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Chapter 31 - Five blades to behead Chen Hu


Chen Hu laughed and smashed his club on a Qingfeng firm's guard and killed him.

At this time, Wangde Ying had been caught by Chen Long, although Wangde Ying's strength was tyrannical, but Chen Long was also at the peak of eighth stage, and was more ferocious than Wangde Ying. The famous Quick knife Wangde Ying could not get rid of the clutch of Chen Long and could only helplessly watch Chen Hu slaughtering everyone.

“Chen Hu, come to die!” Ye Xiwen gave a loud shout, slashing a long blade which was shining like a bright moon and attacked him.

Ye Xiwen had been entrusted by Qingfeng trading firm to protect everybody taking part in this escort mission, not to mention the matter also involved Wang Lie's family, so Ye Xiwen would naturally lend a helping hand.

“Boom!” The long blade and the Wolf-tooth club severely clashed against each other causing a loud sound of explosion.

“How is this possible!” Chen Hu's eyes flashed with astonishment, “Houtian seventh stage!”

“Blade of a master of Houtian seventh stage can actually have such power!” Chen Hu's eyes widened with astonishment, “but no matter how much talented you are, you will die at my hands!”

Chen Hu grinned then said: “I would love to kill a genius like you!”

Chen Hu's Wolf-tooth club danced in front of Ye Xiwen, and it seemed that it would crack his brain in a moment.

“Cold moon beheader!” Ye Xiwen's blade also chopped out causing a burst of whirlwind everywhere.

“Boom!” Both of their Zhen Qi severely clashed together causing a shock wave and the sand and pebbles flew out in all directions.

“Deng Deng Deng!” Ye Xiwen had to withdraw a few steps, because his strength was lesser than Chen Hu, however if only his cultivation was at the Houtian eighth stage then he would easily have defeated Chen Hu by now. (NT: 'Deng' signifies stepping sound)

“Good boy!” Chen Hu withdrew two steps and killing intention grew deeper in his eyes, although his facial features were rough, but he was not stupid like other bandits otherwise he would not be the leader of Qingfeng Stronghold.

Wolf-tooth club attacked so fast and fiercely and smached the air into two halves and it seemed that if it had smashed into a man then it would have absolutely turned him into a meat patty.

Chen Hu took few steps then his whole huge body instantly flew into the air and severely smashed down from the midair.

Shrill piercing sound echoed around Ye Xiwen and the fierce wind caused by the huge club was stinging and quite painful for everyone. Ye Xiwen shouted and his long blade danced, although his strength was comparatively lesser, but both looked equally strong while fighting.

“Missing moon beheader!” Ye Xiwen shouted and his long blade danced violently.

“Boom!” Chen Hu was repelled by Ye Xiwen's long blade and retreated several steps then he chopped down the second blade from 'Missing moon beheader'.

Chen Hu's arm got numb from Ye Xiwen's unexpected second blade attack.


Third blade.

Chen Hu didn't get enough time to respond and the third blade had already chopped down causing his thick thighs to tremble.


Fourth blade.


Chen Hu's leg was broken and he started trembling, he could not hold himself and fell down on the ground.

“What, what is this blade?” Chen Hu got frightened and said.

Ye Xiwen's blade technique was quite terrifying, because successive blades would overlap causing the overall strength to increase by several times forming a chain of quick and speedy blade attacks and displaying the superimposed power thoroughly .

“Missing moon beheader!” Ye Xiwen shouted and chopped down the fifth blade, and it seemed as if the essence of the previous blades had concentrated in this final blade attack giving it a terrifying power.

“Puchi!” Ye Xiwen had cut Chen Hu into two halves.

All the eyes were stunned while looking at this scene, they were shocked to find out that the one who was split in half was actually that infamous leader Chen Hu. Compared to Ye Xiwen, a Yi Yuan School disciple, Chen Hu had been infamous for many years because being a leader of Qingfeng Stronghold; his reputation was quite illustrious in this neighborhood.

However, he had actually died at the hands of Ye Xiwen and this result had shocked everyone.

The mess caused by Ye Xiwen looked ferocious, many of the warriors gasped, swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“Crap, he is so ferocious!”

A warrior voiced the feelings of almost everyone.

Chen Hu, who had been infamous for so many years, but just how old was this Ye Xiwen, ah, not even twenty years old, but still had beheaded an infamous master of the peak eighth stage. He definitely would have a promising future ahead ah!

“Little brother!” Chen Long shouted, “Qingfeng trading firm, we brothers will kill all of you!”

Chen Long roared furiously at Wangde Ying, and threw his club at him mercilessly.

“You all are courting death, do you think you can make a comeback now?” After witnessing the beheading of Chen Hu by Ye Xiwen , he was overjoyed, he moved quickly like a frantic whirlwind and his sharp blade attacked very fast which was almost comparable to Ye Xiwen's new moon beheader, forming a blade wind storm.

Wangde Ying's strength was similar to the strength of Chen Long but he was shocked at his younger brother's death and had become more violent, but Wangde Ying's tactics and experience worked well against Chen Long's mindless attacks.

After that, it took less than ten strokes for Wangde Ying's blade to behead Chen Long.

With the two leaders beheaded, the rest of the bandits of Qingfeng Stronghold suddenly quit en masse.

But Wangde Ying had gotten quite furious from this, he suddenly shouted: “Kill all of these bastards!”

Now that these bandits were without a leader, the warriors hired by the Qingfeng trading firm were more than enough to handle these bandits, only after a little bit of effort, they had all been wiped out.

After a while, all of the bandits had been beheaded by the warriors. By now, everyone had realized that completing this escort mission would not be an easy job.

“Many thanks son, for protecting our firm in danger!” Wangde Ying approached Ye Xiwen and said. His eyes were full of surprise because he had not expected this young man could actually behead Chen Hu!

Although he himself was quite powerful, but he also knew that fighting both of those Chen brothers would have proved dangerous for him, however, he really did not expect this young man to be so useful in such a critical situation.

“I have been entrusted by Wang family to protect everyone involved in this escort mission, and I am also a childhood friend of Wang Lie, so helping out is obvious!” Ye Xiwen said.

“So you are a friend of our 'fourth young master'!” Wangde Ying had not expected for Wang Lie to be acquainted with such a powerful master, it seems calling someone from Yi Yuan School was a right decision. “Anyway, this time you have helped our firm a lot, so wait until we arrive at Tianyuan City, there you receive a warm welcome!”

Ye Xiwen nodded, he had not shifted responsibility onto others, he worked so hard just for the sake of getting spirit stones.


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