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Ye Xiwen's requirement of 'Spirit Energy' had gone beyond the limit of exaggeration. He needed the support of 'Spirit Energy' for various aspects. If there would be no 'Spirit Energy' at hand… then he could only rely on time and absorb it slowly. He'd be able to gradually accumulate it, but Ye Xiwen didn't wish the speed to be so slow… nor did he look forward to such slow cultivation speed.

Ye Xiwen's cultivation had enhanced by leaps and bounds, and his progress-speed was faster than others. However, it was very different from the progress of others. That was because he had an invincibly robust foundation. Every step that he took was more difficult than an average person's. He had to shoulder a terrifying amount of pressure… the kind that was hard for other people to imagine. He had continued to walk step-by-step though he was burdened with so much pressure. Therefore, his foundation was bound to be more profound than the majority of people.

His 'Heavenly Tribulations' had always been more terrifying as well. In fact, he might've been killed by those tribulations if he hadn't built a sufficiently profound foundation. This had compelled him to unceasingly work towards building a more and more profound foundation.

However, Ye Xiwen needed a great amount of 'Spirit Dans' at the moment. He thought for a moment. The fastest way to obtain such a huge amount of 'Spirit Dans,' would be to complete the missions deployed by the True Martial University.

The rewards for these missions were often very lucrative. These rewards were naturally on an entirely new level when compared to the Yi Yuan School.

The True Martial University also had one specialized 'Merit Palace Hall' (1) in order to issue and keep track of the status of various kinds of missions; just as the Yi Yuan School. Some missions were issued by the university itself, while some were requested by the outsiders. However, the missions issued by the university were usually better than personal requests.

That was because the university missions were more on the 'normal' side on contrary to the personal requests… which usually came with 'strange' requirements. Some people often made weird requests too. However, such strange personal requests would often bring more generous rewards.

Countless disciples used to visit the 'Merit Palace Hall' to undertake missions.

Ye Xiwen stepped into the 'Merit Palace Hall'. The tables had been arranged in rows. A disciple with profound cultivation was seated behind each table. Several of these disciples were experts of semi-sage realm. The most inferior among them were the experts of legendry's great complete realm. In fact, there were many sage realm experts to keep an eye on the other disciples of the 'Merit Palace Hall'. Just like in the case of the Law Enforcement Hall — the disciples of the 'Merit Palace Hall' were comprised of elites, and they hailed from different inheritances.

The 'Merit Palace Hall' was a very large force inside the True Martial University. Its influence was no less than the Law Enforcement Hall's. These two were the key organizations of the True Martial University; one to give rewards… and the other to inflict punishment. It was as if the university had a stick in one hand, and a carrot in the other. The Law Enforcement Hall would inflict punishments. Therefore, it could be considered as a stick. And the 'Merit Palace Hall' was the in-charge of distributing the rewards; so, it could be considered as the carrot. Everyone undoubtedly had a favorable opinion of the 'Merit Palace Hall' as opposed to the notorious Law Enforcement Hall.

Ye Xiwen arrived in front of a table. An expert of legendry's great complete realm was seated behind it. His unrestrained aura was extremely profound. His cultivation seemed countless times superior to that of the experts of legendry's great complete realm whom Ye Xiwen had so far come across. He wasn't one bit inferior to the heaven's pride level experts.

This was fairly normal. However, this didn't mean that these disciples were fiercer than Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen's cultivation time was nowhere near theirs. These people had practiced for at-least 300-400 years. Several of them didn't have the means to step into semi-sage realm. In fact, many might not be able to venture into the semi-sage realm their entire lives. This was the harsh reality.

Their strength might not be inferior to Ye Xiwen's. However, there was a difference of Heaven and Earth between their statuses. They were merely the inner disciples, but Ye Xiwen had been ranked as heaven's pride level expert. He was a core disciple, and was supposed to be the primary focus of the University. There was no comparison between them and Ye Xiwen.

The reason was simple. The difference between their potentials was similar to the one between the Heaven and Earth. These people might make a breakthrough into the sage realm in the future… if, and only if they were lucky. However, Ye Xiwen had boundless future prospects.

However, one could clearly see that Merit Palace Hall's background was very profound by merely looking at these strong experts being assigned to such duties. Perhaps, its overall strength was no less than that of the Law Enforcement Hall.

"Young fellow, which mission do you wish to pick?" that expert of legendry's great complete realm asked. It was difficult to judge someone's age from their external appearance. But there were several methods by which one's approximate age could be guessed. Ye Xiwen could see that they weren't too young… similarly, they could spot that he was very young.

"Is there any suitable mission that matches legendry's great complete realm?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"Young fellow, you're at half-step legendary seventh stage. You're not qualified to undertake a mission of legendary great complete realm's level!" That disciple of the Merit Palace Hall didn't seem like a bad person. He merely reminded Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen's strength was at half-step legendary seventh stage in his opinion. A legendry's great complete realm's mission wouldn't be of ordinary difficulty for someone of this strength.

"You're one of this year's new comers, right? You don't know the profoundness of this world. You should choose an ordinary mission of your level!" an expert next to that legendry's great complete realm's expert opened his mouth and suggested. His aura was incomparably profound. It wasn't inferior to Ye Xiwen's current power.

"Aren't you Ye Xiwen? …The one who killed Fan Ming?" A disciple at the reception recognized Ye Xiwen. This suddenly attracted the attention of several people, and they looked towards him.

Every session's heaven's pride level experts were widely famous. This session's heaven's pride level expert had been chosen very recently. How they could not be well-known?

These experts of the Merit Palace Hall could be considered as elites. Their strength wasn't inferior to those of the newly anointed heaven's pride level experts. However, there was a difference of heaven and earth in their status. One could determine this by drawing a comparison between their respective cultivation-years.

These heaven's pride level experts could become outstanding figures of their respective inheritances in the future… so long as no mishap would occur. They could even compete for the position of the chief. They could easily become the top-tier experts of the 'Top 100 Inheritances'. Then, they would stand above millions of people in the True Martial University. Not to mention that they'd rule the population of the entire southern region.

Ye Xiwen's reputation had transcended that of the others in this session's heaven's pride level expert. He had dared to look down on the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall. An average person wouldn't have the courage to do this.

Moreover, his reputation had been boosted by the manner in which the Hidden Star Peak had recently come to limelight. It had suddenly become world-famous despite being at the bottommost position in the list of the 'Top 100 Inheritances'. It had started to shine as brightly as a meteor.

"So… this is Ye Xiwen. No wonder he has such an unrestrained aura, and such profound martial power; he's as strong as us!"

"Yes. The heaven's pride level experts are incomparably tyrannical. It'll be impossible for an average person to face them. They lead a pious life and cultivate for many years. This Ye Xiwen couldn't be more than 50 years old, but his martial power is comparable to mine. However, I became a disciple of the Merit Palace Hall to obtain more resources than average disciples. I used to be known as a genius once. However, I've become another ordinary disciple in front of these heaven's pride disciples!"

Ye Xiwen's expression didn't change. It seemed as if he hadn't seen those surrounding disciples of the Merit Palace Hall. He didn't pay any attention to the other disciples who had either arrived to pick missions, or get paid for completion of their tasks.

"Since, it's Brother Ye… there's no problem!" That disciple didn't exaggerate this issue any further. Ye Xiwen was merely an expert of half-step legendary seventh stage. However, he had slaughtered a heaven's pride level expert. The number of levels he had skipped to achieve that feat was beyond an average person's imagination.

That disciple lined-up the mission of the rank of legendry's great complete realm. The missions of legendry's great complete realm and ordinary legendary realm mission weren't same. The most trivial mission had a reward of 1 million 'Spirit Dans'. And the rewards gradually increased with the difficulty level. Ye Xiwen searched through the list of missions, and noticed that the one with highest reward offered 9 million 'Spirit Dans'. It was a personal request… for the assassination of a person. It offered 5 million 'Spirit Dans' extra than the second-highest paying mission. The reward for this mission was on a whole new level when compared to the others.

The description of the mission made it seem as if it required the assassination of a man named Guan Yuan Wu. He was a well-known 'obscene thief' in the Southern region. It was hard to tell how many respectable families he had looted. He had stolen the innocence of many women. However, no one had ever been able to catch him. He was merely at legendry's great complete realm. However, he had practiced an extremely outstanding agility skill. Even the experts of semi-sage realm couldn't catch him. Several sage experts had failed to catch-up with him in the past. There was a note attached to the mission's file. It clearly indicated that this mission had been assigned to the experts of semi-sage realm and above in the past. However, Guan Yuan Wu had always succeeded in escaping.

"Young fellow, do you wish to take up this mission to assassinate Guan Yuan Wu?" that disciple of legendry's great complete realm asked. "The surviving disciples of the Flower Butterfly Valley had personally requested our True Martial University to take-up this mission!"

He explained further since he realized that Ye Xiwen hadn't understood his reference properly. The Flower Butterfly Valley was a small martial arts school. It constituted of female disciples only. It was far inferior to Yi Yuan School strength-wise, but it was famed since it had several pretty women. However, the Flower Butterfly Valley was destroyed by Guan Yuan Wu fifty years ago. The Valley-Head, as well a large number of disciples were plundered by him. Consequently, the Flower Butterfly Valley was wiped-out. This mission had been listed here by the disciples that had managed to run away from the valley at that time. The Flower Butterfly Valley wasn't a big school. And everything had been robbed by Guan Yuan Wu. These 9 million 'Spirit Dans' were the entirety of the savings of the surviving disciples of Flower Butterfly Valley. And they had assigned it all for this mission.

However, Guan Yuan Wu had intrepid strength. An ordinary expert of legendry's great complete realm couldn't even withstand one move of his'. In fact, most experts weren't even able to catch-up with him. And those who did… were suppressed by him. The remuneration was enough to entice higher-level experts. Therefore, not many people showed interest in this mission, and this mission had been pending for decades.

"Young Ye, I think that Guan Yuan Wu practices some evil technique to absorb the Yin Yuan (2) of females, and then uses it for his practice. His martial power must've enhanced by leaps and bounds in the past decades. You must consider carefully before you choose this mission!" that disciple reminded Ye Xiwen.

"En! I have decided!" Ye Xiwen desperately needed 'Spirit Dans'. He would receive a great reward if he were to undertake this mission since it happened to be the highest-paid of all.

(To be continued)


Merit Hall Palace = Gongde Palace (used in earlier translations)

Yin Yuan: Yin is the negative principle of 'Yin-Yang theory'. And it is usually associated with women in a feminine sense. Yuan usually means original, primary etc. In this context, it may mean 'soul'.

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