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Chapter 313 - Dragon Tomb

The wolf cub directly rushed forward and began an unscrupulous killing spree.

The Mo siblings weren't as fierce as the wolf cub, so they just stuck to killing the sand beasts on the periphery.

Ye Xiwen was also bombarding those sand beasts with unceasing attacks, one after another without the slightest pause in between. Frankly speaking, those sand beasts weren't his opponent at all. Whenever a sand beast was killed by Ye Xiwen, its essence and blood would be completely absorbed by him and instilled into the mysterious space.

Inside the mysterious space, that one page of Ancient God Scriptures suddenly blossomed into unusually bright rays of light. The mysterious space was constantly deconstructing a variety of ancient heavenly avenues; even a single page of ancient scriptures contained a lot of characters with each having the essence of Dao. After all, these were the scriptures left behind by the legendary gods.

(NT: The mysterious space is helping Ye Xiwen in decoding and extracting heavenly avenues from the scriptures. These avenues are basically the 'Great Dao' a.k.a profound underlying principles of the universe.)

On the one hand the people of Zhen Wu Jie completely denied the existence of the so-called gods, but on the other hand they also believed that human beings could acquire godly powers by relying on their own efforts. Of course, this was a contradictory statement with respect to the previous one, but both of these beliefs had continued to pass down for millions of years.

Inside the ancient scriptures, there was a faintly visible figure of a godly spirit that was unceasingly reciting those scriptures. It was constantly attempting in vain to break out of Ye Xiwen's body, but the mysterious space would exude bursts of seven colored rays of light each and every time to suppress it down.

That one page of Ancient God Scriptures was undeniably a godly item that once belonged to a legendary godly spirit, so it was bound to contain ancient wisdom. Not to mention, it certainly must have possessed a spirit in the past. Therefore, now that Ye Xiwen was trying to comprehend the profound meanings contained in it bit by bit, this whole process seemed like a plundering-type comprehension through meditation.

The ancient avenues accumulated inside the mysterious space so far were being gradually extracted little by little, which appeared just like the spinning of a silk cocoon.

Although there was only one page of Ancient God Scriptures to comprehend, Ye Xiwen could only dare to say that he understood some parts of it. However, he still felt that this time's harvest of knowledge and insights was far more than the knowledge he obtained by reading all those books in the library.

Now it seemed like only Ye Xiwen's team was still roaming in the ruins of Wang Heavenly faction, while others had left long ago. Ye Xiwen's harvest was just too big this time with that one page of Ancient God Scriptures being the best of it. Everyone wanted to snatch it from him and that was why most of the experts had left to inform their respective sects. They didn't have any other option but to call backup because none of the participants in this time's conquest was capable of dealing with Ye Xiwen.

There were many people who did not want to leave but could only choose to leave because one could only rely upon one of the 8 sword commands to exit this small world, otherwise, they would be trapped in this ruined world for a lifetime before collapsing together with it.

This was why experts were so desperate to get their hands on the sword commands from the beginning, since capturing a sword command was equivalent to gaining the advantage of not being dependent on others.

Ye Xiwen knew about their motives, so he couldn't leave this world. For the time being, he was safe here because one sword command was enough to exit this world, but all sword commands must be assembled together in order to open the entrance to this world.

However, four of the eight sword commands were already in Ye Xiwen's possession. He had obtained one sword command from the Mo siblings and the other three by plundering them from the fifth god's corpse.

Therefore it was impossible for the experts to enter this world from outside, even if they wanted to come in. Their only option was to wait for Ye Xiwen on the other side of the entrance.

Because of this situation at hand, Ye Xiwen could only opt to go all out with his cultivation and level up as fast as possible in order to cope with the terrifying attacks which might come his way sooner or later.

Afterward, Ye Xiwen and his team continued to fight all the way until that small demon beast kingdom was completely wiped out by them.

The fine blood and essence of the fallen demon beasts were directly absorbed by Tianyuan mirror.

At this time, Ye Xiwen and the others bypassed the sandstorm and finally reached the depths of the ruins of Wang Heavenly faction. Before their eyes appeared the entrance to a subterranean palace with large amounts of Dragon Power (Longwei) scattered in all directions, along with some Deadqi mixed with it.

“This is Dragon Power! Fuck, there's so much of it! Could it be that this is actually a dragon's lair?” The wolf cub suddenly gawked. His reaction was understandable, after all the legends said that the dragon race was capable of contending with the legendary race of gods, making them one of the ruling races of Ten Thousand Worlds. This statement was enough to showcase the terrifying influence of the dragon race.

When one dragon could be considered such a tyrannical existence, a dragon's lair or a dragon's nest to be precise, was enough to turn the sky and the earth upside down throughout the Zhen Wu Jie.

“No, I think this is probably a dragon tomb; the final burial site for dragon lords.” Ye Mo said with a frown. “The Deadqi coming from inside is too thick and abnormally intense. It is impossible for a normal dragon's lair to have this type of Deadqi, not to mention if there really is a dragon living here, then it would have shown up already.”

“If we enter a dragon's lair, we will die for sure. However, if this is a dragon tomb, we have hit the jackpot!” The wolf cub's eyes shone brightly. “Dragon race is known to hoard all sorts of treasures, and a dragon's tomb is bound to have a lot of buried treasures inside of it. Most importantly, a dead dragon's skeletal remains are genuinely considered as priceless treasures. A dragon at the end of its lifespan will automatically go to the dragon tomb and await its death, but the location of a dragon tomb is something only a few know about. In fact, the location of a dragon tomb is considered the biggest secret even among the members of the dragon race. Only when a dragon reaches the end of its lifespan will it receive the summons from a dragon tomb. After that, it can follow a kind of inherent feeling to locate the dragon tomb. Not to mention a dragon tomb is an unequalled divine storehouse of dragon bones.”

“Dragons are always very sensitive about their tombs, so a dragon tomb is often considered as the most dangerous place to venture into.” Ye Mo said.

“I must go in to have a look, after all how can you obtain a tiger cub without entering a tiger's den? I don't have any other option right now.” Ye Xiwen said with a somewhat helpless smile appearing on his face. He certainly had no other choice because he knew that people must be waiting for him outside to gang up on him as soon as he would exit this small world. Therefore he must enhance his strength as much as possible.

Ye Xiwen and his team entered the underground palace, and an overwhelming Dragon Power surged out to greet them. At this time, Ye Mo finally recognized what this place really was.

“This is not the tomb of a real dragon; it's the tomb of a flood dragon!” Ye Mo suddenly spoke. “Even so, it is definitely a big opportunity.”

“I can tell that this dragon tomb has definitely existed for hundreds of thousands of years, long before the history of Wang Heavenly faction even took its roots. I suspect that the Wang Heavenly faction must have accidentally discovered this dragon tomb and used it as the foundation for their faction. That also explains the presence of a flood dragon egg in this small world.”

Ye Xiwen nodded. Of course, the tomb of a flood dragon wasn't going to be as magnificent as the tomb of a real dragon, but this would also reduce the degree of risk involved by multiple folds.

Because of the intermittent waves of Dragon Power rushing out of the entrance to the underground palace, those muddleheaded demon beasts never dared to approach this flood dragon tomb. No wonder it seemed like this place had remained undisturbed for an extremely long time.

“Dragon tobacco plant…….Dragon mushroom………” It took just a glance for Ye Xiwen to recognize a variety of rare herbs that had been growing there for a thousand years, or even thousands of years. These herbs were absolutely priceless and could easily sell for over a million Ling Dans. One must know that such rare herbs were growing on the outside, so it would be hard to tell what they were going to find on the inside.

Only in a dragon tomb was it possible to see such rare things because right after the death of a dragon, its corpse slowly decomposed and dissolved nutrients into the earth, not to mention its flesh and blood did the job of irrigation for such rare herbs.

Ye Xiwen and the Mo siblings would have never figured out the real preciousness of these herbs if not for Ye Mo's explanations about them.

The dragon mushrooms looked like dragon-shaped spirit mushrooms as they were exuding the fragrance of spirit mushrooms. It was said that a millennium old dragon mushroom could increase the lifespan of a living being by over a hundred years, not to mention these dragon mushrooms were only a small part of a variety of dragon mushrooms, some of which were 2000 years old, 3000 years old, and could even be up to 9999 years old - then it would transform into a dragon mushroom king.

Besides dragon mushrooms, a variety of herbs could be seen growing in the vicinity of the dragon tomb.

These best quality herbs were growing outside the underground palace and appeared like roadside weeds; as if nobody ever bothered to even touch them. The reason behind this was the decline of Wang Heavenly faction that made it difficult for the outsiders to gain access to this small world. The native demon beasts of this world did not have the means to overcome their inherent fear of Dragon Power, so they never approached this place even if they drooled over obtaining those precious herbs.

The Dragon Power merely acted as a suppression force upon sentient beings, but those muddleheaded demon beasts felt an instinctive fear of repression from it.

Although this wasn't the tomb of a real dragon, Ye Xiwen and the others still managed to get their hands on priceless treasures.

Ye Xiwen waved his hand and plundered the majority of best quality herbs in one fell swoop.

“Crap! You are really shameless, Ye Xiwen!” The wolf cub saw Ye Xiwen making the first move and immediately rained curses on him, but he himself wasn't slow and seized over a hundred spirit grasses.

The Mo siblings were a bit slow and only managed to seize over a dozen spirit grasses each, but both of them were very satisfied. After all, they would be able to obtain over a million Ling Dans, enabling them to crush an expert of peak legendary realm quite easily.

Ye Xiwen got such a rich harvest outside the flood dragon tomb; this made him look forward to check out the hidden treasure trove inside the tomb.

“Ha ha, I tell you Ye Xiwen, this is really a significant development! In the beginning itself, you obtained so many of these herbal medicines and most of which are capable of increasing the lifespan; it means these herbs can replenish your spiritual essence and some can directly improve your skills as well.” Ye Mo explained, “You have obtained some Dragon Yuan grasses which can help you in balancing out the overuse of Phoenix regeneration by replenishing the lost life essence.”

(To be continued)


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