the background and heritage of the Hidden Star Peak. Huang Wuji's return had suddenly removed the veil before their eyes.

Everyone had believed that Ye Xiwen was too arrogant and despotic since he had killed those disciples of Law Enforcement Hall. The Law Enforcement disciples may not have occupied the just-side, but daring to kill them had explained a lot about Ye Xiwen's temperament.

However, then Huang Wuji appeared. And everyone realized that Ye Xiwen was merely a juvenile in comparison. Huang Wuji had chopped-off the arms of an elder of the Law Enforcement Hall. He hadn't killed anyone, but everyone knew that he could… if he wanted to… but he didn't bother to.

The legends about Huang Wuji started to flip-over one-after-another after his return. Everyone knew that an elder of sage realm was like a feather for an audacious man like him. He had killed an expert of great sage realm thousand years ago. He was akin to an evil god. Who would dare to mess with him?

However, the people who had been looking forward to the clash of the two inheritances were greatly disappointed. This was because… the 'War Dead Star Peak' didn't want an investigation to be held. Their so-called demand to replace the Hidden Star Peak from the ranks of the 'Top 100 Inheritances' had also disappeared without a trace.

Then, the news spread out. It turned out that the 'War Dead Star Peak' had thoroughly enraged Huang Wuji. He had attacked the 'War Dead Star Peak' in-turn. He had rushed inside the territory of the War Dead Star Peak, and had chased their chief-disciple around; as if he were a dog. His attacks had caused the entire territory of the 'War Dead Star Peak' to collapse into pieces. Even the respectable elder, the predecessors as well as the chief of predecessors didn't turn out to be Huang Wuji's opponents; they were slapped into the sky.

Huang Wuji had reached the great complete level of Great Sage realm... according to the hearsay. This news had suddenly pacified countless forces which were readying themselves to make trouble. His intrepid strength had made everyone harbor an entirely new level of respect for him. People had been jealous of the Hidden Star Peak for many years. The Hidden Star Peak didn't have many people, but this Huang Wuii was enough to frighten anyone. Moreover, the mysterious Master of the Hidden Star Peak was even more unfathomable. Therefore, people didn't dare to look down on the Hidden Star Peak anymore.

They had realized that it would be for their own wellbeing to behave properly… unless they wished to experience the same fate as the 'War Dead Star Peak' at the hands of Huang Wuji.

(To be continued)

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