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Chapter 165-2 - Raids the treasure

However, because Ye Xiwen's practice style required a large bundle of energy, and for that, he had to consume a lot of spirit stones to maintain the breakneck practice speed. This consumption rate was perhaps even higher than what was required to revive the Tianyuan mirror, so Ye Mo could not ask for spirit stones from Ye Xiwen.

But, now the situation was no longer the same. As long as Ye Xiwen had this alchemy furnace that could refine as many immortality pills as he wanted, he would be able to refine various kinds of Dan as well, in fact, things like Hehe Dan were simply not worth mentioning, if he had sufficient raw materials and ingredients, these things could be refined in this alchemy furnace.

In this way, his Tianyuan mirror could recover at a much quicker speed, thinking of this, Ye Mo suddenly became excited again. Tianyuan mirror immediately flew in the air and that alchemy furnace, along with various kinds of immortality pills spread throughout the treasure room, was directly sucked inside the Tianyuan mirror.

There was a very large space inside the Tianyuan mirror, it could be said that it was so large and it was just like a self-contained world and Ye Mo was the lord of this world, which displayed his majestic existence.

Although, the appearance of this world had declined now, but the space available in this world was much larger than the storage space of the storage ring of Ye Xiwen. So, Ye Xiwen took out all of the things from his storage ring and stored them inside the large world of Tianyuan mirror.

In addition to alchemy furnace and various immortality pills, Ye Xiwen also looted all kinds of treasures from the treasure room. Among them, there were lots of pseudo-spiritual tools, low-grade spiritual tools and he continued to take spiritual tools one after another. As for Ye Xiwen, a low-grade spiritual tool was only of little use, but this utility was not great, but he could use so many of these tools to develop the strength of Qian Yu faction, so he thought that it would a good choice to give these tools to the members of his faction.

Ye Xiwen seized a variety of spirit stones, including some low-grade spirit and spirit stones, almost a total of hundred thousand spirit stones. He also looted a total of 20,000 top grade spirit stones. He was satisfied because he was in a serious need of top grade spirit stones. In such a short time, the entire treasure amassed by the Crazy Shark thirteen Pirates for so many years had now fallen in the hands of Ye Xiwen.

When Luo Yifan and the disciples of Tianfeng Hall would come inside the room to check out the treasure, they would surely be irritated. On the outside, the fighting sounds were getting more and more intense and then slowly began to fade away and gradually stopped. Ye Xiwen knew that the fight between Luo Yifan's group and pirates should be coming to an end very soon.

In order to ambush them, Ye Xiwen hastily went to the side, restrained his breath and began to quietly wait for them.

"Boom!" With a loud noise, the entire palace complex suddenly collapsed and the silhouette of a person also maliciously collapsed along with it, dropping down from the sky.

The sturdy body of Crazy Shark was hit by a streamer that blasted into his body and directly crushed his cervical vertebra. He was unable to breathe and ultimately died.

After that, Luo Yifan and the others arrived at the scene, led by Feng Situ.

"Ha ha, we finally killed that Crazy shark, now his treasure is ours!" A disciple shouted loudly in a happy voice.

"Search, search this Crazy Shark's memory, where has he hidden his treasure, completely search his memories." Feng Situ immediately said with a ruthless look on his face.

However Ye Xiwen did not wait for him to continue, suddenly, a shadow instantly turned into a streamer and directly pierced the body of Feng Situ.

"Zizi!" The layer of protective cover, made up of Zhen Yuan, on Feng Situ's body actually started giving out buzzing sound and began to corrode, and with just a slight pause for a moment, the corrosion instantly spread throughout his body.

"Ah!" Feng Situ screamed out pitifully while the toxin instantly spread all over his body, causing his complexion to suddenly turn pale from the intense pain.

Along with the feeling of dizziness, he almost directly fainted.

"There is an enemy!" Feng Situ was only able to shout few words then finally saw that a strange double-edged flag had pierced into his body.

As his voice faded, he actually saw that the flag embedded in his body started to suddenly release large amounts of toxic gas, and the toxic gas instantly filled the surrounding area of over a radius of hundreds of meters. When the disciples of Tianfeng Hall, who were at the Xiantian Great realm, came in contact with this toxic gas, their whole bodies were corroded and turned into a pile of bones. The toxicity of this gas was simply hard to imagine.

Even Luo Yifan and Sister Shu were instantly affected by the poison, but fortunately, their reaction speed was much faster than those disciples of Xiantian Great realm. Moreover, their strength was also much higher.

The toxic gas spread out very fast and filled the surrounding area, stopping them to move freely.

"Scatter out!" Luo Yifan severely bellowed and agitated the Zhen Yuan throughout his body, it seemed as if his clothes were filled with air and bulged out, followed by a surge of terrifying blast of Zhen Yuan that instantly dispersed the toxic gas.

"Who actually dares to attack us!" Luo Yifan shouted in an angry tone. They were planning to ambush someone else here, but he never thought that they would be the ones to get ambushed instead. This feeling was simply very depressing.

"Go to hell!" Ye Xiwen shouted in a loud voice and chopped out his blade, thousands of Bladelight appeared and instantly formed a dense and severe rain of dazzling blades, directly falling towards Luo Yifan to chop him down into pieces.

"What, Ye Xiwen, it's actually you!" Luo Yifan did not expect that the one to ambush him would actually be Ye Xiwen, how was this possible, how could Ye Xiwen possibly be hiding here to ambush him.

"Luo Yifan, you actually conspired against me." Ye Xiwen sneered disdainfully and said, "I have already ripped your plot into shreds."

"Die!" Luo Yifan severely roared in and raised his sword towards the rain of Bladelight.


(To be continued)

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