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"Who is Ye Xiwen!?" a loud sonic boom sounded from afar.

Ye Xiwen saw dozens of astonishing rainbow light coming towards him. Dozens of intrepid figures were treading on those rainbow lights. They were being led by an old man clad in black robe. His hair was crowned-up like the head of a Siberian crane. There was a hint of a pleasantly surprised look spread across his face. It seemed as if he was unable to hide this look.

Dozens of strong figures followed him on those terrifying rainbow lights. The emblem of Law Enforcement Hall was embroidered on the clothes of these people.

Ye Xiwen frowned slightly. The wolf cub was beside him; he whispered to Ye Xiwen, "What are these people doing here?! I'm certain that they're up to no good!"

Ye Xiwen flew up and stated, "I am!"

Ye Xiwen glanced at those people. Everyone's body was brimming with vitality. This indicated that they were ridiculously strong. In fact, the weakest among them was an expert of legendry's great complete realm. It was hard to estimate whether they were experts of semi-sage realm since many of them had restrained their auras.

That old man in the lead was undoubtedly a powerhouse of the Sage realm. Ye Xiwen sneered inside his heart. Several strong disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall had arrived at once. How could this be a good sign?

Their ill-intent could be sensed from such a powerful lineup of experts.

"Humph. Someone told me that you've brutally injured fellow disciples of the same sect. Therefore, I've came here to inspect. As I see, that's really the case. You'll have to come with us!" that old man looked coldly towards Ye Xiwen as he spoke. A sinister smile had appeared on his face. How would Ye Xiwen not know what might happen to him if he were to go to the Law Enforcement Hall with them?

They had plenty of ways to forge evidences against Ye Xiwen and frame him.

You sisterf*ker!

Ye Xiwen secretly cursed in his heart. Who would believe that he rushed here after the incident had occurred? They would most likely be fooled by his external appearance.

"You say that I've injured fellow disciples of the same sect? Well, excuse me. I don't know what you're talking about. These people started it. They wanted to instigate disharmony between the 'Hidden Star Peak' and the 'War Dead Star Peak". They can't be forgiven for this deed!" Ye Xiwen said coldly. These people of the 'War Dead Star Peak' had injured the disciples of the 'Hidden Star Peak'. They had had used the excuse of sending in an application to replace Hidden Star Peak in the 'Top 100 inheritances'. However, their actions couldn't be justified since a decision was yet to be made on that application. Yet, they had still arrived here. It would've been fine if they hadn't done anything. However, they had caused this incident. So, the argument was on Ye Xiwen's side.

The opposite party had been too rampant. That was because they had underestimated the 'Hidden Star Peak'; though, that was justifiable since the 'Hidden Star Peak' had a very few disciples. The Master and Big Brother would be perennially absent. The Second Sister cultivated like a mad person, and would undertake closed-door training all-year-round. So, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Ye Xiwen didn't have to be afraid of anything as long as he'd stick to this logical argument. Anyway, he hadn't killed anyone.

The 'Hidden Star Peak' had declined, but an ordinary person couldn't take it lightly.

"Nonsense; you wish to argue?" that old man shouted in a cold voice. He didn't wish to give Ye Xiwen any opportunity to defend himself. "It is evident that you've injured the disciples of the same Sect. Don't try to quibble!"

Then, the old man stretched-out his hand. It condensed into a big hand made up of energy in the sky. It rose against the wind, and it got bigger-and-bigger in the sky. It was exceptionally terrifying. The tyrannical might of the sage realm firmly locked on to Ye Xiwen, and made it difficult for him to breathe.

The experts of sage realm had surpassed the realm of mundane life to some extent. If an expert of legendary realm could be said to be a legend… then an expert of sage realm would be considered a myth. In short, sage experts were people who had transcended the mortal world, and didn't associate with ordinary mortals.

A sage expert was such a frightening existence in the ten countries of the Southeastern region that they could frighten any major influence, and emerge as a deterrent-force in the entire scope of the region.

The experts of sage realm were considered as core disciples inside the True Martial University. The core disciples had the same intelligence-quotient as that of true disciples. However, they held a prominent position in the university. If the true disciples would be treated as the pillars in the hierarchy of disciples…. then the core disciples would be treated as the foundation.

The higher authorities didn't care too much about the outer and inner disciples. Their attention was mainly fixed on the core-level disciples.

Ye Xiwen felt as if his entire body had been paralyzed. His muscles had become rigid. Indeed, it was the so-called massive suppression effect of the 'Life Control Level'. It had transcended the mortal world. The legendary realm consisted of legends, but it was merely a realm of mortal-level and belonged to the mundane world. However, things changed in their entirety after one stepped into the Sage realm since they'd achieve an entirely different level called 'Life Control Level'.

It seemed as if a sheep had bumped into a lion; such was the disparity created by the 'Life Control Level'.

That big hand tightened its grip as it got closer. Ye Xiwen's golden divinities began to surge-up frantically.

"Roar!" the divinities surged-on Ye Xiwen's body and rushed into the sky as he raised his hand. The divinities broke the strong grip of that sage realm expert, and allowed Ye Xiwen to evade from getting shackled.

Ye Xiwen had used his explosive power to break-free from the shackles. He then opened his devil wings and dodged to avoid the incoming big hand.

"You dare to resist the arrest!" The black-robed old man's complexion turned ashen. He hadn't thought that he would lose control over Ye Xiwen. He had estimated that he'd effortlessly seize Ye Xiwen. He felt that it would've been impossible for Ye Xiwen to dodge since he was extremely confident of his sage level strength. He would be useless as an expert of sage realm if he couldn't even catch a trivial expert of half-step legendary seventh stage. However, unfortunately even he didn't know how Ye Xiwen had managed to break-through his sage level suppression.

"Grab him and bring to me. I can't believe that I couldn't bring him under my control!" that old man ordered coldly. A terrifying chill spread-out in the air.

Several experts flashed into action like a puff of smoke after they heard that old man's words. They extended their big energy-hands towards Ye Xiwen to capture him.

"You pigs! You have so much courage that you dare to lay your hands on my Hidden Star Peak's disciples!" suddenly, a loud shout exploded like a sonic boom. It had come from a distance. Then, a terrifying divine beam swept-over from afar.




A loud sound of explosions reverberated. The divine beam trailed after those big energy-hands and exploded them into pieces. Those big energy-hands transformed into a mass of energy and dispersed in the air.




Those experts of the Law Enforcement Hall screamed one-after-another. Their arms had been swept away by that divine beam and had been transformed into blood fog. Even the experts of semi-sage realm couldn't evade the attack. In fact, that sage level expert of Law Enforcement Hall was no exception.

They held onto what remained of their arms as they continued to wail and scream. The black-robed old man covered his wound and shouted, "Who dares to attack the members of Law Enforcement Hall? Who wants to die?"

"Humph; you have a lot of courage. How in the world did you gather the courage to dare cause trouble for the 'Hidden Star Peak'?" a figure appeared in front of everyone after that loud shout resonated. He was a young man clad in black clothes. He was approximately 27 or 28 years old. He appeared tall and sturdy. His hair made it seem as if he had worn a jade crown. His eyebrows were slanting into his temples like two swords. He seemed to be brimming with a heroic spirit.

Ye Xiwen didn't recognize this person. However, he knew the man who stood behind this person. It was the Third Brother - Bai Jian Song.

That person's identity was on the verge of coming-out in open. It was the same person the Third Brother Bai Jian Song had mentioned earlier; the Big Brother - Huang Wuji.

He was an outstanding genius. His reputation had shaken the entire True Martial University once.

"Are you Huang Wuji?" that old man looked at Huang Wuji and asked. A trace of panic flashed in his eyes. Huang Wuji; this name had flourished for a long time. These new disciples might not know that his name had once shaken the True Martial University. However, the old man knew this because he had heard legends about Huang Wuji's extraordinary prowess, exceptional martial knowledge and elegant demeanor.

"You Law Enforcement Disciples are very courageous. You took the advantage of our absence, and you've tried to cause trouble for our Hidden Star Peak's disciples!" Huang Wuji sneered and looked towards that old man. He said, "One thousand years have gone by, but you don't show any signs of growth!"

"Shut your mouth…" The old man clenched his teeth and said, "Huang Wuji, do you wish to go against our Law Enforcement Hall? Don't forget that we've been given the authority to enforce law by the University Head!"

"Don't give me that crap. Who allowed you to come here and arrest our people?" Huang Wuji asked coldly.

"Our Lord has personally allowed us to take this action!" that old man answered as he gritted his teeth.

"But did I allow it?" Huang Wuji asked lightly. It was a simple sentence, yet it was domineering without exception. "You've dared to come here and cause trouble. Not to mention, my Sixth Brother is innocent. He is not at fault here. It's your fault since you've failed to handle this situation!"

Huang Wuji stated indifferently. His eye emitted a fierce and bright sheen as he looked into the distance. He was talking to that black-robed old man, yet he was looking towards the remote sky. The principles of Dao were flashing upon his figure.

That old man in black hadn't expected that Huang Wuji would ignore him in this manner. In fact, he had disregarded the entire existence of the Law Enforcement Hall. No one would ever dare to ignore Law Enforcement Hall in the entire True Martial University. But this man had. He might have seemed ordinary, but he held the power to destroy the world if he wanted to.

"Huang Wuji, do you think that your 'Hidden Star Peak' is still in its peak time? How dare you act so rampantly?" that old man asked as he clenched his steel-like teeth.

"You think that 'Hidden Star Peak' has declined, and so anyone can step on it?" Huang Wuji sneered and squeezed out these words from the gap between his teeth, "Get out of here! I don't want to kill you right now!"

"Damn! This guy is even more rampant than me!" wolf cub laughed and mumbled. He was usually an extremely insolent character and a full-blown attention-seeker. Most people couldn't tolerate him. However, he had just seen someone who was even more arrogant than him. He felt as if he had met his natural enemy.

Ye Xiwen looked at the tyrannical figure of this Big Brother. He couldn't help but admire the man in his heart. The Big Brother had given no face to the Law Enforcement Hall. He was certainly more rampant than Ye Xiwen.

"Humph; Huang Wuji, your 'Hidden Star Peak' will face a great catastrophe very soon!" the old man clenched his teeth and said. However, he didn't dare to argue with him any further. Huang Wuji's cultivation was countless times more profound than his own. In fact, it would've been difficult for him to determine whether Huang Wuji was a martial art expert or not if he hadn't seen Huang Wuji flying in the sky.

The old man could only say ruthless words in response before he turned around and bitterly fled with that group of law enforcement disciples.

Everyone ran away one after another. Their departure set-off a wave of dust and 'whistling' sounds.

(To be continued)

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