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(NT: 1st part of the Third and Final Regular Chapter for the week. Woooo this is fun, it's quite less tiring to translate chapters in parts Enjoy people, 2nd part coming soon!)

Chapter 165-1 - Raids the treasure

"Crazy shark!" Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and said.

Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates had thirteen individuals with thirteen different nicknames but the only imposing one among them was the nickname of their boss, who was called Crazy Shark. He was the most powerful among them and was their leader as well, leading to his name gaining quite a reputation, and with the passage of time, their group gradually became well-known as the Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates.

However, the nickname of the Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates group's boss, Crazy Shark, was gradually forgotten by the people in the last few hundred years. Now, no one remembered his nickname as Crazy Shark, rather they called him the boss of Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates.

Not long after, terrifying fluctuations of Zhen Yuan transmitted throughout the palace complex. It seemed as if the whole world changed color in front of this horrifying Zhen Yuan. Endless amount of Lingqi congealed into several Lingqi bombs and instantly rushed toward Luo Yifan and the others and fiercely exploded one after another.

"Boom!" Lingqi bombs exploded loudly and incessantly, sweeping out an endless storm of Lingqi in the entire area.

Ye Xiwen was watching it all from a distant place. He certainly would not think that Luo Yifan and the other disciples of Tianfeng Hall would be wounded by these bombs, though these Lingqi bombs were powerful enough to blow away the ordinary masters of Xiantian realm and these explosions would have been quite fatal for them, but as far as truth level masters were concerned, it could be said that the explosive power of these Lingqi bombs was not enough.

Sure enough, the smoke and dust gradually dispersed and Luo Yifan and the other disciples appeared unharmed and simply unaffected by the explosions. But at this time, the figures of thirteen pirates suddenly came out from their respective palaces and rushed straight towards Luo Yifan and the other disciples of Tianfeng Hall.

Ye Xiwen did not stay there for a long time. He circled around and went inside the lair of the Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates. The thirteen pirate leaders were busy fighting with the group of Luo Yifan and the weak pirates that were left behind to protect the palace complex were certainly not the opponents of Ye Xiwen. These remaining pirates were directly beheaded by him which was an effortless job for him. Afterwards, he searched their memories and instantly found out about the whole structure of the palace complex, as well as the place where the Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates had hidden their treasure.

Ye Xiwen directly rushed towards that place where the treasure was kept and after going inside, the first thing he saw was a giant furnace in a room filled with medicinal pills.

"This is actually the best quality spiritual tool ranked alchemy furnace to refine immortality pills, gee, this kind of thing, even among the masters of legendary realm, not everyone can have it!" Ye Mo suddenly said. (NT: Immortality pills = medicinal pills)

One of the more important factors to weigh the standard of sects was their capability to refine immortality pills using alchemy furnace, but Ye Xiwen knew that Yi Yuan School had an alchemy furnace that could at best refine immortality pills of high-grade and was actually just a high-grade spiritual tool. It was obvious that it was inferior to the best quality spiritual tool ranked alchemy furnace that Ye Xiwen happened to find in this treasure room.

The importance of immortality pills was known to everyone in this world of martial arts. Ye Xiwen also knew very well about its importance, although it could be said that Ye Xiwen's general practice style depended mostly on piling up a stock of spirit stones. For Ye Xiwen, immortality pills were basically the source of providing a supplement of Zhen Yuan and healing. There were a variety of immortality pills for supplementing Zhen Yuan or Zhen Qi, or for healing.

Ye Xiwen mostly concentrated on amassing spirit stones because they were a necessary element in his practice. He had already spent massive amounts of spirit stones to be able to generate sufficient Lingqi and instill it into the mysterious space, only then he was able to comprehend power techniques or enhance his cultivation.

However, this style of practice was only followed by Ye Xiwen model, most people's practice styles did not require a lot of spirit stones, because the efficiency was often relatively low, although it was still much faster compared to absorbing world Lingqi directly from the atmosphere. As far as the practice styles of elites and geniuses were concerned, they often tended to exchange spirit stones with immortality pills to support them during the practice.

Ye Xiwen had not studied refining immortality pills from an alchemy furnace, but this could not hinder him from using it, because even if he did not know how to refine immortality pills, he still had Ye Mo to help him, at least for now, and after slowly learning to refine immortality pills, things would be quite easier for him.

This alchemy furnace's ancient looking body was completely covered with various marks and inscriptions. There was actually a Zhen method inscribed on its body to incite Secret true flame, while there were lots of other Zhen methods as well.

After learning to refine immortality pills from the alchemy furnace, Ye Xiwen would be able to sell a large number of immortality pills in exchange for spirit stones, and by that time, he would have a steady source of spirit stones. Also, he would not have to rely on these indirect methods of earning spirit stones which solely depended on his luck and was quite uncertain.

Moreover, he would also be able to give a large number of immortality pills to the disciples of Qian Yu faction that would certainly help them in enhancing their cultivation by leaps and bounds, in a short time.

"Ha ha, as long as you have this alchemy furnace in your possession, you will never lack spirit stones. And, I also know a lot of superior refining techniques, so by using this best quality spiritual tool ranked alchemy furnace, your practice speed will increase as well." Ye Mo said in a happy voice.

Ye Mo Tianyuan mirror could also rely on a lot of immortality pills and recover its strength by swallowing them, of course, this was also possible with spirit stones. Although Ye Xiwen did not say, but Ye Mo was not blind, he was also silently watching that with each and every breakthrough, Ye Xiwen's consumption of spirit stones would increase dramatically each time, not to mention, he was able to break through to his current strength at an insane speed and in a short time, and this should be related to the secret hidden in his body. Ye Mo had already guessed that it was most probably this secret hidden in Ye Xiwen's body that compelled Tianyuan mirror to somehow recognize Ye Xiwen as its owner.

However, Ye Mo was very intelligent, although he knew very clearly about this but he also knew that he must not ask. If he wouldn't ask then Ye Xiwen would naturally tell him about this it someday on his own accord.

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