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Chapter 314 - Flood Dragon's blood pool

Ye Xiwen's heavenly phoenix regeneration was actually a supreme level secret technique. However, the consumption of life essence was something that even the phoenix race couldn't escape despite being so loved and favored by the heavens, let alone a human expert like him. It was said that at the end of a millennium of its lifespan, a phoenix reached nirvana and took rebirth after completely regaining its exhausted life essence.

Ye Xiwen did not have the miraculous skill of the phoenix race as reaching nirvana was equivalent to dying as a result of exhausting one's life essence entirely. Life essence is fundamental to maintaining the life of all living beings and the so-called process of strengthening the foundation is to find ways to increase one's life essence reserves.

While leading a pious life of martial arts practice, every breakthrough into the next stage can increase the lifespan by a corresponding increase in the life essence. However Ye Xiwen's consumption of life essence was just too fast, in fact he estimated that he had already ended up consuming more than 50 years worth of life essence, particularly while regenerating fatal wounds. He had been able to survive all those life threatening situations all thanks to phoenix regeneration technique, so he was reluctant to avoid using this technique even after knowing its shortcomings.

Ye Xiwen could only continue to make breakthroughs one after another to offset the consumed life essence. So long as the breakthrough speed was fast enough to make sure that the regeneration rate of the life essence would always remain above the consumption rate, he should be able to survive.

“I will need to buy some appropriate herbs after exiting this world.” Ye Xiwen nodded and said.

“Yes, these herbs can be used to refine Shou Dan (Longevity Dan), and I have a gift to add to Shou Dan's formula, so all you need to do is pay attention to collecting those raw materials for the medicinal pills. The refined pills always give more benefits compared to the ingredients, not to mention you can just sell the ones you don't need. This would form a positive feedback circle and you will never lack life essence as a result of that.” Ye Mo said.

(NT: Ye Mo is telling him to concoct immortality pills, then use the ones he needs to increase his life essence and sell the ones he doesn't need. The selling of pills will bring in Ling Dans which would then be helpful in his cultivation and breakthroughs. The breakthroughs will increase his overall reserves of life essence.)

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded as on the road of martial art practice, the biggest natural enemy was none other than time itself. As long as there was enough time, even a pig should be able to practice. However, the struggle of life with the heavens could never be a simple matter because there was an absolute requirement of longer practice time to reach the higher levels of cultivation.

Even if a Shou Dan would add only 50 years of life to one's lifespan, it was still enough to make everyone go crazy over it. It was well-known fact that the owner of an alchemy refining furnace would never lack financial resources. Of course, Ye Xiwen was aware of this and had been looking for a good opportunity to learn how to use it properly, not to mention he had already obtained a mighty technique called 'Celestial Emperor Tool Refining Tactics' from Ye Mo. It was the key to demonstrating the gate to the enlightenment of Dao, thereby making it more valuable than the ancient scriptures. Unfortunately, his Dao was not in agreement with it, otherwise, his cultivation would be far greater than what it current was. However even so, the 'Celestial Emperor Tool Refining Tactics' was of great significance to him.

(NT: This above-mentioned tactic was introduced in Chapter 163)

The refining method of Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag had also come from the 'Celestial Emperor Tool Refining Tactics'.

Ye Xiwen and his team continued to go deeper into the underground palace. After stepping down a very long ladder which went all the way down for seven hundred meters, they saw a pleasant-looking hall that was massive; it was hundreds of meters in height. They weren't able to guess the width and depth of this hall but they certainly saw a pool of blood that was about 100 feet in length; it was exuding traces of coercion in the air.

“Fuck! This is the blood pool of a flood dragon!” The wolf cub glanced at the pool and exclaimed. The blood pool was long and slender like a river. When looking from above, it would actually appear in the shape of a flood dragon.

“Legends tell that flood dragons actually belong to the species of Asian Dragons (Yalong species) and are closest to the real dragons in terms of habits and appearance, unlike other kinds of Asian Dragon variants. This flood dragon's blood pool is an irrefutable evidence of that.” The wolf cub said with a sigh full of emotions, “According to the legends, the depths of the dragon world has dragon blood and if an Asian Dragon gets the opportunity to take a dip in it, it would be able to wash away the blood of other demon beasts from its own blood vessels and would acquire the pure blood of a real dragon. The gathering places of flood dragon tribal groups often have these so-called 'flood dragon's blood pool'. A very powerful flood dragon is able to release a part of its essence and blood to form a blood pool, and some Asian Dragon species can soak in the blood pool to turn into pureblood flood dragons.”

Ye Xiwen looked at the wolf cub and thought that this little beast really knew a lot about all this stuff related to dragons.

“However it's such a pity that the essence and blood of flood dragon have almost been consumed completely. The remaining blood will only give some ordinary effects if applied.” The wolf cub said in a disappointed tone.

Ye Xiwen was not disheartened because so much blood was present in the such a big blood pool. He could always extract enough essence and blood to make the Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag take a thorough rebirth with all of the deepwater black snakes evolving into flood dragons.

Ye Xiwen was about to seize the flood dragon blood when the entire pool shook up all of a sudden, and a group of huge monsters soared out. More than a hundred huge figures appeared in front of them in the blink of an eye.

“Flood dragons, how can there be so many of them!” Exclaimed Ye Mo as he remembered how hectic it had been to defeat one young flood dragon, and now that so many of them suddenly appeared out of the blue; he didn't know what to do.

Ye Xiwen also saw that these monsters had dark bodies and were releasing terrifying Dragon Power just like the young flood dragon that he had seen earlier.

Ye Xiwen was suddenly overjoyed to see so many flood dragons at once, after all even one young flood dragon had piqued the interest of so many people earlier. He calculated that all these flood dragons should be enough to refine all of the 108 sides of the Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array, thereby reaching its perfection level along with an ultimate power surge.

Moreover, the soul of deepwater black snake king that was sealed inside the Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag would also transform into a flood dragon directly, which would then greatly increase its might.

Ye Xiwen noticed that these flood dragons were different from that young flood dragon he had fought earlier. These baby dragons were originally from the Asian Dragon species (Yalong species) and successfully transformed into flood dragons after immersing themselves into the flood dragon blood pool. Although they were at legendary first stage or second stage, they weren't as aggressive as the young flood dragon he fought previously. This difference arose from the inherent disparity between Xiantian (inborn nature) and Houtian (nurture).

“Roar!” The flood dragons roared simultaneously in abundance and it seemed like the sky would be torn to shreds anytime now. At this time, they suddenly spat water swords from their mouths toward Ye Xiwen. The water swords instantly punctured the sky like extremely sharp thorns before falling down toward him.

The attacks of these legendary level flood dragons were very swift and fierce. In fact, there was some kind of world law contained in those water swords, making them even more horrifying.

“Humph!” Ye Xiwen snorted and congealed a big golden hand. The water swords were all directly grasped by that big golden hand and crushed to pieces.

Fortunately, these baby dragons had recently transformed into flood dragons, so their cultivation wasn't going to be too profound, or else the situation might turn quite troublesome.

The big golden hand of Ye Xiwen instantly rose against the wind, getting bigger and bigger and almost covered the entire underground hall as it grasped toward those flood dragons.

His hand was like a giant fishing net which immediately entrapped those flood dragons. They were struggling like trapped fishes but had no way to break out of his clutches.




The flood dragons counter-attacked furiously by spitting lightning from their mouths and violently somersaulting inside his grasp. It seemed as if thunder and lightning were dancing vertically and horizontally among cloud-covered mountains.

The flood dragons were enraged as they opened their mouths to attack, but Ye Xiwen's golden hand was just too big like the layers of golden clouds. The attacks certainly did hit his golden hand but could only set off a burst of golden ripples in the divinities. There simply was no way to break free from his grasp.

Ye Xiwen's gilded tyrant form had been practiced to the fourth layer, and after passing through the baptism of both heavenly tribulation and that young flood dragon's blood, he had already reached the fourth layer’s peak. Even after achieving such a tyrannical form, his gilded tyrant form didn't have a breakthrough because the fifth layer was yet to be deduced.

These days the mysterious space's main task had been to continue to deduce all sorts of ancient avenues. It could be said that he obtained enormous benefits as a result of that, which broadened his horizon as well as improved his cultivation.

However, the deductions of other martial arts fell down significantly, in fact even the deduction of 'coiling dragon palm' diminished. Ye Xiwen had obtained stunning inheritances such as the 'gilded tyrant form' that could grant him enough power to tear even the gods and devils to shreds. Similarly, the coiling dragon palm could break the heaven and earth when practiced to the acme level, but none of the two were complete. Each new layer needed full-fledged deduction in the mysterious space.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen also lacked enough Ling Dans to fulfill the requirement, especially when the requirement was so enormous. During the last two week's time, he had continued to kill demon beasts in order to obtain their demon cores. Now he was using the cores as the last resort. That was why he set a firm resolve that he would find a way to fix this problem after exiting this world.

Wealth and cultivation go hand-in-hand on the path of martial arts practice; this is something which will always be true.

Even if Ye Xiwen had enough Ling Dans, the deduction of the next layers of such stunning secret techniques would need large numbers of Ling Dan and a lot of time to master as well. Fortunately, he had obtained the full version of phoenix regeneration technique, so he didn't need to deduce the missing parts for this one. However, in order to grasp it more profoundly, he must spend a lot of time to comprehend it.

All of these deduction processes involved huge energy requirements which worried Ye Xiwen. However, they would certainly seem like worthwhile worries to the others.

This explained why the gilded tyrant form didn't have a breakthrough to the fifth layer even after reaching the peak of the fourth layer. Not to mention if it had actually reached the fifth layer, then the attacks of those flood dragons wouldn't have been able to set off ripples in the divinities.

When an exceptional expert like the fifth god was completely suppressed by Ye Xiwen, these baby dragons simply didn't stand a chance against him. Ye Xiwen was basically invincible, and they would actually need a breakthrough to the third stage of legendary realm if they even considered giving him a good enough challenge.

Ye Xiwen's big golden hand started to shrink in midair; it now appeared like a huge cage that had entrapped all those flood dragons. They simply had no way to escape from his clutches.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen suddenly closed his big golden hand and more than a hundred flood dragons were directly squeezed to death.

Ye Xiwen was not at all hesitant in offering those flood dragons to the Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag and began to refine them one after another.

(To be continued)


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