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There was a fight ensuing between two groups of experts on the outside. The experts of the 'Sword Tomb' had gradually fallen into the disadvantageous position under the relentless and strategic attacks of the experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. In fact, the Sword Tomb was on the verge of defeat. However, the Sword Tomb's experts were usually very aggressive. Perhaps they would've been routed by now if not for the consistency of their fierce sword attacks. But their situation didn't seem very optimistic despite their vigor.

The Wolf Cub had sustained many wounds on his body. He was experiencing battles which were far more brutal compared to the others' since the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had brought various ominous beasts as their mounts. These beasts had joined forces, and had thereby increased their group's overall strength.

Dangers sprang-up at the Wolf Cub from everywhere since he was faced with the attacks of those ominous beasts. Meanwhile the other people of the 'Sword Tomb' were too busy in taking care of themselves… and were failing at it as well.

The experts of the 'Sword Tomb' were all 'sword experts'. A sword expert's only companion was their sword; other things could be considered as burdens. Hence, their demeanor was naturally understandable — you might have all sorts of tricks and methods… but my sword can break through ten thousand techniques.

A mount wasn't necessary for the sword experts. Consequently, the Wolf Cub was forced to single-handedly resist the attacks from those ominous beasts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. His miraculous abilities had surprised everyone. One must know that the ominous beasts which had been brought by these Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's disciples didn't have blood relations with the ancient mythological beasts; they didn't carry the blood of ancient ominous beasts. Yet, each of them was extraordinarily wise, and it was difficult to find their match. However, they had found a fierce, weird and foul-mouthed opponent in this Wolf Cub. In fact, he was so ferocious that even the slightest lacks in caution had costed their lives in this fight.

The Wolf Cub had miraculous abilities, but the opposite party many ominous beasts. Therefore, it was bound to be difficult for him to deal with so many enemies at once. Soon, the Wolf Cub had sustained various wounds, and blood had started to gush out from them.

"Motherf*ker! These guys are despicable. They launched a sneak attack on this prince!" the Wolf Cub commented in his usual foul-mouthed manner.

However, this hadn't slowed him down. Thanks to his outstanding agility skill… he was ahead of those ominous beasts. In fact, he might've been dead by now if he didn't possess such an amazing agility skill.

In fact, many disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had started to harbor thoughts of catching the Wolf Cub. They wanted to raise him as a pet. After all, he was the descendant of an extraordinary demon beast. To raise him as a pet would be a matter of pride.

Jian Wu Chen and Mu Ling were completely invested in dealing with their respective opponents. Therefore, they couldn't assist the Wolf Cub. Other people didn't even think of helping it since their own opponents were very formidable.

But, it was the Sword Sage who was in the most dangerous situation. He was constantly under attack by Fan Ming. The Sword Sage had entered half-step legendry's great complete realm. But Fan Ming was at the peak of half-step legendary great complete realm; he had attained a higher cultivation level. However, the Sword Sage had somehow survived owing to his outstanding abilities. An average person of the same level would've been dead by now.

"Welcome your death obediently. No one can save you!" Fan Ming coldly announced to the Sword Sage.

"Isn't your Xuan Yuan Palace Hall worried that the True Martial University will find out about this?" The sword sage asked in reply. He had fallen into the disadvantageous position, but he didn't show a shred of weakness.

"Humph, no one will ever find out that this was the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's doing once you guys are dead!" Fan Ming responded in a carefree manner.

No one would be able to determine that this had been done by the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall once these people had been killed and the clues were wiped-clean. In fact, it was possible that the True Martial University might never come to know about this underground world. The matter of these people's demise would become an eternal secret in that case.

"It's a grand plan indeed!" a loud voice suddenly sounded. It was followed by a startling sword intention that appeared out of nowhere.

"Buried Person Sword! (1)" a loud shout resounded. The sword intention released countless principles of Dao, and turned into a sword light. It then swept down.

This scary sword intention had torn the space open. It had swept down ferociously and had set-off a terrifying energy-storm.




The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's disciple who came in its path got cleft into two; they died on the spot. Several experts didn't get any time to resist; they perished in an instant. They didn't have the strength to fight back. Five among these slaughtered people were at half-step legendary ninth stage. These experts were considered as elites among elites in the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. They didn't have the reputation equal to that of Fan Ming, but they were considered 'seed' disciples nonetheless.

It was not because they were one-step behind a first grade genius like Fan Ming. It was because they might never be able to fill this gap of one-step. …it was a disparity between their talent and opportunity.

They'd be considered top-notch talents if they could cross this step; they'd then enjoy the best treatment. However, they'd only be considered as 'second grade' geniuses if they weren't be able to cross this step.

Moreover, there was a huge difference in strength.

"Who was that?" Fan Ming shouted in a cold voice. He was startled by that sudden sword-light attack. He didn't know who had attacked him from behind; he couldn't fathom who'd dare to disturb him.

"You 'Xuan Yuan Palace Hall' disciples are too arrogant!" a strong voice reverberated. Then, a slim figure emerged from behind the layers of space. He towed the long sword intention that had cut open the space.

The Sword Sage saw Ye Xiwen, and a bright light flashed in his eyes. However, he didn't say anything. His entire body was clad in a black cloak. Therefore, one couldn't see his facial expression.

"Who are you?" Fan Ming looked towards Ye Xiwen and asked.

"You don't need to know that. A dead person doesn't need to know much!" Ye Xiwen sneered and replied.

"Boy, thank god you've arrived at the right time. Otherwise, this prince would've been ganged-up, and killed, by these shameless bastards!" Wolf Cub stated in his usual full-mouthed manner.

Ye Xiwen ignored the Wolf Cub. Jian Wu Chen and Mu Ling were pleasantly surprised to see Ye Xiwen.

Only Bao Qin Wang's expression turned complicated upon seeing Ye Xiwen in the Sword Tomb's team. He was happy and …confused. He was happy because he knew that Ye Xiwen possessed terrifying strength. Everyone had witnessed the manner in which Ye Xiwen had struck-down those disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall in one move. However, the enemy commander looked even more terrifying.

Yet… those enemies had been killed by Ye Xiwen in one move. The Sword Tomb's chance of winning would increase greatly if Ye Xiwen were to lend help.

However, he was confused because they had an enmity with Ye Xiwen. And now they needed to rely on Ye Xiwen for the sake of their lives. Hence, he had no choice but to feel confused.

In fact, Ye Xiwen didn't have a favorable opinion of the Sword Tomb. The Sword Tomb had a reputation of being an organization for sword cultivators. However, he had had too many differences with them. Ye Xiwen bore these things in his mind as well. He wasn't on good with terms with either of the two sides. Hence, he didn't want to help the either. In fact, he might've waited till one side was annihilated if Jian Wu Chen, Mu Ling, and Wolf Cub weren't in the Sword Tomb's team.

"How courageous!" Fan Ming smiled instead of getting furious. No one had dared to speak to him in this manner since the time he had set foot on the road of martial arts. And those who did… were already dead. It had been a long time since someone had dared to be disrespectful towards him.

"Bang!" Fan Ming shot the long spear he had held. The tyrannical spear point pierced through the space as it rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

"Whoosh!" the terrifying spear point had cracked the space, and it broke apart into countless pieces; it was almost as if the space was made of the same material as that of glass.

Ye Xiwen shot his sword intention in retaliation. It swept out an incredible sword light in the sky.

"Bang!" the world between the Heaven and Earth had been shattered. The terrifying battle between these two had swept-away more than half of the space; the gray-colored chaos on the 'other-side' had started to leak in.

This battle was more terrifying than the one between Fan Ming and Sword Sage. The individual strengths of these two were far more than that of the Sword Sage. Fan Ming had reached the realm of 'Man-Spear Unification'. In fact, he himself seemed like a long spear.

Ye Xiwen hadn't achieved the realm of Man-Sword Unification, but his sword attacks were more powerful. He wasn't holding a real sword in his hand. He had merely created a sword using Dao.

Ye Xiwen followed the Dao of martial arts, whereas the 'sword art' was only one of the many 'arts' in the way of martial arts. Hence, the sword art was incapable of dominating Ye Xiwen's future practice.

The sword intention danced vertically and horizontally in the space. It seemed powerful enough to break the Heaven.

Fan Ming's killing intention had started to produce real fire. Every time the spear rotated in his hands — it would cut open the vast sky and collapse the surrounding space. He was extremely powerful. He had unleashed the entire strength of half-step legendry's great complete realm.

He had forced the Sword Sage into a disadvantageous position. However, he hadn't displayed his full strength.

Sword Sage was the top sword expert of this generation. He had entered half-step legendry's great complete realm at a very young age. He had boundless future prospects. However, the Sword Sage had induced-out even more terrifying power from Fan Ming than usual because he was an outstanding genius. Consequently, the 'outstanding' Sword Sage had been suppressed by Fan Ming.

Fan Ming's ice-cold eyes were extremely scary. His chilling long-spear could make people tremble with fear. It caused the destruction and rebirth of the space it passed through.

Even an ordinary spear would display the greatest might if placed in his hands since he had practiced his spear-skill to the pinnacle. In fact, his skill was very close to the Dao.

His spear was just like a wheeling disk that was set to grind the living creatures of this entire world.

However, Ye Xiwen couldn't be taken lightly. His strength had increased enormously after he had condensed Mars in his inner solar system. Increasing strength was far more difficult for Ye Xiwen than it was for an average person. However, his strength increased far more than an average person's would upon a successful encounter.

The Sword Sage was at the half-step legendry's great complete realm, but his strength couldn't be compared with Ye Xiwen's.




Fan Ming's wheeling spear clashed against the long sword that had been condensed from Ye Xiwen's sword intention. Sparks flew about. Their attacks were extremely fast. It was difficult to track their movements with naked eyes. However, the clash of their attacks unleashed a destructive force large-enough to smash mountains into pieces.

The Sword Tomb's people promptly retreated to a safe distance. They were dumbstruck by this battle. They didn't dare to approach the two fighters since their battle strength was astonishing, and their might was extremely terrifying.

(To be continued)


Buried Person Sword: It is the first move of 'Buried Sword Secrets' which is also called 'Sword Code'.

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