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The strength of these two individuals was far beyond everyone's imagination. These people were elites in their own accord. But their strengths were far inferior to these two fighters. They were even stronger than the Sword Sage. Naturally, there was a difference of Heaven and Earth in the strengths of other people when compared to these two. These people wouldn't be able to block a single move if they were a part of this fight.

Everyone present on the scene wasn't just dumbstruck. They were scared and apprehensive in their hearts. Those two were experts of the younger generation, yet there still existed such a huge disparity between their strength and that of the others.

The space was fluctuating like the water surface due to the attacks of both parties. They were putting the entirety of their efforts, and were unleashing their incredible powers. The 'Real Elemental Energy' was boiling majestically within their bodies.

Everyone had realized that their life and death was dependent on Ye Xiwen. They would perish if he were to be defeated and killed. But, would they remain safe if he were to come out victorious?

Their attacks had thoroughly shattered the space. They weren't regarded as great lofty figures yet. But they had set-off huge vibrations in the space. They were constantly attacking each other and were unleashing their miraculous powers. It seemed as if a sea of energy had surged to engulf everything.


The vault of the heaven had been cracked-open and their attacks were breaching the space. Fang Ming's facial expression had turned exceptionally fierce. He had always been considered as the topmost young figure in the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. He had never been treated this way. The look of disdain flashing on Ye Xiwen's face was unacceptable to him.

"Die!" Fan Ming swept-out his spear. An endless amount of spear energy rushed forth and blotted-out the entire sky. Countless 'energy spears' made-up of Dao started to patrol at his side… these spears opened-up black cracks in the sky wherever they went. Each of these black cracks was extremely terrifying. And they rushed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him.

"You're at a wrong today. And I'm doing the 'good' deed. You've killed so many our disciples. You've committed a crime that cannot be forgiven. You must die!" Fan Ming roared.

Ye Xiwen saw the energy spears blotting-out the sky, but his complexion didn't change. He seemed a bit excited on the contrary. His entire body got covered in golden light and started to glow like an ancient god.

"I've killed many geniuses. But I've not killed the top geniuses in this territory yet!" Ye Xiwen burst into laughter. He then launched an attack while surfing on the golden divine waves.

It could be said that their skills had reached close to the concept of Dao. The complementary waves generated during their battle were powerful enough to split the space. Their powers had reached the pinnacle of the half-step legendary realm. In fact, they exhibited a trace of the power of the sage realm.

Ye Xiwen's divine waves boiled under his foot. Every step he took made the space tremble; it seemed as if he could cause a quake in the empty space. The space was gradually trod to pieces by Ye Xiwen's steps. The long sword in his hand released astonishing sword energy in every direction.

His aura was so scary that it would make people believe that the 'sword god' himself had taken birth. An average slash of his sword had split-open the thick layer of earth. The crust of earth was first stirred-up, and then quelled by the attack.

It had seemed like an average sword move without much style. Yet its massive power had crushed a thick layer of earth. Nothing could resist this attack. This was the second move of 'Buried Sword Secrets'; it was called the 'Buried Earth Sword'!

Ye Xiwen wasn't parsimonious in burning the 'Spirit Dans' since there wasn't much time. But he had managed to deduce only up to the second move of 'Buried Sword Secrets'. However, he was far from the level of perfection. His understanding of the move had reached a considerably high-level at the most.

The power displayed was extremely dreadful even though he had only achieved the high-level.

Nothing could survive under the crushing impact of this terrifying sword move.

The spear technique practiced by Fan Ming was also difficult to deal with. He would shoot the energy spears, and they would spread like starlight. They'd cause the surrounding space to collapse. Then they'd fly far-away into the distance and tear the endless abyss of darkness.


A horrifying explosion resounded, and the surrounding space began to tremble.

Many disciples of 'Sword Tomb' were dumbstruck by this. They couldn't have withstood such terrifying attacks. They might've been just one or two levels inferior to these two, but this was enough to create a difference of Heaven and Earth.

"These two are terrifying. They are the experts of the younger generation, but we're no match for them!"

"Coming across such individuals in this lifetime… I'm not sure whether we're fortunate or unfortunate!"

"We're not the strongest ones. We'll most likely end-up becoming the bones to pave their road to invincibility!"

Their discussion hadn't finished yet. However, the fight between Ye Xiwen and Fan Ming had entered a super-heated stage.

Fan Ming held his long spear as he rushed towards Ye Xiwen like a peerless warrior. He forged ahead as he destroyed everything in his path. His boundless imposing aura had set-off an incredible storm.

Ye Xiwen's 'sword intention' began to wrap-up in his divinities. The 'sword intention' integrated with the divinities, and began to boil. It then shot towards Fan Ming.

"Bang!" this was a world-shaking attack. The two insanely powerful energy storms collided in the sky and scattered in every direction. Many half-step legendary seventh stage experts of the Sword Tomb were blown-away by the fearful force of the shock wave.

The terrifying shock wave swept towards Ye Xiwen's body, but couldn't budge him. That was because his comprehension of 'tyrant body technique' had reached the fifth layer.

Fan Ming retreated several steps. He had sustained some internal injuries due to that terrifying shock wave, and nearly spurted-out blood from his mouth.

Ye Xiwen recovered very quickly. Consequently, he quickly rushed-over. He attacked again, and went all-out this time. The 'sword intention' condensed into a sword, and swept down. The 'Buried Earth Sword' conveniently appeared in his hand in the blink of an eye, and rolled downward to crush its target.

Fan Ming only got enough time to block. However, how he could block such an attack? He was pressed down by the terrifying power, and was sent flying.

"Bang!" he went flying into a mountain, and came to a halt only when he crashed into the mountain's peak. Several of his bones had been crushed into fine powder by Ye Xiwen's sword power.

The experts of Sword Tomb became excited as they witnessed Ye Xiwen gain the upper hand. They would survive only if Ye Xiwen would have an upper hand in the battle.

The mountain was severed and crushed into pieces. The dust and smoke soared up into the sky. Fan Ming was baffled since he had never thought that his attack would be so destructive. He had never imagined that it would leave him in such a miserable state.

He was confident that he was un-matched in the younger generation. Even the prominent experts in the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall weren't worthy opponents in his eyes. He considered himself invincible, and thought that he would be able to obtain the supreme position while he walked this road; sooner or later.

However, he had never expected that this attack would help Ye Xiwen to obtain the indisputably advantageous position.

Fan Ming had looked down upon Ye Xiwen. He had never imagined that Ye Xiwen would suppress him like this.

He was arrogant prior to this attack, and had carried an aloof appearance; as if he was the best in the world. He didn't even consider the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall of his generation as worthy of his acknowledgement. Let alone the disciples of the True Martial University… he merely considered them to hail from a university that had declined long ago.

In fact, he was aware that several famous disciples of the True Martial University weren't present here. The Sword Sage or Luo Yi Hang weren't even close to being his opponent since they were only at half-step legendary ninth stage. This had made him look down on the True Martial University even more. He naturally hadn't thought that he'd end-up suffering such a heavy defeat at the hands of Ye Xiwen.

However, he didn't have the luxury to think more on this topic at this juncture. He moved slowly since the severe pain made him gasp. He promptly used his secret healing technique to restore some of his injuries. Then, he held his spear and rushed towards Ye Xiwen again.

The long spear became bigger and bigger in the sky. It soon started to appear like a giant dragon. It rushed towards Ye Xiwen, and applied its massive suppression force on him. This resulted in sonic boom which reverberated in all directions. One could tell that Fan Ming hadn't held back this time. It was needless to say that Ye Xiwen's terrifying strength had forced into taking this action.

Anyone with eyes could clearly see that he no longer dared to underestimate Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen was very calm. But he wasn't willing to go easy on Fan Ming. Ye Xiwen had managed to thoroughly suppress, but with great difficulty. He couldn't possibly allow Fan Ming an opportunity to make a comeback. The 'sword intention' appeared in his hand, and emitted 'sword energy' that swept-out towards Fan Ming and pressed him down.

"Boom!" the terrifying clash between the two set-off layer-upon-layers of energy waves. They swept across the surroundings and applied a suppression which caused the space to collapse.

The shock waves also swept-out towards those two. Ye Xiwen didn't care since his body was extremely tyrannical. He charged inside those shock waves of energy and crossed it unhurt.

However, Fan Ming was prepared this time. He drew back to avoid these terrifying energy waves.

Ye Xiwen started to chase Fan Ming again. His body was far more tyrannical than Fan Ming's. He was fiercer and unbridled because of this. Fan Ming had to pay attention to several aspects while Ye Xiwen was constantly tempting him to fight. However, he didn't dare to engage Ye Xiwen head-on. Ye Xiwen's approach was different on the contrary; he was trying to find way to engage the enemy in a decisive face-to-face battle.

Ye Xiwen firmly believed that he should be able to defeat his opponent in a few moves. The outcome of a battle depended on several aspect; strength being one of them. But Ye Xiwen had an overwhelming advantage since he possessed an intrepid body.

"Poisonous Dragon Impales!" Fan Ming shouted angrily. Suddenly, his spear evolved into a poisonous dragon. A massive amount of spirit energy congregated on the long spear as it arrived in front of Ye Xiwen to bite him to death.

Suddenly, a fine light flickered in Ye Xiwen's eyes. He had finally spotted Fan Ming's flaw. It was obvious that Fan Ming hadn't practiced this 'Poisonous Dragon Impales' move to the pinnacle. It contained massive power, but it had exposed his weakness. Indeed it was merely a very small flaw, but this little chink was big enough for Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen brandished his long sword. It blossomed into a sword beam and routed the incoming 'Poisonous Dragon Impales' attack. It then pierced its way through the spear energy and advanced forward.

"Puchi!" the 'sword intention' eventually impaled Fan Ming's body. His body exploded, and poured down as a rain of blood.

(To be continued)

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