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Chapter 207 – To the Imperial city

But Ye Xiwen did not have much time to deal with the matters of Qianyu faction. So he decided to leave all these matters mainly to Yan Chiling and others to deal with.

After all, Ye Xiwen was just a titular elder, though he was actually the Lord of the Court and most influential character in the entire faction, but he did not want to get involved in the management of too many chores.

And now that Guiyi Zhenren had come to seek refuge in Qianyu faction, he got the position of law enforcement elder of the faction. Now, he was like the direct descendant of Qianyu faction since he had never been a part of any faction. And, even if no other true disciple would come to join, he would be staying in Qianyu faction for a very long time. In fact, keeping Ye Xiwen aside, now he was the strongest member and final line of defense of Qianyu faction.

Ye Xiwen did not make him wait long and immediately rewarded him with 100 Ling Dans. Guiyi Zhenren was suddenly very excited because this amount was already much more than what he was able to obtain in the past several years.

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate anymore and began closed-door practice. Although the sect-head himself came forward to announce that he would ensure Ye Xiwen’s safety and security and definitely wouldn’t allow the eighth prince to have his way. If their battle was to be scheduled about a decade later then even if Ye Xiwen was to die, the sect-head wouldn’t interfere. But at present, the scenario was entirely different. Not to forget, this was not the first time that a peerless genius was being targeted as the five forces had always been this way. Each time there was a rise of a peerless genius, the other forces would send their own to fight each other and eradicate any potential future threat!

Who wouldn’t know about the legendary lore about the rise of Qi Feifan in Yi Yuan School!

But a sect absolutely wouldn’t allow its distinguished disciples to die in unfair battles. It would be a serious to the sect’s arsenal, but in turn, they might send Qi Feifan to strike the eight prince, however that’s another case that the royal clan would immediately come hopping to save their own!

Ye Xiwen had not yet begun the closed-door training when a task came out of nowhere. After several months of preparation, the royal clan seemed all prepared to organize a large force which would be tasked to destroy the ever-sporadic Bai Mojiao strongholds throughout the Great Yue State.

The largest force that the Great Yue State had ever seen finally began to reveal its fang. It was a result of hundred years of accumulation which finally began to come out. For a major force like Yi Yuan School, hundred years was almost like a generation’s time to grow, but one could imagine that this accumulated strength, and that too in a span of 100 years, was going to be scary.

All of the secret legions were about to reveal their true strength. They were going to rush throughout the country and eliminate Bai Mojiao. Now, even the royal clan couldn’t help but use its full strength to wipe out the Bai Mojiao forces. However, Yi Yuan School could not possibly rely on other forces. To destroy Bai Mojiao, the ordinary legions would just act as cannon fodder. They would certainly play the part of warrior regiments. The royal clan had helped in the production and development of these legions for so many years, and finally, they were all forthcoming for a collective action.

This time, the four major sects got the invitation from the royal clan, inviting them with the request to send the most elite experts to take part in the expedition against Bai Mojiao.

It basically meant that the four forces needed to dispatch truth level experts because in general, sending Xiantian level experts wouldn’t have much impact on the strengthening of legions. Since, there were already many Xiantian level experts in the royal clan but it lacked truth level experts, particularly now when they wanted to suppress Bai Mojiao throughout the Great Yue State.

Being a pro-disciple, Ye Xiwen also received the task to go to the Imperial city as a pro-disciple of Yi Yuan School. And not just him even Qi Feifan also received the same task.

Out of the five pro-disciples, Chu Jingcai was busy training in the deep space of Yi Yuan School, whereas both Huang Luochen and Shui Yanluo were out on campaign, so this time, only Qi Feifan and Ye Xiwen were tasked to go to Imperial city.

Also taking into account that this was not the first collaboration between the two, so sending them together was justified. Although Ye Xiwen's strength was not enough, but as long as he had the identity of the pro-disciple of Yi Yuan School, no one would dare to not listen to him.

But Ye Xiwen and Qi Feifan didn't go together. He had some matter to deal with in Qianyu faction so Qi Feifan took a group of people with him and left early.

“Imperial capital? According to the rumors, it is considered the liveliest and most prosperous area in the entire Great Yue State. Regardless of day and night, the whole city is lightened with endless lit colored lamps, making it seem like there's day all the time.” Ye Xiwen remembered the description of the Imperial city that he had read before in books, but he had never gone there in person.

Certainly, this was just the impression of ordinary people. However, it was indeed true that Imperial capital was the supreme headquarter of the royal clan, comprising of many experts like Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon and several others famous ones. Although no one dared to point at them, but everyone knew about them. In fact, there were rumors that some Devil experts were also hidden in the Imperial city.

The entire Imperial city could be considered as Great Yue State's most prosperous city with the resident population of over twenty million, when not considering the floating population.

Ye Xiwen found Ye Feng and handed over almost 15,000 Ling Dans to him. Anyway, for Ye Xiwen, as long as he desired, he could obtain as many as he needed. He could obtain a steady stream of Ling Dans from Tianyuan mirror, so at the moment, these Ling Dans weren't so valuable for him. It could be said that right now, great wealth was right at his fingertips.

“Brother, you are going to the Imperial capital. Be careful there, that place the stronghold of the royal clan.” Ye Feng said with some concern for Ye Xiwen, “There are numerous experts of royal clan in the Imperial capital, such as Hairy Ox, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, let alone a lot of people have come to hate you because of eighth prince's matter. So, you must be extremely careful!”

“Rest assured brother, I will be fine.” Ye Xiwen smiled and said, “If someone tries to target me, I won't hold back either.”

Ye Xiwen flatly said but his words were full of killing intention. If he were to kill the eighth prince in Imperial city, the royal clan won't tolerate it. But, Ye Xiwen was certainly not a scapegoat because he had the backing of Yi Yuan School, one of the five major forces of Great Yue State. Even the royal clan couldn't dare to offend such an enormous beast.

Ye Xiwen did not wait long and left for Imperial capital the very next day Qi Feifan left for the same. He opened his devil wings and flew towards the Imperial city, darting all the way. In just a span of one day and night, he arrived at the periphery of the Imperial city wall, retracted the devil wings and descended near the city gate. The Imperial city was just like Yi Yuan School, there were numerous no-fly zones over the entire city. There was a circle of protection hanging directly over the city, but on the inside, there were no hard and fast rules.

When going through the city gate, the city looked so large that it was simply hard to imagine its vastness. The city wall stretched thousands of Li from east to west. (NT: 1 Li= 0.5Km)

Even in the previous world, Ye Xiwen had not seen such a huge city. The perimeter of the city wall stretched up to 1000 Li and was about 10 Li in width, there was literally no way one could see the terminus of this city.

Ye Xiwen looked around and found the entire city filled with Xiantian masters. Xiantian level experts were present simple everywhere, even on walls patrol soldiers were actually Xiantian powerhouses. Moreover, not just ordinary powerhouse, their cultivations were very deep. Looking from afar, it seemed as if bloody Xiantian qi was shooting round after round up into the sky. If not considering that it was the Imperial capital of Great Yue State, it would have been a terrifying sight to withhold.

Looking ahead, even pedestrians on the road possessed high cultivation levels. There were Xiantian masters everywhere and Ye Xiwen could occasionally sense some truth level experts from time to time. And sometimes, he could sense the surge of terrifying aura from the depths of the palace.

This was simply a terrible and dangerous spot, exceptionally horrifying, really worthy of being a royal stronghold.

Flying was not prohibited inside so long as one didn't go near the city wall. Only a small number of experts were flying near the city wall, and they too probably belonged to the royal clan.

Because if a person didn't belong to the royal clan and he tried to fly near the city wall then that would trigger the enchantment and shoot him down. The royal clan certainly had a special way to face this enchantment.

As he went inside, he had a vague feeling about the pressure of this enchantment. No one knew exactly when the Great Yue State was founded, probably some 1000 years ago, so it could be considered that this enchantment was set up back then and had been reinforced multiple times to last this long. In fact, it was so strong that even if a truth level expert tried to face it head-on, he would still have a fearful feeling in his heart while facing it. Therefore, even if there were lots of experts in the city but no one dared to fly near the city wall.

Ye Xiwen entered the Imperial city and the first thing he needed to do was to find the place where his fellow disciples of Yi Yuan School were residing, but it was not difficult, after all, Yi Yuan School was one of the four major sects so the place where they had settled would naturally be famous and widely known.

Ye Xiwen was walking on a wide avenue, although it was the sidewalk, but was wide enough to accommodate two carriages at once.

The street was crowded with people and the eyesight of these residents was very sharp. Although Ye Xiwen was deliberately restraining his cultivation, but they were still able to recognize that he was a truth level disciple, despite his commoner-like appearance.

“He is a truth level master, absolutely yes, look, as he is walking, the air surrounding him is also changing, which is a symbol of a truth level expert.”

“Yes, you are right, and this is not the usual calm aura of a truth level disciple who has recently stepped into the truth realm.”

“Look at his armband, he is a disciple of Yi Yuan School. Well, Yi Yuan School is really worthy of being one of the four major sects, one mighty expert after another!”

“Indeed, yesterday itself a team of experts arrived from Yi Yuan School. Didn't you sense that mighty aura? It reportedly belongs to the leader of that team who is actually one of the five pro-disciple of Yi Yuan School. He is called Qi Feifan, when he was young, he once came to the Imperial city and picked fights with the experts all over the city, and that power and prestige he showed back then was truly mesmerizing.”

“But they say that Yi Yuan School has sent two pro-disciples. Did you see the second one?”

(To be continued)


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