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That black-clothed old man and the group of law enforcement disciples started to leave bitterly. Ye Xiwen couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief as he saw this. Ye Xiwen would've had to fight a desperate battle with his entire strength if the Big Brother hadn't arrived in time. There would've been no other way out for him since he wouldn't have allowed them to arrest him. A desperate battle at the risk of his life was the only hope he had. However, there wouldn't have been any hope if he would've been taken away by those Law Enforcement disciples. The Law Enforcement Hall was indeed the True Martial University's most fierce and violent organization. It had as many experts as the clouds in the sky. Its members belonged to various powerful inheritances, and were elites among elites. Each one of these experts was ferocious. And there were so many of them that it felt as if there were experts raining down from the clouds. The experts of sage realm were not rare in the Law Enforcement Hall. There were many experts of great sage realm as well. In fact, it was believed that the Lord of the Law Enforcement Hall was even more tyrannical than the terrifying experts of great-sage realm.

Would he still believe that he could run from the Law Enforcement Hall?

That was impossible.

The opposite party would've effortlessly suppressed him, and concocted fake evidences against him. Ye Xiwen had seen some shady organization play dirty tricks to trap people in his previous life. The main thing was that once the leaders desired for something — they'd do anything to obtain it. Ye Xiwen believed that things were the same inside the True Martial University as well.

In case Ye Xiwen was caught on solid charges and put on trial… even the Master wouldn't have been able to save Ye Xiwen if he were to show-up in-time and take action.

In fact, Ye Xiwen had even consider to unleash the Star Colossus and cause full-on chaos if he was about to suffer a major loss. The noise produced would've surely reached the ears of higher authorities, and they may have looked into this matter in detail.

Of course, that would've been his last resort. He wouldn't choose this road as long as he had some other way out.

However, the Big Brother had arrived; fortunately. His tyranny had gone far beyond everyone's imagination. He had cut an arm of every Law Enforcement disciple as a warning.

Everyone could see that Big Brother Huang Wuji had invincible tyrannical strength. He could've killed them effortlessly. However, he had only cut-off their arms. This showed that he hadn't shed all pretenses of cordiality.

Ye Xiwen finally realized why the 'Hidden Star Peak' didn't have many disciples but still had such an exceptional solidarity. Yes, it was the feeling they carried in their heart; they covered-up each other's shortcomings. If one were to commit a mistake… the other would protect them like a doting parent.

Ye Xiwen wasn't guilty of causing this incident. However, Big Brother wouldn't have allowed them catch him even if he had committed the crime.

Such protective nature and watching each other's backs secretly disseminated a warm feeling inside Ye Xiwen's heart.

"Fourth Brother, Fifth Sister, are you okay?" the Third Brother Bai Jian Song flew down and asked.

"I'm all right. I felt very good as I watched those bastards admit their defeat!" Yang Wen Jun burst into laughter and said. However, his wounds were still affecting him. He couldn't help but grimace in pain.

"That's right. Our Hidden Star Peak cannot be messed with!" Deng Shui Xin brandished her small fist and said.

"Sixth Brother, you've done quite well this time!" Bai Jian Song looked towards Ye Xiwen and said. His eyes were full of delight and appreciation. The true strength of the 'Hidden Star Peak' lay in its unity. They must rely on each other and keep watch on each other's backs. They must protect each other. The few remaining disciples must stand unanimously as a group against any foreign threat.

Ye Xiwen had joined them very recently. However, his way of doing things had brought him a lot appreciation from others.

"I did what I should've done; nothing more!" Ye Xiwen shook his head and said. Bai Jian Song and the other people had appreciated him for his deeds. He really liked the behavior of the disciples of the Hidden Star Peak. A great sense of belonging had started to emerge inside his heart.

The Big Brother Huang Wuji flew down. He laughed out loud as he patted Ye Xiwen's shoulder and said, "Yes, Yes, you've done a very good job. You deserve to be a disciple of our Hidden Star Peak!"

A pleasant smile appeared on Huang Wuji's face. It was very different from the ice-cold murderous look that he had worn on his face a moment ago. He had addressed Ye Xiwen as a fellow disciple without any hesitation. This was his real temperament.

"I did only what I should've done to deal with this matter," Ye Xiwen replied with a smile. This was the first time he was meeting the Big Brother, and he very much appreciated this so-called logic of staying together in a group. It was same as the saying - birds of a feather flock together.

There wasn't a single person in this 'Hidden Star Peak' who'd readily accept defeat. In fact, the Master of the peak was the most rebellious and untamed man. He couldn't tolerate even the slightest loss. His motto was simple - 'I won't provoke you. However, if you dare to provoke me —I will kill you!'

"Ha ha, right. You did what you should've done. I believe that many people have understood what they should've done earlier!" Huang Wuji smiled and said, "Come, let's go back to the Hidden Star Peak!"

The five fellow-disciples of the Hidden Star Peak and the wolf cub tread on the rainbow lights, and disappeared from the 'Hidden Star City' in front of everyone's eyes.

Discussions started to boil throughout 'Hidden Star City' as soon as they left; it seemed as if the city had become a boiling pot.

"That Huang Wuji guy was so terrifying. Who's he? How come I've never heard of him? I felt as if it was the end of the world when I saw him treading on his rainbow light across the sky!"

"Indeed. Those disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall are experts with supreme talent. However, they couldn't stop a single move of that guy's. They would be dead if he had intended to kill them!"

"That's true. The 'Hidden Star Peak' has such a terrifying expert…? How come we never knew? I thought that Ye Xiwen was the only famous expert here. That Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin had risen to fame in the previous batch of new disciples. However, they can be barely be ranked toward the end among the top-tier disciples. But where did such a terrifying expert suddenly appear from? Even the chiefs of several inheritances don't possess such terrifying strength!"

"That is rightly so. Many of you geniuses have arrived here a few years ago only. Some people have arrived less than hundred years ago. Some have arrived two hundred years ago. How can you possibly know him?"

A middle-aged man with twirled moustache said in a somewhat contented manner. He clearly seemed very proud of himself since he had recognized Huang Wuji.

"Do you know him?"

"Hurry up and tell us about him if you know; hurry up and tell!"

Many young disciples surrounded him and began to ask questions somewhat excitedly.

"You people are very young. It's only natural that you don't know. Huang Wuji used to be extremely tyrannical back in the day. Frequent conflicts used to break-out between him and the law enforcement disciples. It was almost a thousand years ago… the Law Enforcement Hall couldn't catch him… just like the present-day Ye Xiwen… The Law Enforcement Hall had used many methods to eliminate him. However, he would survive every time. The scale of the battles between both the sides grew fiercer and fiercer over time. It soon reached an extent that Huang Wuji once recklessly killed an elder of the Law Enforcement Hall. He hadn't killed an ordinary elder, but an elder of great sage realm who held a high position. The higher authorities exiled Huang Wuji for three hundred years since they sensed an imminent war. He was forbidden to return until-after the three hundred years had passed. No one back then knew that he would become so powerful one day!" that middle-aged man calmly explained.

Everyone suddenly held their breaths after they heard this. He had killed a powerhouse of the great sage realm. His strength was indeed enough to leave people dumbstruck. No one had expected that such a ferocious expert had been lurking beneath the surface of the 'Hidden Star Peak'. Suddenly, it wasn't surprising that so many inheritances had been eyeing the position of the Hidden Star Peak but hadn't been able to seize it.

"Humph, it seems that some people are too eager to launch an attack on the 'Hidden Star Peak'. However, it's not that easy to do so since it isn't made-up of pushovers. Even the second and third disciples of the 'Hidden Star Peak' aren't easy to deal with. They're well-known experts as well!" that middle-aged man said somewhat disdainfully.

Ye Xiwen followed Huang Wuji and the others to the Hidden Star Peak. Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin hadn't sustained normal injuries. Ye Xiwen had given them healing medicinal pills that had stabilized the condition of their injuries. However, they'd require some time to recuperate completely.

Hence, they left to heal their wounds. Ye Xiwen followed Huang Wuji and Bai Jian Song to the main hall. This main hall used to be the center of high level discussions on the Hidden Star Peak. This place had strict protection. It was surrounded by an enchantment barrier so that people couldn't hear the conversations from outside. However, this main hall had become desolate ever since the decline of this peak.

Ye Xiwen looked at Third Brother Bai Jian Song. Ye Xiwen knew that Third Brother wasn't on the peak back when he was in the Great Trial Competition. He was aware that the Third Brother had gone out to look for the Big Brother and the Master. The enemy might have considered this point as well… otherwise, the disciples of the 'War Dead Star Peak' and Law Enforcement Hall wouldn't have arrived looking for trouble on the same day.

"Nice to meet you, Sixth Brother. You're a very talented person. I've heard about your previous exploits. It's been a while since such a genius has joined our Hidden Star Peak!" Huang Wuji looked towards Ye Xiwen and grinned as he said. His face had a heroic expression on it. Huang Wuji hadn't been present all-year-round. However, that didn't mean that he didn't know anything. He knew a lot of things, and that too more clearly than other people.

"Big Brother is over-praising me. The consequences would've been too dreadful if Big Brother hadn't arrived so timely. I've finally come know what a person from outside 'the well' is really like. But I'm nothing but a frog that sits idly at the bottom of the well… still as ignorant and conceited as ever!" Ye Xiwen said with a sigh. He was regarded at the top of the younger generation strength-wise. He had been ranked as the heaven's pride level expert. However, he had merely faced the experts who had practiced for a few decades. He didn't have enough strength to face the expert of the older generations; especially the ones who had been practicing for centuries or even a thousand years. He felt incompetent in front of such experts.

This incident had erased the little ego that had recently cropped-up inside Ye Xiwen's being.

His cultivation could be regarded at the top among new disciples. However, he couldn't be named as a mighty expert. Not to mention that when compared with those old monsters… he was far-away from being a top-tier expert. He had nothing to be proud of.

Ye Xiwen had unconsciously allowed an arrogant mindset to take root in his psyche. However, it had been entirely obliterated after this incident.

"You don't need to be modest. You've accomplished many things for your age. I hadn't done this well when I was your age!" Huang Wuji waved his hand and said. However, his star-like eyes firmly locked on Ye Xiwen as he asked, "Sixth Brother, I've heard from Third Brother that you've comprehended the 'Hidden Star Scripture'?"

(To be continued)

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