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Chapter 206 – True disciple joins

Precisely because of this, Ye Xiwen had a sense of crisis and urgency because time waits for no one. Not to mention, there was a large gap between the strength of Qianyu faction and the factions of other pro-disciples or even true disciples of truth seventh, eighth and ninth stage.

Now, Ye Xiwen felt that he had become a bit high-profile. If he was alone then others would naturally not care anyway, but now, since he was representing Qianyu faction then most likely several forces would try to suppress its development.

Ye Xiwen’s intention was to accumulate as many connection for Qianyu faction as he could. In case of infinite redemption, it would certainly attract the attention of some super experts, but at that time, they wouldn’t face an unfavorable situation pertaining to the development of Qianyu faction thanks to the sheer amount of accumulated contacts.

“Thank you for reminding me.” Ye Xiwen said, “From tomorrow onwards, Qianyu faction will start selling only 30 Ling Dans per day.”

This amount was less than one-tenth of Tianyuan mirror’s per day refining capacity, so it was simply not a problem.

Hua Menghan smiled at Ye Xiwen. He was really smart, and soon realized the meaning of her words, after all, the small amount of 30 Ling Dans won’t attract too much attention.

Of course, he would continue to produce large number of Ling Dans, but Qianyu faction would use them to redeem faction credits. This system was just like the system of redeeming sect credits.

These rules were decided after Ye Xiwen had a consultation with Ye Feng and other high-level officials of Qianyu faction.

But news about Ye Xiwen’s decision set off a firestorm in Yi Yuan School.

30 Ling Dans were not much, especially with the huge demand in the sect, but in general, they were selling 30 per day, which was 900 per month. Going on like this, they would be selling thousands in a year.

Suddenly, countless disciples raged up and rushed straight towards Qianyu peak.

But the requirements were very simple, each person must take a number plate and stand in the queue. Each and everyone must show their number plate at the time of buying Ling Dans, otherwise, they wouldn’t be allowed to buy irrespective of the money they might offer.

For a time, let alone Ling Dan, even those number plates had their price pushed up because of increase demand and lessened supply.

But since Ye Xiwen had said that this was going to be a long-term exchange, so he would gradually increase the amount of Ling Dans as well. Although right now, he was providing only a small number but he already managed to appease the hearts of many people, otherwise, perhaps riots would have been unavoidable in such a situation.

It was not a difficult task for Ye Xiwen, just this month Ye Xiwen refined more than 15,000 immortality pills which was sufficient to meet the requirements for more than one year. And with time, his refining efficiency would continue to increase, and with Tianyuan mirror’s further restoration, the refining speed would increase as well.

Although only a month’s time had passed but Ye Xiwen exhibited powerful and magical means that people had never seen before. That’s why, there were more and more people who wanted to come under his wings. Even if his strength was not as good as the strength of other pro-disciples, but also not too inferior. And if they joined his faction now, he would certainly not ill-treat them in the future.

Ye Xiwen finally made his move and it even attracted the attention of many true disciples. Apart from creating their own faction, true disciples also tend to join other factions, in fact, there were more than half who had not yet joined any faction and preferred being aloof.

But whether it was a true disciple of core disciple, both faced a very important issue of lack of Lingqi for practice.

Certainly, Ye Xiwen had no shortage of Lingqi at this point but most true disciples did, and because of lack of Lingqi, their practice speed was always slow. Even though some of them were considered true geniuses but there was a huge gap between them and a pro-disciple like Qi Feifan, and this gap could be narrowed if they had sufficient Lingqi for faster practice speed.

Not being able to progress quickly brought upon another problem and that was shortage of life. Although after breaking through to the truth realm, one could attain a lifespan of 500 years, but difficulty in breakthrough also increased exponentially with each stage. It was simply hard to imagine how tough it was to have a breakthrough in truth realm, in fact, it was actually much easier to reach from Houtian realm to Truth realm.

And only with rapid progress, they could reach the truth sixth stage and that would add extra 200 years to their lifespan. Then they would have enough time to think of ways of breaking into the legendary realm and attain the lifespan of millennium.

For them, the desire for a breakthrough was far more than most people could ever imagine.

Many true disciples took aim at Ye Xiwen, after all, although he was giving out dozens of Ling Dans daily but no one was willing to believe that Ye Xiwen was capable of producing only this much.

Ye Xiwen’s refining capacity should certainly be far more than this number because they couldn’t possibly not see how members of Qianyu faction were allowed to redeem faction credits as Ling Dans.

If they had joined Qianyu faction in the past then with their truth level strength, they would certainly have enjoyed much more benefits compared to the average disciples. They could easily perform several tasks for the faction and exchange faction credits for Ling Dans. This was just having a stable income.

And even if Ye Xiwen was not at truth sixth stage, he was able to refine so many Ling Dans, so when he would step into truth sixth stage, one could simply not imagine the number of Ling Dans he would refine in a day!

“Senior Ye, I sincerely want to join Qianyu faction. I hope you will give me shelter over here.” At this time, the first true disciple finally appeared to join Qianyu faction. It was a middle-aged man dressed in old fashioned robe and his name was Guiyi Zhenren.

Among all of the true disciples of Yi Yuan School, he was one of the oldest. He became a true disciple almost two hundred years ago, and it could be said that status wise, he was senior even to Chu Jingcai and other peerless experts of his generation. But right now, he called Ye Xiwen as ‘Senior Ye’.

Of course, it was true that Ye Xiwen was now a pro-disciple, and theoretically, he was supposed to be senior in rank to all other true disciples. Now, he was on equal footing with only the other four pro-disciples.

Ye Xiwen thought for a moment and instantly saw through his purpose of coming to him. Those weren’t empty words because he really spoke up his mind, he actually wanted to join Qianyu faction and his main motivation for making this decision was to obtain Ling Dans. He was already more than three hundred years old and was only at the fourth stage of truth realm, so basically, he could be counted among the old experts, and in the coming few decades, he would turn into an elder of the sect. Although true disciples and elders shared some of the parts but there was a big inherent difference between them.

But Guiyi Zhenren didn’t want to just stay on the fourth stage of truth realm and then turn into an elder. He wanted to break through to the sixth stage of truth realm and continue to stay as a true disciple.

He could not achieve it on his own, but Ye Xiwen could. Ye Xiwen was an outstanding existence who was appointed as the fifth pro-disciple of Yi Yuan School as such a young age. In the future, he might actually be much more successful than the legendary expert, Qi Feifan. So, if he chose to follow Ye Xiwen, in the future, he might be able to have a breakthrough, reaching sixth stage of truth realm or even above that.

Basically, only a small breakthrough to the Small truth realm and then to the truth sixth stage could raise his status among the true disicples and bring him respect and prosperity that several other true disciple were unable to achieve. Then, he would be counted among few senior true disciples who were able to step into truth sixth stage which was considered extremely hard to achieve.

“Well, as long as you are sincerely to join, Qianyu faction will gladly welcome you and you will never be ill-treated in the future. And for you, breaking through to the sixth stage will be something just around the corner.” Ye Xiwen said with a loud laughter. Guiyi Zhenren was the first true disciple who willingly came to join the faction so they would certainly not ill-treat him, not to mention, as long as a refuge true disciple was willing to help in the growth of Qianyu faction, there was no point in ill-treating him.

Although Ye Xiwen was not the leader of Qianyu faction, but in reality, he was actually its spiritual leader. So it could be said that if he gave his word to someone, it would become a law for the whole faction to follow. And just now, he gave his word to Guiyi Zhenren.

Guiyi Zhenren joined Qianyu faction, this news quickly spread throughout Yi Yuan School. The leaders of other forces sighed, after all, Qianyu faction was expanding quite fast and that too right in front of their eyes.

(To be continued)


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